How to Change iPad Screen

Does your Apple iPad have a cracked screen? If so, you might be able to continue to use it as-is for the time being.

But eventually, you’ll need to have your iPad screen replaced to use your tablet to its full potential. A broken iPad screen will make it very difficult for you to see what’s going on when you’re using your tablet.

Wondering how to change an iPad screen so that you can start using your tablet like normal again? There are actually several different ways in which you can repair an iPad screen.

We’ve put together a guide that breaks down several of the options you’ll have when you want to repair the cracked screen on your iPad. Check them out below so that you’re able to get your iPad screen back to the way it used to be.

Ask Apple to Fix It

When you first purchased your iPad, did you invest in a 2-year AppleCare Plus warranty to go along with it? If you did, you should be able to use it to get your iPad screen fixed for just under $50. It would be worth taking advantage of the warranty that you paid for to fix your iPad screen.

To do it, all you’ll need to do is bring your iPad to any Apple location or arrange to send your iPad in to Apple to have the screen repaired. It should be a very simple process that’ll leave you with a brand-new iPad screen in the end.

If, however, you didn’t invest in an AppleCare Plus warranty for your iPad, it’ll be a much different story. In this case, Apple is often going to charge you almost what it would cost to buy a new iPad just to fix your screen. It’s why you should skip this option if your iPad isn’t covered by a warranty.

Take It to an iPad Repair Shop

If you don’t happen to have an AppleCare Plus warranty for your iPad, it would be wise to figure out how to change an iPad screen without Apple’s help. There are much cheaper ways to get the job done without welcoming Apple into the mix.

There are many iPad repair shops that can provide you with the iPad screen repair services you need. You should look around in your area and attempt to find one that has a reputation for doing great work while repairing iPads.

Fruit Fixed is an excellent example of an iPad repair shop you can rely on to repair an iPad screen for you. You can have your cracked screen fixed fast, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to repair it. Fruit Fixed offers a low-price guarantee that’ll get you the best possible deal on repair services.

Try Repairing It Yourself

If you enjoy tinkering with electronics and know what you’re doing, it might not be the worst idea in the world to try repairing your iPad screen on your own. There are do-it-yourself iPad screen repair kits that you can buy right online. One of them might help put you in a position where you’ll be able to repair your iPad screen for next to nothing simply by spending some time working on it.

But be warned: Taking the DIY approach to repairing the cracked screen on an iPad is not going to be easy if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might actually end up doing more harm than good when you decide to work on fixing your iPad screen yourself.

Unless you have complete confidence in your abilities and understand how to change an iPad screen, you should probably leave repairs like this up to the professionals.

Replace It

Generally speaking, repairing a cracked iPad screen is typically going to cost somewhere between $100 and $200 depending on which iPad repair shop you bring it to. Is that more than your iPad is worth at the present moment?

If you have a brand-new iPad, it’s likely going to be worth well over $100 and even $200. But if you have an iPad that’s on the older side, it might not be worth anywhere close to $100 or $200 anymore.

In this instance, you may want to think about replacing your iPad entirely rather than paying to replace the screen. It’ll be the better financial decision for those with older iPads.

Keep On Using It As-Is

Do you know that you’re going to be getting a new iPad within the next few months? If you are, then you might be able to get away with continuing to use your iPad in spite of its cracked screen.

As long as the screen isn’t literally falling apart and hurting your fingers when you use it, you may be able to squeeze a little more life out of it until you’re ready to buy your new iPad. It might be an option worth considering since it won’t make sense to repair a cracked iPad screen when you’ll be replacing it soon anyway.

Let Us Figure Out How to Change an iPad Screen for You

Is your iPad screen broken and difficult to use because of the cracks in it? Fruit Fixed is here to help with all your iPad repair needs.

We can remove your old broken screen from your iPad and put a new one in its place. This will be a much better option than you trying to figure out how to change an iPad screen on your own. It’ll also be a more affordable option than sending your iPad to Apple to have it fixed.

Discover more about our other tablet repair services and reach out to us for all your iPad repair needs.

How Much to Replace iPad Battery?

Do you have an Apple iPad with a battery that’s not staying charged? Or do you have an iPad with a battery that’s not charging at all when you plug it in?

Either way, you’ll want to look into doing iPad battery replacement ASAP. You won’t be able to get too much use out of your iPad otherwise.

Before you bring your tablet to an iPad repair shop, though, you should try to get some sense of how much a new iPad battery will cost. Knowing the answer to the question, “How much to replace an iPad battery?”, will let you know how much money you’ll have to set aside for a new iPad battery.

Most iPad repairs will run you between $100 and $200 on average. But the exact price you’ll pay for iPad battery replacement will depend on many key factors.

Here are some of the factors that’ll have an impact on how much a new iPad battery will run you.

