How to Fix an Android Charger

Ever found yourself scrambling to find another charger because your phone’s battery is about to hit zero, and your faithful Android charger suddenly isn’t doing its job? It’s a common and frustrating scenario that can ruin an otherwise smooth day. But before you surrender to the temptation of hurling your charger across the room, take a moment to understand how to fix an Android charger.

With a few simple steps and a dash of patience, you could save yourself from unnecessary expenses and inconvenience. Let’s dive into how you can troubleshoot your Android charger and keep your device up and running.

Understanding the Problem

Grasping the role of your Android charger in the functioning of your device is the first step towards solving the issue. Your Android charger plays a vital role in keeping your device powered and ready to use. It’s more than just a power cable; it’s a lifeline that keeps your phone alive and your communication, entertainment, or work accessible.

A reliable Android charger ensures that your phone’s battery is properly maintained and can achieve its full lifespan. However, chargers can sometimes fail or become less effective due to various reasons.

These can range from wear and tear to internal component failure. Recognizing the symptoms of a faulty charger is crucial to effectively addressing the problem.

If your Android is not charging even when connected to the power outlet, this might indicate a problem with your charger. Other signs of a faulty charger include inconsistent charging, where the charging symbol appears and disappears randomly, or slow charging, where your device takes much longer than usual to reach full battery capacity.

In other cases, your phone may not recognize the charger at all, or your charger may get unusually warm during use. These are clear indications that something is not right.

When you notice these signs, it’s time to figure out how to fix your Android charger. While it may be tempting to simply purchase a new charger, in many cases, your existing one can be fixed. This not only saves you money but also reduces electronic waste, making it a win-win situation.

How to Fix an Android Charger – DIY Fixes

Despite the complexity of some charging issues, there are numerous problems you can tackle yourself. Let’s go through a few of them.

Cleaning Your Charging Port

Accumulated dirt and dust in your phone’s charging port can hinder the connection between the charging cord and the device. This could result in your Android not charging even when the charger is plugged in.

A simple DIY fix is to clean the charging port using a soft brush or a can of compressed air. Be careful not to damage any internal components. A clean port can dramatically improve the efficiency of the charger, resulting in a quicker charge.

Switching Out the Charging Cord

Often, the issue may lie not in the charger but in the charging cord. Regular wear and tear can result in damaged wires inside the cord, leading to slow or intermittent charging. In such cases, investing in a new, high-quality charging cord can fix the problem.

Checking the Power Source

An overlooked aspect is the power source. Plugging your charger into different power outlets or using a different adapter can help identify if the problem is with the power source. If your Android charges normally when connected to a different outlet, the issue likely lies in your usual power source.

Inspecting Your Charger for Physical Damage

Physical inspection of the charger can reveal apparent issues like loose connectors, frayed wires, or bent prongs. If you find such damage, it’s best to replace the charger, as these issues can pose safety risks and may be beyond a simple DIY fix.

Resetting Your Android Device

A technical glitch in your Android device could be causing charging problems. In such scenarios, a simple restart can resolve the issue.

If the problem persists, you might consider performing a factory reset. But be aware, a factory reset will erase all data from your device, so it’s vital to back up all crucial data beforehand.

Checking Software Updates

Sometimes, outdated software can interfere with the charging process. Regularly updating your Android device to the latest software version can keep it functioning optimally, including the charging function.

When to Seek Professional Help

Charger issues can often be tricky to troubleshoot, even after understanding the problem. While simple fixes might resolve minor issues, some problems require a more professional touch. Knowing when it’s time to seek professional help can save you from further damaging your charger or device.

One key instance when it’s better to consult a professional is when there’s physical damage. If your charger shows signs of fraying, exposed wires, or broken pins, it’s best to get it checked out by a pro. These issues pose safety risks, like electrocution or a potential fire hazard, and attempting a DIY fix could worsen the situation.

If your device is charging slowly, the problem may not always be with the charger itself. It could also be due to issues with your Android battery.

If you’ve tried changing chargers, but your device still takes a long time to charge, it’s time to consider professional help. A technician can help identify if the battery is the issue and suggest appropriate solutions.

Lastly, if you’ve tried cleaning the charging point and switching cables but your Android is not charging, you may have a deeper issue at hand. Internal faults or damage to the charging port can prevent your charger from working correctly. In such cases, professional intervention is the safest and most reliable course of action.

