It always happens in slow motion. The sudden loss of grip, the phone floating through the air until you hear the inevitable crack on the concrete. With the huge expenditure we are willing to pay on our devices, why don’t we take more care when protecting our phones?

If you do crack your phone, it could have easily been prevented. Below, we give our 9 tips on how to keep your device safe.

1. Place It in a Case

By accident or design, phones and tablets are not the most durable of items. One drop or nick and the whole thing can shatter into pieces. It stands to reason that you need an extra layer of protection to prevent craking phones.

If you are someone who uses their tablet while doing hands-on work or activities, you also need a case to protect it from paint, ingredients, chemicals, and for extra grip when you have slippery fingers. There is a wide variation of cases available, in all prices ranges, so you should be able to find one that suits you. 

The decision to place it in a hard or soft case is up to you. A soft case is likely to add more cushion if dropped from a height, though hard cases look more professional and keep the size of the item down. 

2. Add a Pop Socket

For anyone who does not know what a pop socket is, they are the plastic handles that you may have seen attached to the back of people’s phones. They allow you extra grip when using the device, by sliding your fingers around the circular handle. The flexible stem and disc end make them extremely ergonomic.

The main purpose is to stop you dropping your phone while texting or taking pictures, so it is more a preventative measure than a protection device. In addition to this, many of them are fashionable and customizable, so you can add some individuality to your phone. If you are a person who often uses their phone with one hand, then they are essential items. 

In fact, they are so essential that they are the number one selling phone accessory. The company sold over 25 million units last year alone and show no sign of slowing down yet.

3. Get a Screen Protector

Even when you have a case, you should still install a screen protector. This is because you may scratch the surface, or even drop something directly on to the screen and crack it. Screens can also be one of the most expensive items t replace on a phone. 

Although protectors seem like a simple piece of transparent plastic, they can also keep off finger marks and water damage. With such easy installation methods and a low price, you would be foolish not to pick one up and add it to your phone as quickly as possible. 

4. Store Devices Safely

It is really convenient to just throw your phone down on a table or slide it in your back pocket. However, these places are always areas that get lots of movement and objects trafficking through, which increases the possibility of risk and damage. Instead of doing this, try to place your devices somewhere safe. 

Set up specific spots, either in your home or on your person, to keep your phone. This decreases the chance of you losing it as well as the chances of cracking your phone. Make this spot safe and protected.

Inside a drawer or a desk would be a great place in the house. If you are on the move, a zipped up bag or internal zipped pocket would work well. 

5. Items on Top Will Crack Your Phone

One sure-fire way to crack your phone screen is to place items on top of it. You will have no doubt seen how fragile phones are at the corners when dropped. The centre of the screen is even more delicate.

The centre of the screen is filled with all the delicate sensors that make your touchscreen function. Behind it sits the circuits, chips and storage that power your device and keep it running. So why put external pressure on them?

Even if you place light items on top, you still risk scratching the surface. You can also find that it drops to the floor when the top item is moved or pulled. 

6. Use a Car Phone Holder

In an ideal world, you would not use your phone in the car. However, the reality is people do, and it may double up as your satellite navigation system. In this case, it pays to have a phone holder that grips the phone and attaches to the dash or windscreen.

7. Add a Skin

Many phone manufacturers are now adding glass backs to phones. While this does offer an added layer of protection, it can also make them extremely slippery. You can prevent the device sliding fro your hands by adding a skin.

8. Think About Where You Really Need It

While phones allow us to capture some amazing moments, we need to weigh up the risk factor and decide where we need to take our devices. It may be great to film yourself mountain biking down a trail, but one slip and your phone is gone. That is what durable mini-cameras were invented for. 

Use your common sense and think about the risk factor involved. If you are in a situation that would mean disaster for your phone, then store it securely or leave it altogether. 

9. Keep Liquids Away

Liquids will not crack your phone, but they can cause just as much damage, if not more. When a phone cracks, the screen or the shell needs replacing. When liquid gets inside, it seeps deep into the working mechanisms of your phone causing lots more damage. 

Prevent this by following all the advice for cases and screen protectors. In addition, keep your phone well away from any liquids. Even if they are sealed or have lids, knocking them over may still cause the contents to spill out and damage your phone. 

Keep It Clean

When you do crack your phone, make sure you replace the screen immediately and keep it clean. Cracks can allow dirt into the device and cause huge amounts of damage. Alternatively, call Fruit Fixed immediately for an instant repair quote from our professional, experienced team!

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