The Apple iPad You Have

The very first Apple iPad was released way back in early 2010. Since then, Apple has released a slew of other iPads.

From the iPad 2 and the iPad Air to the iPad Pro and the iPad 9, there isn’t any shortage of options when it comes to iPads. The specific one that you have will play a part in how much iPad battery replacement will cost you.

If you have an older iPad with a battery that might be difficult to find, it could increase the price of your iPad battery replacement. If, on the other hand, you have a newer iPad with a battery that will be easily accessible, it shouldn’t cost you too much to replace it.

Be ready to let an iPad repair shop know which iPad you have. It’ll help them answer the question, “How much to replace an iPad battery?”

The iPad Repair Shop You Choose

There have been about half a billion iPads sold since Apple introduced the first one more than a decade ago. As a result, it should be very easy for you to find iPad repair shops in your general area that can replace the battery in your iPad for you.

But it’s worth mentioning that not all iPad repair shops are going to provide you with the same prices for battery replacement. Some will inevitably cost more than others.

Because of this, you should aim to shop around for an iPad repair shop that will help you replace your battery without breaking the bank. There are sure to be at least a few in a place like Charlottesville, VA that you can consider. Your job will be to track down the one that’s going to set you up with excellent iPad repair services and great prices to match.

The Time It Takes to Replace an iPad Battery

When you need to get your hands on a new iPad battery, you’ll have to pay an iPad repair shop for more than just the battery itself. You’ll also need to take the labor associated with iPad battery replacement into account.

Most iPads have batteries in them that’ll be relatively easy to replace. There are, however, some iPads that’ll force a repair shop to work a little harder to get an old battery out to make room for a new one.

You aren’t necessarily going to know this in advance. But it is something you should keep in the back of your mind just in case it becomes an issue when you’re having battery replacement done.

The Urgency of Your iPad Battery Replacement

Do you need to have the battery in your iPad replaced immediately so that you can bring your iPad on an important work trip? In this case, an iPad repair shop should be able to lend a helping hand to you. But it could very well come at a cost.

In the event that you need to have your iPad battery replaced in a hurry, you might have to pay extra to make this happen. Not all iPad repair shops will be able to drop everything else that they’re doing to do iPad battery replacement for you for the same price as usual.

Give some thought to whether you really need an iPad repair shop to rush through your battery replacement job. You might be able to save yourself some money by giving them a few days to get around to hooking you up with a new battery.

The Other iPad Repairs You May Need

Is your iPad battery the only issue you’re having with your tablet right now? If there are other things going on with your iPad, too, you might want to consider having them repaired as well.

When you have multiple iPad repairs done at one time, it could result in you getting a better deal overall. It would be worth asking an iPad repair shop if they would be willing to extend a deal to you based on all the different repairs you’ll be having done.

So, How Much to Replace an iPad Battery? Call Us to Find Out

As you can see, it can be tricky coming up with a definitive answer to the question, “How much to replace an iPad battery?” Each of the factors that we’ve listed here will play a role in how much iPad battery replacement costs you.

Fruit Fixed is the company you can count on to help you with your iPad battery issues. We’ll let you know if you need to replace your entire iPad battery in the first place. We’ll also provide you with an affordable price on iPad battery replacement and get your iPad back to you as quickly as we can.

Learn about our low-price guarantee and then reach out to us to schedule iPad repairs.

5 Common iPad Problems and Solutions

Do you know how many iPads have been sold since the popular tablet first hit the market in 2010?

According to one report, the number is more than 425 million. But that doesn’t mean the ultra-popular iPad isn’t subject to problems like any other tablet.

Are you having any issues with your iPad? Is it not functioning at full capacity?

Some specific iPad problems occur more than others. Continue reading to learn about five common issues and how to fix them. 

1. Frozen Screen

One of the most frustrating iPad problems is also one of the most common. It relates to the screen freezing and not responding to user input.

When the screen freezes, that’s often a result of too many apps operating and too much corrupted memory being left behind. While a frozen screen is one of the more frustrating iPad issues, it’s usually easy to fix this problem.

The first thing you need to do is turn off your iPad and then turn it back on. If this fixes the problem, great. But if it doesn’t, you’ll need to do a forced restart.

Press and hold the power and home buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. You’ll know the forced restart has worked if the Apple logo appears on the screen.

What should you do if you have a more recent iPad model that doesn’t have the home button?

Press and release the up volume button, press and release the down volume button, and then press and hold the power button. Your iPad should start up.

If you still can’t start your iPad after doing all of the above, you may need to contact a company like Fruit Fixed to get to the bottom of the matter.

2. Won’t Charge

Have you ever plugged in your iPad overnight and found in the morning that the battery power didn’t increase at all? Few things can be as frustrating if you’re an iPad owner. How do you go about fixing an iPad with this problem?