Seeking professional help isn’t just about fixing the current issue. A professional can check the overall health of your charger and device, potentially spotting and addressing issues before they become more serious. This proactive approach can save you from unexpected breakdowns in the future, keeping your smartphone’s charging system in optimal condition.

Calling in the Cavalry: Fixing Your Android Charger

Finally, we must acknowledge that not all charger issues can be solved at home. If you’ve searched “How to fix an android charger?” tried everything and your Android charger still refuses to cooperate, it may be time to call in the professionals.

At Fruit Fixed, we not only have the best quality parts, but we also have a team of professional technicians who can quickly diagnose and repair your charger issues. Don’t let a faulty charger disrupt your day-to-day activities. Contact us today and get your Android charger fixed by professionals who care about both the quality of repairs and your satisfaction.

How to Prevent Butt Dialing

If you own a smartphone, one of the most important things you can do is prevent accident calls from occurring. 

A study showed that 30% of 9-1-1 calls made from smartphones were accidental butt dials. Emergency calls aside, you might accidentally call someone late at night and disturb them, or may accidentally have them hear a personal conversation. 

The infamous butt dial is an issue that several people deal with from time to time. You owe it to yourself to find some ways to nip it in the bud completely. 

These tips will teach you how to prevent butt dialing. 

Get a Phone Case or Clip

Investing in a phone case or clip is one of the best ways to prevent butt dialing from occurring. The case stores the phone in a way that covers the screen and doesn’t put it in proximity to be accidentally dialed.

These cases are also protective and can help you prevent screen scratches and other issues. Choose a case that is stylish, durable, and made with quality materials. 

Set a Lock Screen

It’s important to set a lock screen to prevent pocket dialing. With a lock screen, you can’t push any buttons on your phone or accidentally access any apps or functions. Consider setting an auto lock on your phone so that this occurs after every 30 seconds to a minute or so go by without phone activity.

When the phone locks itself, you’re safe from placing phone calls to anyone accidentally.

Learn Your Phone’s Mechanisms

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is my phone calling people?”, consider whether or not you actually know how to use your phone. 

You’ve probably done some Android or iPhone troubleshooting in the past, but one of the most important forms of troubleshooting is to understand your phone’s functions. Make sure that you can locate the power button, the section where calls are made, and any shortcuts that help you call previous or favorite contacts. 

The more familiar you get with these mechanisms, the easier it’ll be for you to keep pocket dials at bay. 

Use Security Measures

Keep in mind that you can also add security measures to your lock screen. Rather than just swiping it open, these security measures can require you to punch in a code or other form of authentication to access your phone screen. 

This can be done through facial recognition, thumbprint, voice access, and a host of other ways. Not only do these security measures prevent other people from accessing your phone content, but you will also be less likely to accidentally call somebody. 

Find your security functions in your smartphone and put credentials in place that only you can access. 

Re-Arrange Your Front Screen

You may also owe it to yourself re-arrange the various apps on your front screen. Sometimes, pocket dialing occurs because you accidentally hit a call or previous contact button. 

If this is an accident that you’re constantly running into, it may behoove you to put the app on another part of your phone. You might choose to bury it further within your phone’s content so that you don’t accidentally access it. This is particularly helpful if nothing else you’ve tried has worked. 

Remove Raise-to-Wake Access

If you’re always accidentally calling people, it could also be because raise-to-wake access is on. When this happens, it removes your phone lock, making it fair game for an accidental call. 

Your phone might mistakenly think that you’ve raised it when the phone is in your pocket and the motion of your walking triggers this function. This overrides the lock if you had previously set a passcode, even if you didn’t intend to do so. 

Clear Your Recent Calls

Do a little tidying of your call list and it’ll also prevent the likelihood of butt dialing someone. This often happens by calling back someone that you had recently spoken to. 

If you clear out your call history then you are less likely to deal with this. Get into the habit of clearing your call history, particularly if it has piled up significantly. 

Set Your Phone on the Table

One of the best ways to prevent butt dialing is also one of the simplest things to do — put your phone down. Rather than having it in your pocket, simply set it down on the table beside you and pick it up when you’d like to use it. 

This keeps your phone in plain view so that you can use it if you need to, but won’t accidentally access any controls that you aren’t trying to. Be mindful of any voice commands that the phone might also pick up on. For instance, people today talk to “Siri” and “Alexa” when using virtual assistant functions. If you own an Android or iPhone, you know that sometimes the virtual assistant thinks that you are talking to it when you really aren’t. 

