With so many new phones coming out every year, it can difficult to know which one is worth your hard-earned money. The Samsung S20 is hot off the press and looks as sleek as any state-of-the-art phone can be.

However, is it worth parting with your old phone? We’ve come up with a thorough Samsung review so you can decide if it’s worth the investment or not.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about the Samsung S20 and whether it’s right for you.

1. The Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is currently available in the U.S. for about $1,000. While this price tag is steeper than the now-outdated Galaxy S10, you’re getting more for your money.

In addition to nearly 130 gigs of memory and 12 gigs of RAM, the Galaxy S20 also has a display of 6.2 inches and 120Hz. It even has an upgraded camera.

If you want additional storage, you can get a microSD card with 1 terabyte of memory or less. However, if you want more internal storage, then you’ll have to shell out for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Considering the price, these specs are better than the iPhone 11 Pro, for instance. That iPhone model has a smaller screen at 5.8 inches. It also has less than half the storage at 64 gigs. 

2. The Screen

Although the Galaxy S20 has a bigger screen than the last model, it doesn’t affect the phone’s size to any significant degree. In fact, the size of the phone and the screen’s resolution are almost the same, but it’s worth mentioning that the S20 is a bit taller yet somewhat narrower.

Where there’s a real difference is in the display’s 120 Hz refresh rate. This speedy refreshing will allow you to have the sleekest animation and scrolling experience possible. It will make a difference in casual use as well as mobile gaming.

The last thing you want is to be defeated in a mobile game because of unnecessary screen lag. The S20 fixes that, allowing for a much more immersive gaming experience. You’ll also notice a difference in the refresh-rate when simply scrolling through a social media news feed.

Additionally, the sensitivity of the touch screen is doubled, making it more responsive than ever before. Overall, the S20 screen is the best on the market because it’s not too big and it’s as quick as possible for its size. 

3. The Battery

A battery is the heart of the phone and if it doesn’t last long, then it defeats the purpose of having so many functions at your disposal. When it comes to battery power, 5G needs a lot of it. That’s why Samsung has outfitted this new model with a potent battery.

The Samsung Galaxy battery has 4,000mAh, which is an upgrade of 600 from the previous model. This will grant you 5G internet over the course of an average day of use when compared to most phones. Even if you use it more than the average person, don’t be surprised if you get home from work and still see that you have a decent amount of battery life left.

However, if you have the brightness all the way up, the highest refresh rate turned on, and more, then the battery can drain quite quickly. Whenever you plan on taking advantage of all the specs and functions at once, you should make sure you have a portable charger near at hand.

When it comes to charging, you have options. For example, you can use the wireless charging option but that will take longer than usual to fill your battery. If you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to wait, then the fast-charge function will be your hero.

4. The Camera

While the S20 has a smaller aperture than the S10, it has bigger pixels. This means you’ll be able to take pictures that have more light and detail. This will come in handy particularly when capturing images that are in darker environments or covered in shadows.

Rather than the 12MP telephoto camera of the S10, this new model boasts a telephoto camera of 64MP. It’s true that the pixels are smaller. However, it has many more megapixels as well as a wider aperture. This will give you a 3x lossless zoom, which is better than just about any current phone. 

If you need a digital zoom, then you can go up to 30x. It’s not lossless but it can still come in handy every now and then.

The camera’s automatic mode is great for phone users who aren’t so tech-savvy. For people who like to tinker with their camera phone functions, there’s a lot of fun and experimentation to be had.

5. The 5G

It’s not every day you get to try 5G on a smartphone. This unique S20 feature will allow you to have the fastest internet connection possible wherever you go.

Of course, the power of the 5G connection will depend on your location and your provider.

If you want the fastest speed, then you’ll need to shell out for the Samsung Plus version or the Ultra. Those more expensive versions are the only ones with mmWave antennas, which allow for more speed.

The catch is that the range of the antenna is short. This means you’ll need to maintain close proximity to a transmitter for perfect results.

Even without the more expensive models, the 5G should be sufficient for most users. 

Are You Ready to Get the Samsung S20?

Now that you’ve learned all about the Samsung S20, you can decide whether or not it’s right for you. 

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