One common cause of this issue is that many USB ports in older PCs and laptops cannot sufficiently power an iPad.

You can avoid this headache if you have a newer computer or laptop that can provide enough juice to your iPad.

But other than spending more money to get new hardware, how can you deal with a situation where your iPad won’t charge? Here are some tips:

Try to reboot your iPad and follow that up by plugging your tablet into a wall socket using an adapter and power cable.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, try replacing the potentially faulty adapter and power cable.

You may need to find a third party should none of the above help. A repair shop might find you need a new battery. But it will also check for any electrical hardware issues to see if iPad repairs are in order.

3. Battery Draining Too Fast

Is your iPad draining woefully fast? Are you frustrated by how little use you get from your tablet between charges? It’s not uncommon for iPads to experience battery-draining issues. And, fortunately, there are some easy potential fixes.

The problem could stem from a weak battery or apps that are simply taking up too much battery power.

Try the following recommendations to stop this sort of issue in its tracks:

Start by force shutting down your apps. After doing this, restart your iPad. You should also ensure you’re up to date on any updates for your iOS and apps, manage battery usage for apps, or reset settings on your tablet.

What can you do if none of these tips stops your battery from draining too quickly? You may have to contact a third party to look into the issue. Your iPad might have hardware damage that needs to be fixed.

4. Cracked Screen

Few things will detract from the aesthetic appeal of your iPad more than a cracked screen. Do you have a cracked iPad?

Even if it’s still functional, a broken iPad isn’t pleasant to look at. And the damage will get worse over time.

If you want your iPad to look as good as new, you’ll want to install a new screen.

It’ll cost you. But fixing the screen can make sense if you either want to hold onto your iPad for a few years or sell it for a better than a bargain-basement price.

If the warranty has expired on your iPad, contact a company like Fruit Fixed to learn about your options. We stand behind our work and will give you a warranty backing our services.

5. Won’t Turn On

What should you do if you can’t turn on your iPad? No one wants to see a black screen when they want to turn the iPad on and use it. If it doesn’t turn on, the chances are that the battery is completely depleted. 

Try doing a full reset. You can do this by pressing the up volume button, the down volume button, and the top button. The Apple logo should appear.

If the screen is still black and lifeless, plug the phone into the wall and leave it there for approximately half an hour. Do another complete reset. You’ll want to call a repair shop if none of these tips get your iPad up and running.

We Can Help With iPad Problems

As an iPad owner, you’ll want to avoid issues that make your tablet unusable. If you encounter iPad problems, check out the five tips above to resolve them. Chances are that you’ll be able to get back up and running soon.

But if you cannot fix the problem, we’re here to help. At Fruit Fixed, we employ skilled technicians and offer fast repairs and lifetime warranties.

With our professional technicians on the case, your damaged iPad won’t stay inoperable for long. No matter the problem, we can repair your device!

We have six locations in Carytown, Charlottesville, Chester, Colonial Heights, Midlothian Westchester Commons, and Short Pump, Virginia. Visit our website for details on contacting the location that’s most convenient for you.  

This Is What to Do If Your IPad Won’t Turn On

The average person wouldn’t be happy without their 19-minute dose of YouTube and endless scrolling on TikTok. And who could blame them? After hustling all day, there’s nothing quite as heavenly as slipping into your comfiest joggers and zoning out to your favorite channel on your trusty iPad.

But today, your beloved iPad won’t turn on.

You could always resort to your faithful old phone, but let’s face it: Binge-watching on a palm-sized screen is so 2008. Wouldn’t you rather indulge in a whopping 10 inches of crystal-clear display?

We have some quick-fix solutions that will have you back to screening whatever your heart desires in no time. Keep reading for some pro repair tips to bring your device back to life.

iPad Repair vs Buying a New iPad

If your device is a few years old, spending money on repairs wouldn’t be wise. Even if you fix the device, it will soon be outdated by new OS upgrades.

Apple provides a full list of compatible devices with each update it releases. If you don’t see your model on the list, just buy a new one—don’t try to fix this one.

Fixing a broken iPad is only worth it if the device has been:

  • Functioning well
  • Receiving updates
  • Smoothly playing videos

If that’s the case, seek expert help or channel your inner handyperson for some DIY repairs. A perfectly functioning iPad can serve as a delightful reminder of cherished memories or present-day love stories, so don’t give up on it just yet.

How to Fix a Broken iPad

If your iPad won’t turn on, hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds. This will help reset it and get it working again.

When this fails, inspect the screen for damage. If your screen has cracks or other obvious damage, then there’s a good chance this is what’s causing your display not to work properly. Cracked screens can be remedied at iPad repair services.

If the screen’s fine, here are some other things you can try.