That can also lead to accidentally calling somebody when you didn’t mean to. Keep your phone screen visible on a table so that you can override one of these situations if they happen. 

Learn How to Prevent Butt Dialing

If you’re trying to learn how to prevent butt dialing, the points above are worthwhile. Following these steps can save you some trouble and prevent you from avoidable accidental phone calls. 

Fruit Fixed can assist you with any type of phone repair you’re looking into. Find us at any of our Central Virginia store locations to learn more about how we can help you. 

How to Change iPad Screen

Does your Apple iPad have a cracked screen? If so, you might be able to continue to use it as-is for the time being.

But eventually, you’ll need to have your iPad screen replaced to use your tablet to its full potential. A broken iPad screen will make it very difficult for you to see what’s going on when you’re using your tablet.

Wondering how to change an iPad screen so that you can start using your tablet like normal again? There are actually several different ways in which you can repair an iPad screen.

We’ve put together a guide that breaks down several of the options you’ll have when you want to repair the cracked screen on your iPad. Check them out below so that you’re able to get your iPad screen back to the way it used to be.

Ask Apple to Fix It

When you first purchased your iPad, did you invest in a 2-year AppleCare Plus warranty to go along with it? If you did, you should be able to use it to get your iPad screen fixed for just under $50. It would be worth taking advantage of the warranty that you paid for to fix your iPad screen.

To do it, all you’ll need to do is bring your iPad to any Apple location or arrange to send your iPad in to Apple to have the screen repaired. It should be a very simple process that’ll leave you with a brand-new iPad screen in the end.

If, however, you didn’t invest in an AppleCare Plus warranty for your iPad, it’ll be a much different story. In this case, Apple is often going to charge you almost what it would cost to buy a new iPad just to fix your screen. It’s why you should skip this option if your iPad isn’t covered by a warranty.

Take It to an iPad Repair Shop

If you don’t happen to have an AppleCare Plus warranty for your iPad, it would be wise to figure out how to change an iPad screen without Apple’s help. There are much cheaper ways to get the job done without welcoming Apple into the mix.

There are many iPad repair shops that can provide you with the iPad screen repair services you need. You should look around in your area and attempt to find one that has a reputation for doing great work while repairing iPads.

Fruit Fixed is an excellent example of an iPad repair shop you can rely on to repair an iPad screen for you. You can have your cracked screen fixed fast, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to repair it. Fruit Fixed offers a low-price guarantee that’ll get you the best possible deal on repair services.

Try Repairing It Yourself

If you enjoy tinkering with electronics and know what you’re doing, it might not be the worst idea in the world to try repairing your iPad screen on your own. There are do-it-yourself iPad screen repair kits that you can buy right online. One of them might help put you in a position where you’ll be able to repair your iPad screen for next to nothing simply by spending some time working on it.

But be warned: Taking the DIY approach to repairing the cracked screen on an iPad is not going to be easy if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might actually end up doing more harm than good when you decide to work on fixing your iPad screen yourself.

Unless you have complete confidence in your abilities and understand how to change an iPad screen, you should probably leave repairs like this up to the professionals.

Replace It

Generally speaking, repairing a cracked iPad screen is typically going to cost somewhere between $100 and $200 depending on which iPad repair shop you bring it to. Is that more than your iPad is worth at the present moment?

If you have a brand-new iPad, it’s likely going to be worth well over $100 and even $200. But if you have an iPad that’s on the older side, it might not be worth anywhere close to $100 or $200 anymore.

In this instance, you may want to think about replacing your iPad entirely rather than paying to replace the screen. It’ll be the better financial decision for those with older iPads.

Keep On Using It As-Is

Do you know that you’re going to be getting a new iPad within the next few months? If you are, then you might be able to get away with continuing to use your iPad in spite of its cracked screen.

As long as the screen isn’t literally falling apart and hurting your fingers when you use it, you may be able to squeeze a little more life out of it until you’re ready to buy your new iPad. It might be an option worth considering since it won’t make sense to repair a cracked iPad screen when you’ll be replacing it soon anyway.

Let Us Figure Out How to Change an iPad Screen for You

Is your iPad screen broken and difficult to use because of the cracks in it? Fruit Fixed is here to help with all your iPad repair needs.

