Do you have a smartphone that set you back more than $500? Do you have a tablet that you spent almost $1,000 on? Or do you have a laptop that costs you at least a couple thousand dollars, if not more?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the last thing you want to do is have your kids accidentally break one of these electronic devices. It might put you in a position where you’ll have to fork over a small fortune to get it fixed—and it might even force you to replace one of your expensive tech items altogether.

Fortunately, you should be able to kid-proof your tech so that this doesn’t happen. By taking time to child-proof gadgets, you can keep them in excellent condition and avoid costly repairs.

Here are the best ways to kid-proof all your electronic devices.

Tell Kids Not to Touch Electronic Devices

First things first: If you have expensive tech items in your home like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, you should keep them where your kids can’t access them. This alone should stop them from being able to do any damage to them.

You should also take this further and let your kids know they are not to touch your electronic devices if you forget to put them away. You should emphasize this point to show how serious you are about them not playing on your expensive tech items you aren’t around.

Put Cases on All Your Electronic Devices

As a parent, you know that telling your kids not to do something isn’t always work. They might still try to get their hands on your electronic devices when you aren’t looking so that they can try them out.

Because of this, you should invest in cases for all your various devices. You can child-proof a computer, smartphone, or tablet by sticking a case on it.

Doing this will protect your electronic devices from more than just your kids. You’ll also ensure you don’t inadvertently break any expensive tech items.

In the past, studies have shown that the average American drops their smartphone four times per week. So putting a case on something like a phone will make all the sense even if you don’t have kids.

Ask Kids to Wash Their Hands Before Using Electronic Devices

Ideally, you should try not to let your kids use your pricey electronic devices if you can avoid it. But there might be times when you’ll want to show them something on your smartphone or have them type something up on your laptop.

In these instances, you should always ask your kids to wash their hands before using your devices. It’ll get whatever might be stuck to their hands off them and stop them from messing up any of your devices with their sticky hands.

Have Kids Sit While Using Electronic Devices

If you allow a child to play with your electronic devices while they’re walking or running around, you’ll be asking for trouble. They’re bound to bang these devices up against a wall or trip and fall with them in their hands.

With this in mind, you should always have your kids sit down any time they use your electronic devices. It’ll reduce the risks associated with them holding these devices in their hands.

Advise Kids to Keep Food and Drinks Away From Electronic Devices

Generally speaking, it’s a fantastic idea for anyone using an electronic device to keep food and drinks away from it. It’ll reduce the chances of food or drinks getting spilled on a device and damaging it.

You can help your kids develop good habits while using electronic devices by encouraging them not to eat or drink around them. They’ll know that they shouldn’t do this when they secure devices of their own one day.

Give Kids Their Own Electronic Devices

Speaking of your kids getting their own electronic devices, you may want to kick around the idea of buying them devices that they can use so that they aren’t always using yours. There are lots of cheap tablets and laptops that are developed specifically for children.

Just make sure you try to limit a child’s tablet or laptop usage. You don’t want to raise kids who get used to being on devices all the time.

Arrange to Make Repairs to Electronic Devices ASAP

Accidents happen no matter how hard you try to kid-proof your tech. And unfortunately, they might occur when your kids are using your electronic devices and damage them.

If your kids break one of your devices, you should resist the urge to yell at them and use it as a teaching moment. You should also make a strong attempt to get your devices fixed ASAP.

Fruit Fixed can help you bring just about any electronic device back to life. We can repair devices quickly and get them working like new without breaking the bank.

Contact Us to Schedule Repairs for Electronic Devices

Did your kids just break one of your expensive electronic devices? Or did you do it yourself? Either way, you can rely on Fruit Fixed to repair your expensive tech items.

We specialize in repairing smartphones, tablets, laptops, and almost any other tech products you own. If you failed at trying to kid-proof your tech, count on us to make things right.

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