An unresponsive iPad usually has a dead battery. Plug in your device and let it charge for several hours. If nothing happens, try a different charger.

If that doesn’t work either, the charging port may be broken. You can only confirm this by taking apart your iPad. For those unfamiliar with tech repairs, it’s best to let a professional inspect the port.

Remove Water

If your iPad has gotten wet, water damage may be stopping it from turning on. Soak the device in a bowl of uncooked rice for at least 24 hours. This will help draw out any moisture that may have gotten inside.

But not everyone can wait 24 hours (or longer) to access their precious files and videos. In that case, use a hair dryer to dry the device. Just beware that this method can lead to damage if not done correctly.

Set the dryer on high heat and point it at your iPad. Keep it a few inches away from the device so the mechanics don’t get too hot.

Dry the iPad for one to two minutes. Check if it works after each drying session. If the hair dryer isn’t giving you the results you seek, try other means of repair before you end up with a fried appliance.

AppleCare vs Local Repair Services

AppleCare is a warranty that covers your iPad in the event of damage. However, there are limits on eligible repairs. Service coverage is only available for:

  • Defective material
  • Batteries that hold less than 80%
  • Accidental damage

Coverage is accessible on a subscription basis, and you’ll have to pay an added fee for each repair. Taxes also raise the price of the service.

When you think about the total cost of having and using AppleCare, it’s just not worth it.

What if your plan lapses and your iPad won’t turn on? Situations like these reveal the flaws of AppleCare.

You can save hundreds by simply going to a local repair shop. They’ll fix your iPad, offer a warranty on repairs, and won’t charge you extra.

How to Choose a Repair Service

Finding a store that offers excellent customer service should always be your top priority. This is the best way to ensure your experience will be pleasant and hassle-free. Reviews from previous customers will give you an idea of what kind of experience a store typically provides.

If possible, ask around in forums or other online communities to see if anyone else has had similar problems with their device. Their suggestions can narrow down the list of potential repair services even further.

Next, compare the prices of your options. If you have a budget in mind, there’s no need to overspend, but don’t go with the cheapest option if it means sacrificing quality or reliability.

Finally, check the guarantee each repair service offers. A guarantee of at least 30 days is optimal but some shops offer periods up to one year.

As long as the store offers a guarantee, they’re worth considering. It shows they stand by their work and are confident in their ability to restore your device the first time around.

iPad Won’t Turn On: Fix It Today

When your iPad won’t turn on, frustration can quickly turn to panic. You probably think you’ll never be able to enjoy Facebook or binge Netflix shows ever again. But don’t worry; your iPad is totally fixable.

If one of the above methods doesn’t work for you, try another until your iPad works again! When all else fails, contact the tech gurus at Fruit Fixed for help. Our specialist team will repair your device for a cost that’ll make you wonder why you ever thought of going elsewhere.

Fixing an iPad Screen: Your Guide to Expected Costs

Are you tired of looking at a cracked screen every time you go to use your iPad? Have you always wondered what it would cost to have that fixed? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about iPad repair.

There are many common questions on the subject. How much does it cost to fix an iPad screen? What are the factors that affect the price? Is there really any benefit to fixing the screen rather than leaving it broken?

See below for an in-depth guide on fixing an iPad screen and all of the costs that you can expect if you invest in it.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an iPad Screen?

It’s fair to wonder how much you should expect to pay if you get your iPad fixed. The answer depends on a variety of factors. 

The first thing that affects the price is the model of your iPad. Different models require different screen specs, materials, and processes for ensuring a secure fit. 

For example, fixing an iPad 2 screen would only cost you around $98 with our services. However, fixing an iPad Air 4 (as an example) would cost around $398. 

The price of an iPad screen repair climbed significantly after the iPad Air 2. Up until that point, both the glass and LCD (liquid crystal displays) were separate features. However, to confine the size and benefit the overall functionality of the iPad, Apple decided to turn the two features into one element.

Because of that, you can expect your iPad screen repair to cost anywhere between $200 and $600. The cost is generally more than replacing an iPhone screen, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

If you’re interested in hiring someone to fix an iPad screen, then it never hurts to ask them for a quote. Worst case scenario, you don’t find the price reasonable enough to pursue. That said, we’ll explain in a bit why fixing your iPad screen is essential.

What to Look for in an iPad Repair Service

The primary challenge of getting your iPad screen fixed is finding the right service for the job. If you’re going to spend the money, then you should make sure to receive the highest possible return on your investment. 

But how do you know when you’ve found the right one? First, start by reading through their customer reviews and pondering these questions:

  • Does their customer seem happy with the service that they received?
  • What problems were they experiencing with their device?
  • What device did they hire the service to fix?
  • How quickly did they perform the iPad screen repair?
  • Would they recommend the service to others? 

