It might not be an exaggeration to say our phones are our babies. We use them to store our important data and share them. We use them to communicate with family and friends. 

One way we can protect our “baby” is by knowing how to apply a screen protector. Using a protector prevents scratches from general use or accidental falls.

Screen protectors continue to rise in consumer demand, and you wouldn’t be a true phone owner without one. If you somehow don’t have one, it could be because you have no clue how to install it.

You’ve come to the right page. You can learn how to do it here. 

How to Apply a Screen Protector

Believe it or not, the first thing you want to consider in applying a screen protector is the location. It doesn’t have to be any place fancy. Just make sure you’re in a spot that doesn’t have a lot of dust. 

It’s not a true requirement, but life might suck if you find a few specks of dust after applying it. Even turning off your air conditioner or fan makes a difference. 

You should wash your hands beforehand too. That way, you can ensure an oil- and smudge-free installation. 

Clean the Screen

Once you find a great location free from dust and wind, you can clean your screen without reinviting dust. If you have a screen protector kit, most come with a cleaning pad. If you don’t have one, any micro-fiber cloth will do. 

Avoid other materials for your screen as they may scratch your mobile device. Tissues or paper towels are also a no-no because they can leave particles behind.

If you run into areas that are hard to wipe away with the cloth alone, use a bit of moisture. Breathing on the screen is fine or adding some water to the cloth. However, refrain from using anything with chemicals. 

Open the Screen Protector Package

Now is the fun part. You can open your package and figure out how to install it. 

It may seem a bit confusing at first, but it’s easy. Just make sure you don’t remove the protective film until the end.

Some packages may provide stickers that tell you where and when to remove the tape. There are usually two protective films.

As a basic rule of thumb, the film adhesive for the phone is removed and added on the “phone” side. Then, the second film for the outside of the phone that you touch is removed. 

Adjust the Screen Protector to Your Mobile Device

Whether you have a tablet, android, or iPhone, screen protectors can be a nightmare if it’s not installed the right way. This is one part of the process most people have trouble with. 

You want to make sure the screen protector is even on the screen and matches the edges and any buttons. It would be unappealing to the eyes if the protector is crooked.

There’s also an increased chance of scratching your phone on the part where it’s missed. Keeping the screen protector film on will make adjusting it to your mobile device easier. 

Once you achieve the position you like, remove the first film that you apply to the screen (inside). It helps to apply the protector up to down while applying pressure on the outside of the protector until you finish. 

Get Rid of Any Bubbles

Sometimes, no matter how well you adjust the screen protector to your mobile device, you may notice some air bubbles. You will see that it’s trapped between your phone and the protector. 

The good thing is there is a way to get rid of it without starting over. All you have to do is use the plastic squeegee that comes with the package. You should push away bubbles towards the closest edge.

Don’t be afraid to use a bit of force. You can move back and forth to clear the bubble, but it’s actually more effective to stroke in a single direction. 

If you don’t have a tool to help release the bubbles, a credit card also works. You know that you are doing it right when you see the bubble getting smaller until it vanishes. 

Wipe the Screen Again (Then Again) 

You can pat yourself on the back because you’re basically done. At this point, you should have one film protector left on the outside of the screen. You can remove the outer film after wiping it. 

Doing so will prevent any new particles that may have got on the screen as you worked away. Just a second or two is good. Once you remove the film, there’s nothing left to do other than giving your device a final wipe down. 

If you inspect your device, it should be transparent and free from dust and fingerprints. Beautiful. 

Help When You Need It 

When you buy an android or an iPhone, you want to extend the longevity as much as possible. One of the cheapest ways you can do this is by learning how to apply a screen protector. 

Although installing a screen protector isn’t too complex, it still may not be easy for everyone. If you are looking for a place where you can get a professional to install it for you or get a repair done, contact us.

We have several locations, such as Virginia Beach, and would be more than happy to help you. We are pleased to say we also offer a low price guarantee to all of our customers. We will match or beat any of our competitor’s prices. 

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