We can remove your old broken screen from your iPad and put a new one in its place. This will be a much better option than you trying to figure out how to change an iPad screen on your own. It’ll also be a more affordable option than sending your iPad to Apple to have it fixed.

Discover more about our other tablet repair services and reach out to us for all your iPad repair needs.

How Much to Replace iPad Battery?

Do you have an Apple iPad with a battery that’s not staying charged? Or do you have an iPad with a battery that’s not charging at all when you plug it in?

Either way, you’ll want to look into doing iPad battery replacement ASAP. You won’t be able to get too much use out of your iPad otherwise.

Before you bring your tablet to an iPad repair shop, though, you should try to get some sense of how much a new iPad battery will cost. Knowing the answer to the question, “How much to replace an iPad battery?”, will let you know how much money you’ll have to set aside for a new iPad battery.

Most iPad repairs will run you between $100 and $200 on average. But the exact price you’ll pay for iPad battery replacement will depend on many key factors.

Here are some of the factors that’ll have an impact on how much a new iPad battery will run you.

The Apple iPad You Have

The very first Apple iPad was released way back in early 2010. Since then, Apple has released a slew of other iPads.

From the iPad 2 and the iPad Air to the iPad Pro and the iPad 9, there isn’t any shortage of options when it comes to iPads. The specific one that you have will play a part in how much iPad battery replacement will cost you.

If you have an older iPad with a battery that might be difficult to find, it could increase the price of your iPad battery replacement. If, on the other hand, you have a newer iPad with a battery that will be easily accessible, it shouldn’t cost you too much to replace it.

Be ready to let an iPad repair shop know which iPad you have. It’ll help them answer the question, “How much to replace an iPad battery?”

The iPad Repair Shop You Choose

There have been about half a billion iPads sold since Apple introduced the first one more than a decade ago. As a result, it should be very easy for you to find iPad repair shops in your general area that can replace the battery in your iPad for you.

But it’s worth mentioning that not all iPad repair shops are going to provide you with the same prices for battery replacement. Some will inevitably cost more than others.

Because of this, you should aim to shop around for an iPad repair shop that will help you replace your battery without breaking the bank. There are sure to be at least a few in a place like Charlottesville, VA that you can consider. Your job will be to track down the one that’s going to set you up with excellent iPad repair services and great prices to match.

The Time It Takes to Replace an iPad Battery

When you need to get your hands on a new iPad battery, you’ll have to pay an iPad repair shop for more than just the battery itself. You’ll also need to take the labor associated with iPad battery replacement into account.

Most iPads have batteries in them that’ll be relatively easy to replace. There are, however, some iPads that’ll force a repair shop to work a little harder to get an old battery out to make room for a new one.

You aren’t necessarily going to know this in advance. But it is something you should keep in the back of your mind just in case it becomes an issue when you’re having battery replacement done.

The Urgency of Your iPad Battery Replacement

Do you need to have the battery in your iPad replaced immediately so that you can bring your iPad on an important work trip? In this case, an iPad repair shop should be able to lend a helping hand to you. But it could very well come at a cost.

In the event that you need to have your iPad battery replaced in a hurry, you might have to pay extra to make this happen. Not all iPad repair shops will be able to drop everything else that they’re doing to do iPad battery replacement for you for the same price as usual.

Give some thought to whether you really need an iPad repair shop to rush through your battery replacement job. You might be able to save yourself some money by giving them a few days to get around to hooking you up with a new battery.

The Other iPad Repairs You May Need

Is your iPad battery the only issue you’re having with your tablet right now? If there are other things going on with your iPad, too, you might want to consider having them repaired as well.

When you have multiple iPad repairs done at one time, it could result in you getting a better deal overall. It would be worth asking an iPad repair shop if they would be willing to extend a deal to you based on all the different repairs you’ll be having done.

So, How Much to Replace an iPad Battery? Call Us to Find Out

As you can see, it can be tricky coming up with a definitive answer to the question, “How much to replace an iPad battery?” Each of the factors that we’ve listed here will play a role in how much iPad battery replacement costs you.

Fruit Fixed is the company you can count on to help you with your iPad battery issues. We’ll let you know if you need to replace your entire iPad battery in the first place. We’ll also provide you with an affordable price on iPad battery replacement and get your iPad back to you as quickly as we can.

Learn about our low-price guarantee and then reach out to us to schedule iPad repairs.