Next, take a look at their website. Do they offer iPad screen repair for the model you have? Here at Fruit Fixed, we can fix the screen of any iPad from the iPad 2 and beyond! We also offer repairs for any internal issues that your iPad is experiencing.

Make sure to reach out to us for any problems you’re having with your devices. You can get an instant quote for our services through our website.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Your iPad Screen Fixed?

Some of you have gone far too long with a broken iPad screen. See below for several reasons why you should get it fixed right away.

Avoid Costly Repairs

In a lot of ways, fixing an iPad screen is a lot like getting the oil changed in a car. Many people put it off until it’s too late; they start experiencing bigger issues as a result.

If you don’t get your iPad screen fixed soon, it could result in other problems. For example, water could get into your device and permanently damage it. So much so, that we might not be able to bring it back to its former glory.

Instead of neglecting the screen, get it fixed immediately. That way, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Save Money

Some of you out there are facing a fork in the road. You’re trying to decide whether you should pay to have the iPad screen fixed or purchase an entirely new one.

In most cases, you should elect to do the former. This will extend the life of your iPad and help you save a great deal of money over purchasing a new one.

Even though the “power of new” can be tempting, think of it this way: buying a new iPad means transferring all your data, figuring out the new software, and navigating through a new array of bugs.

Safety for Your Family

This might be the most obvious reason of all. Using an iPad or iPhone with a cracked screen can be a danger to yourself and anyone else that uses the device.

Make no mistake about it, that screen is comprised of glass and can easily cut your finger while scrolling through social media or clicking through different apps.

Meanwhile, if you fix an iPad screen, then you have nothing to fear. The new screen will provide an enjoyable experience. Your kids can use it to play games, watch movies, etc. without you worrying about their health.

Fix Your iPad Screen With Fruit Fixed Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth answer on how much does it cost to fix an iPad screen, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Take the time to read this article for more information on iPad screen repairs and the proper steps to take with it. To get started, simply reach out to one of our locations for a quote on your service.

iPad Screen Repairs: A Quick Guide

When is it time to call for professional iPad screen repairs? How much do you know about your tablet’s screen and the different damages that can happen to it?

Apple sold over 500 million iPads in the last decade, making it one of the most popular tablets in the world. Over those years, the company upgraded and refined the technology used on iPad screens. However, even with the latest technology, it’s still a fragile device and you may need to get it repaired soon.

Don’t fret if you don’t know much about iPad screens and iPad repairs. We’ve prepared this iPad screen repair guide to help you understand the topic more. Continue reading our in-depth list below to learn more:

Identifying Your iPad’s Screen

Not all iPads feature the same kind of screen technology.

Older devices have separate layers. The first layer utilizes a glass panel and digitizer, the latter of which handles touch sensitivity. The second layer is the actual LCD screen that displays the images.

Newer iPads (and iPhones for that matter) now use a single layer. This layer fuses the LCD with the digitizer and glass panel.

What does this mean for you in terms of iPad screen repairs?

It all comes down to convenience and repair options. If an older device breaks, you might only need to replace the top layer but keep your LCD. This is cheaper than having to replace the whole assembly, which is your only option when it comes to newer iPad tablets.

Dealing with Cracks

Cracks are going to be the most common issue. Your iPad can suffer from a crack for a wide range of reasons. A drop while walking could already cause the screen to shatter.

Accidentally sitting on your iPad can also cause it to crack. It can also crack if something falls on it, like a rock or mug. Cracks and scratches can also occur if you put your iPad in a bag along with coins, keys, and other sharp metallic objects.

The best way to prevent cracks is to slip your iPad into a protective case. This will keep the back safe. However, to keep the front safe, you should equip a screen protector. 

Stuck Pixel or Dead Pixel

A screen displays colors via small dots, called pixels. Your iPad screen can look fine, with no visible cracks, but look for a black pixel that won’t display colors properly. If this occurs, you might have a stuck or dead pixel.

Stuck pixels aren’t too difficult to deal with. You can download software that will excite the pixel, heating it as it cycles through different colors and brightness. This rapid activity should be enough to wake the pixel up and get it working again.

There’s no hope for a dead pixel. You most likely need to replace the whole screen for that. This is a lot easier if you have an older iPad since you only need to replace the upper layer.

Screen Replacement

A small crack might not seem like an issue but if it grows, whole portions might blackout. You won’t be able to read segments of your screen.

Dead pixels will also require a screen replacement. The damaged pixel could harm the ones beside it. It’s an unlikely scenario but the burn damage could spread after frequent use. 

Even without a crack, you might need to replace your whole screen. Accidentally exposing your iPad to water could damage the strip connecting the iPad screen to the tablet’s motherboard, for example. 

Speaking of the connecting strip, if it breaks, you’ll need a new screen as well. It’s not as simple as replacing the wires and strip with a new one. 

