Is Your Android Phone as Frozen as the Arctic?: Here’s What to Do

My Android Phone is Frozen and Won’t Do Anything

My Android phone is frozen and won’t do anything- what do I do? Read on to learn what to do about a frozen Android phone.

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When an Android device holds almost 75% of the global mobile operating system market share, you know there’s something good about them. But what do you do when you’re saying “My Android phone is frozen and won’t do anything?”

A frozen mobile device is a common issue and not one to panic about. Your Android phone is essentially a computer in a compact form, so there’s obviously going to be complications that arise. 

There are simple steps to take when your phone freezes up. Knowing what to do when this issue arises will make your Android experience much more enjoyable. 

If your Android is frozen next time you get on to send a message, follow these steps to get it going again. 

My Android Phone Is Frozen and Won’t Do Anything–What Do I Do?

Getting on your phone to do something important and finding that it’s completely frozen will throw off anyone’s day. So what do you do when your Android phone is frozen? Here are some easy tactics to try before you take it in for repairs

1. Charge It Up

This may seem silly, but in a moment when your phone’s black screen looks like it’s frozen, the problem might actually be that your Android phone won’t turn on. Try plugging your phone into an outlet for a while. The solution might be that it needs a little extra power. 

2. Force Close an App

You might notice a pattern when you open up a particular app. It could be one specific app or a group of them, but sometimes the problem is that you need to close out of a tricky app. 

Make sure you’re not pressing the home button. You need to close out of the problem app to see results. 

How to Force Close an App: 

Go to your Settings and then hit Apps. From there, you can select from the list of downloaded apps to choose the one that isn’t working. After selecting the app, you’ll choose Force Close

3. Restart Manually

If the first two solutions don’t help, then your next step is to manually restart your device. Press and hold the power button located on the side of your phone. When the Power menu appears you’ll need to select the Power Off option.

Wait for a few minutes and then press the Power button again to turn your device back on. Once this is finished, background apps should be closed out and your phone should be running smoothly again. 

4. Force Restart

When the manual restart doesn’t help to unfreeze your phone, you’ll have to resort to a force restart. There are two ways to perform this function. 

First, try holding down the Power button and Volume Up buttons for ten seconds. If that doesn’t work, then try holding down the Power button and Volume Down buttons. Most Androids will respond to one of these two ways. 

5. Remove Battery

Finally, if you can’t force your phone to restart then try removing the battery. Slide the back cover off of your Android device and remove the battery. Wait a minute or two, and then put the battery and cover back on.  

Be careful as you do this. Make sure you have a clean work surface and that your device is away from any water or dirt. The last thing you want is to put a wet phone back together that will lead to worse problems. 

Quick Fix: Perform a Factory Reset

The final and most drastic solution to fix your frozen phone is to perform a factory reset. It may seem scary, but resetting your Android phone is both simple to do and easy to recover from. 

Not sure how to do it? Before beginning, make sure to perform a backup of all the data on your phone. Otherwise, you’ll lose important information. 

Once the backup is complete, you’re ready to perform the reset. There are two ways to perform this function.  

Two Ways to Perform a Factory Reset

A factory reset will restore the device to its original software and settings. After it’s done, your Android phone should be back to its normal flow. Here are two ways to do it. 

First Method

Press the Menu key then choose the Applications icon. Tap Settings, then choose Backup & Reset or Storage tab. From there, you’ll need to scroll until you find the Factory Data Reset or Reset Phone option.

You’ll need to verify that resetting the phone will restore original settings and delete data. Once it starts, it’ll be a few minutes until the phone restarts. 

Second Method

Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button. When the Android Recovery menu displays, scroll down with the Volume Down button and select the Factory Reset option by pressing the power button. 

Remember, performing a factory reset will erase all of your data. You’ll want to back your phone up if you don’t want to lose important information. 

Reasons Why Your Android Keeps Freezing

If your Android often freezes up, you’ll likely be tired of rebooting or resetting your phone. You might also be wondering why it keeps happening.

Even if the solutions to get it back up and going are simple enough, it’s very annoying to have to do it all the time. So why does it keep happening?

Just like any computer, an Android phone has complex hardware that will struggle if it’s damaged or overworked. When the hardware is too old to keep up with new software updates, it can cause a lot of problems. 

Likewise, if your phone’s hardware is damaged then you’ll have a lot of issues. If you see any visible damage to your phone like a cracked screen or chipped body, then it may mean that the internal hardware is damaged. Even if you fix a cracked screen, it might not fix an underlying issue. 

It’s a good idea to make sure that your phone gets a check-up if it’s dropped or damaged in any way. You can take it into a smartphone repair shop and have a professional look over it. Just make sure it’s locked before you hand it over. 

Preventative Measures for Your Device

Getting repairs done when your Android phone is damaged will likely result in it freezing up less often. But what if your phone is in excellent shape?

Then it might be time to take some preventative measures to help your Android function at its best. The first thing to do is to take a look at your apps.

A major reason why your phone might freeze up often could be that an app is taking up too much memory. When this happens, it often results in the app crashing or freezing up your phone. 

If you think this is the main culprit, then make sure to close out of apps that may be running in the background. This will help your Android work smoothly instead of freezing or crashing. 

Another preventative measure you can take is to delete problem apps entirely. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to make an app run smoothly on your phone. When that’s the case, it’s best to get rid of it. 

If deleting apps doesn’t help, then try clearing your phone’s cache and memory data. Anything extra that might be bogging your phone down should be cleared out immediately. 

Get Your Android Phone Back to Normal

A frozen Android phone is a common issue with several solutions that are easy to do no matter how tech-smart you are. By remembering these easy fixes, you’ll always be ready if your frozen Android phone catches you unaware.

Remember to start from the simplest tactic and progress from there. You might be panicking when your Android won’t work, but often the situation is less scary than it seems. 

Start by making sure it’s charged, and then go through and close out apps. From there, you can try manually resetting or force resetting your device. Your final tactic should be to perform a factory reset–but you’ll want to resort to that last. 

Having a smartphone device that works well requires you to be updated on simple hardware tactics that will prevent major issues. Remember that there are preventative measures you can take to keep your phone from freezing or crashing. 

Too many running apps or apps that take up too much memory space will cause problems for your phone. Additionally, if you’ve dropped or damaged your phone in any way, there may be some internal issues. 

Sometimes all your phone needs is a little extra care from someone who knows the ins and outs of its hardware. When you find yourself saying, “My Android phone is frozen and won’t do anything,” then sometimes it’s time to take it in. Find a smartphone repair shop near you that will get it fixed fast.