Damage From Water

Water can also damage your screen. This is one of the worst problems for an iPad simply because you might not notice the issue quickly. The water could seep in and cause damage long before you notice visible signs.

For example, water could ruin the digitizer or the underlying pixels. This can cause screen burning, dead pixels, or washed-out colors. Water can also damage the strip connecting the screen to the tablet’s motherboard.

Issue With Apple’s Warranty

Take a moment to go over your iPad’s warranty. There is a big issue with the sections regarding the warranty for water damages. It all falls back regarding your iPad’s Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI).

The LCI should appear normal even after exposure to rain. If it dropped in the toilet bowl, sink, or a bucket of water, newer iPads should still function. The screen should still work and the ports won’t break.

However, if the LCI appears red, the tablet needs repairs. Unfortunately, you won’t find a lot of iPad screen repair tips when it comes to water damage. You’ll need a kit to replace the screen or bring it to a professional repair shop.

DIY or Professional iPad Screen Repairs

Should you try to fix your iPad by yourself or bring it to an iPad screen repair shop? The better choice is to bring it to a professional. A shop, like ours, has the tools needed to get the job done right.

Do you need iPad screen repair explained more in-depth? Are you looking for more tips to keep your iPad in good shape? A repair shop can provide all the answers you need and more.

Keep in mind that a professional also has the experience, knowledge, and skills to fix your iPad screen without hiccups. Experts also know where to order new parts and how to identify the root cause of your iPad’s damages.

Hire Professional iPad Screen Repair Services Today

Now you know what requires iPad screen repairs and why you should call on an expert to handle fixes for you. Your iPad screen can break for several reasons and you shouldn’t handle the repairs by yourself. You could end up damaging the iPad even further instead of fixing it!

Fortunately, you don’t need to search high and low for a professional repair shop. We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to check out our iPad repair services today for all your repair and maintenance needs!

5 Reasons Using Your iPad for Productivity Is a Great Idea

Our lives revolve around the use of technology, from robotic hoovers that clean our houses to iPhones that record our every movement on their camera. Did you know that using the internet can alter areas of cognition and make it difficult to recall certain memories? To say that technology is changing our world would be an understatement. Most of the world runs on technology nowadays. That being said, what if advancements in technology could help us improve our mental capacity? For instance, have you ever considered using an iPad for productivity? 

Most people own an Apple product; they are everywhere! But, what if these beautiful devices could offer you the solution for having more productive workdays and less stressed evenings worrying about to-lists…

If you need to boost your focusing skills, you should try using an iPad! 

Choose an iPad for Productivity

To get the most out of technology, you need to use online tools to your advantage. For example, there are many ways that iPad features can make your life easier and more organized. 

Let’s take a look at the different ways in which using an iPad for work is a great idea…

1) Add a Keyboard

iPads are associated with portable, fashionable devices that allow you to watch Netflix on an airplane or take photos on holiday. Yet, some people do not realize how efficient they are for business purposes. 

If you buy a keyboard to go along with your iPad, you will not need to worry about missing a deadline when traveling! 

In the age of remote work and digital nomad culture, this can be a blessing to those who need to work from anywhere. 

The only thing to look out for is size; a smaller keyboard design is the best choice for iPad work. 

2) Edit and View Documents

We all know the feeling when you have a mountain of paperwork to look through over the weekend, but you also have personal commitments, which make it difficult to complete work simultaneously. 

However, iPads provide you with the right tools to view and edit documents on the go. That way, you can achieve that perfect work-life balance that we all are chasing in our daily lives. 

You can use apps like SlideShark to store your documents, or the existing software Pages on iPads is also ideal for this! 

3) Remote Working Benefits

Traditionally, going to work involved commuting on either public transport or driving there and back every day. The working model included employees sitting in an office Monday-Friday and having weekends off. 

Now, we live in a world where remote working has become the norm. Since the global pandemic, more businesses are looking to employ people for remote positions to work from home with a laptop.

iPad Pros are very high quality which means that it operates with the same fast, efficient processing as PCs and has powerful battery life. Therefore, you do not need to worry about running out of charge at a coffee shop!

If you want the best iPad for work, then you definitely need to get an iPad Pro. 

4) Stay Up to Date

Not everyone likes to read the news on their phones because it can be hard to read mass amounts of text on a tiny screen. 

That is why the iPad is a perfect compromise between a phone and a laptop! 

The iPad gives you a bigger screen to read the news on, and it allows you to read as many articles as you want. If you want to jump to another, all you need to do is open a new tab. 

Being able to stay informed about world events is good for your productivity, as it can provide a moment away from work to relax. 

5) Conference Calls

If you work mostly online, you will be used to constant conference calls with your colleagues. It is a crucial part of remote working, but it can be a hassle organizing your day around several online meetings. 

Before iPads were created, you were tied down to a webcam on your PC, which meant you had to be at home and connected to your Wi-Fi. 

With the invention of the iPad, you no longer need to schedule your day around conference calls. You can take your iPad with you and take a call in your car or a quiet area outside. 

This means you have more freedom to do errands that need to be done or go on a quick outing before getting back to work. 

Productivity is not just about work. It is about balancing your personal life with your job. 

You can use an iPad for productivity, and it also you more flexibility to focus on different parts of your to-do list. 

Therefore, iPads are made for the modern, working person who needs to be able to check in on work as well as care for their family. 

What Happens if Your iPad breaks?

Even though iPads can be wonderful for our productivity, they can also break just like any other piece of technology. 

Thankfully, Fruit Fixed offers repair services for all the models of iPads, so you can be assured that if you run into any problems with your iPad, they can sort it for you! 

What sort of repairs do they offer? 

You can have a screen fixed or repairs of internal components. They also provide other services if you require them.

The people working at Fruit Fixed have their customers at the heart of their business, and they know just how much you rely on iPads for your everyday lives. 

Therefore, it is good to have somewhere you can go where you can trust that the job will get done! 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

There is a lot of speculation around the use of iPads and if they affect our attention spans, which is a valid argument against using them for work. 

However, when you use technology for the right reasons to improve your life, make work easier, and bring you closer to your goals, then there is definitely a use for them in our lives. 

If you choose wisely and use an iPad for productivity instead of procrastination, you will realize that they have the powers to help us! 

And, even if they fail you for a moment, you have the team at Fruit Fixed who will save the day. 

They are ready to help you!

What to Do With a Cracked iPad Screen? An iPad Screen Repair Guide

iPads are prone to scratches, denting, and sadly cracks. If your iPad screen is cracked, it likely needs to be repaired. Now, you’re probably wondering, “how can I get it fixed?” Don’t worry with this guide; we go over what to do when your iPad screen is cracked. From using your extended warranty to accessing the damage, you can learn the steps to take next. Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at iPad screen repair:

Do You Have AppleCare+? 

First thing first, do you have AppleCare+? Because if you do, then you may be in luck. One of the best features of the extended warranty is that it includes accidental damage like scratches and even a cracked screen. 

For an affordable service price of only $49, you can get the screen replaced. Not to mention if the touch ID no longer works due to the crack, you can get a second replacement that’s completely free.  

All you have to do is set up an appointment at your closest Apple store or mail in your iPad to Apple, and you’ll be good to go. 

Assessing the Damage of Your iPad Screen Repair

However, if you don’t have an extended warranty, don’t fret; there are other ways to fix your iPad’s cracked screen. But to determine the best to fix your iPad, you first need to assess the damage. 

If it’s a Small Crack 

Does your iPad have only a small crack? Is it thin and almost goes unnoticed? Well, then you have a plethora of options at your disposal. First, you can choose to ignore it. 

After all, tiny cracks typically won’t affect what you can or cannot do on your iPad. You may just have to be conscious of where you swipe with your finger. 

However, if you think the crack is spreading, don’t wait; take it to a repair shop. There a technician can repair the crack or replace the screen altogether. 

While most repair shops will suggest adding a better case or screen protector, thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from these days. 

If you use your iPad for work, perhaps purchase an OtterBox case along with a screen protector. That way, the screen will be protected from further cracks, scratches, and other bumps. 

Another option would be if you dislike the crack on the screen so much you can always sell your iPad. Selling your iPad is a good choice at this stage. 

After all, if the crack gets bigger, people may not want it or be willing to pay much for it. Thus, it’s better to sell your iPad when it has only a few cracks. 

However, keep in mind, since it’s used and does have a crack, you probably won’t receive the retail price, although you’ll get at least some money for the item. With that money, you can save up to purchase a newer and improved iPad.

If it’s a Large Crack 

Now, is your iPad screen shattered or at least has a large crack that travels from the top to the bottom of the screen? If so, you have limited options. 

First things first, take your iPad to a repair shop. The technician will look over it and determine if the whole screen needs to be replaced or if there is something that can be done to salvage the remaining screen. 

Just understand it won’t be cheap. It can cost anywhere from $100 to close to $500 to repair a cracked screen depending on the year and model of your iPad. However, once it’s replaced, it will be good as new.  

Another option you can choose, although you may not like it, is to downsize your iPad. This works only if you have a larger iPad with a 9.7 inch or a 12.9-inch screen. 

Now, if you don’t care that much about size, this might be the option for you. Since it will cost less to purchase a smaller iPad than it will to repair your cracked one, you might as well purchase a brand new iPad. After all, the larger the iPad is, the more expensive it will be to repair. 

So if you’re tight on money, downsizing your iPad may be the best choice for you. Now, you can try selling it; however, due to the extensive crack, you’ll unlikely get many interested buyers unless you’re willing to break it up and sell it for parts. However, if you like your current iPad and want to keep it for its features or dislike the idea of transferring all your data onto a new iPad, then your best bet is to go to a repair shop. 

Get Your iPad Screen Repaired Today 

Does your iPad screen need to be repaired? Don’t worry; there are plenty of options to choose from to get it fixed. First, see if you have AppleCare+; if you do, you can get your crack screen replaced for only $50. 

However, if you don’t have an extended warranty, take your iPad to a repair shop. Here at FruitFix, we will help you through every turn of the repair process. 

With our knowledgeable technicians, we will repair your phone, tablet, computer, or game console within the proposed timeline. With affordable prices and the best customer service, you can expect FruitFix to be trustworthy and reliable.   

So what are you waiting for? Repair your iPad today!

Now, for more information about iPad screen repair, contact us today. We look forward to helping you! 

Top 5 Ways to Fix an iPad

Did you know that iPad sales account for approximately 9.5% of Apple’s global revenue? Since the release of the first iPad model in 2010, Apple has gone on to sell tens of millions of iPads each year. Whether used for work or leisure, hundreds of millions of people all over the world have become attracted to the portability and versatility of iPads. However, like any tech products, iPads can experience bugs or hardware issues. Perhaps you need to fix an iPad and are looking for the right way to do it.

That will depend on what exact problem you’re having, but one of these five solutions may help.

1. Restart Your iPad

If you are experiencing an internal issue such as network connectivity problems or apps not responding, then one of the easiest first steps you can take to fix an iPad is simply restarting it. Once you do so, the iOS’s power cycle will be refreshed, which may likely solve the problem.

All you have to do is press the power button at the top of your iPad. From there, you will see a “slide to power off” signal on your screen, which you should swipe to the right. This will shut your device down, after which you should wait a few seconds before powering back up again.

However, there may be times in which your device is too frozen to respond to a command to power off. In such cases, you should hold the iPad’s power button and home button at the same time for about ten to fifteen seconds. This should make your screen go black, then boot back up again, restarting your device no matter what.

2. Reset Your Network

There might be a chance that your iPad is having difficulty connecting to the internet or is having trouble sending and receiving messages. In this particular case, the problem might not be with the iPad at all but with your home’s internet connection. Try unplugging your router, waiting a minute, and then plugging it back in before trying again.

If you have already done this and are still experiencing the same issue, try resetting your network settings. Go to your iPad’s “Settings,” and from there, go to the area marked “General.” You should see and select an option marked “Reset Network Settings,” which should also restart your device, fixing the problem.

3. Erase Your iPad

If you know that certain software is preventing your iPad from running altogether, then one option you can take is to erase all content and settings on your iPad. This will revert your iPad’s data to its original state, as when you first purchased it. Be forewarned, all storage on the iPad will be lost if you choose this option, so be sure the iPad is backed up before trying this.

Go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Reset,” where you should see an option labeled “Erase All Content and Settings.” This should restart your device, and once it powers back on again, it should be wiped of all data and hopefully the problem itself.

4. Enter “Recovery Mode”

Of course, the problem with your iPad could be more dire, perhaps leaving you with a black screen you are unable to navigate out of. If so, then it’s possible that none of the previous iPad fix methods will solve your problem. In this case, you will need to put your iPad in “Recovery Mode.”

Putting your iPad in Recovery Mode can vary depending on which model of iPad you own, so be sure to use the correct method.

You will then have to launch iTunes on another device, connecting your iPad to this device with a USB cable. iTunes should recognize that your iPad has been connected, as well as acknowledge that it is in Recovery Mode. A popup alert should allow you the option to restore your iPad, which you can then select.

5. Fix An iPad Screen

Sometimes, the problem with an iPad is not inside it at all! Very often, a simple accident can result in a cracked iPad screen, which can look bad and leave your iPad vulnerable to further damage. As it turns out, the screen can be fixed, though you might be wondering, “How much is it to get an iPad screen fixed?”

Luckily, there are several skilled experts who can easily repair your iPad’s screen for cheap! All it takes is a quick, in-person visit to assess the damage and drop off your device, and from there, you will have a brand new screen in no time. They can even fix the screens of iPhones, Microsoft tablets, and all manner of other devices as well!

Leave The Fixing To The Pros!

Perhaps you feel like you have tried all the ways to fix an iPad, yet you are still not seeing a solution to your problem. If so, there is still no need to worry! Just because you can’t fix a tech problem on your own doesn’t mean the problem isn’t fixable!

At Fruit Fixed, we understand how important your devices can be to your daily life, and our team of technicians is dedicated to doing all they can to fix whatever issue you might be having. For ten years, we have saved electronics owners from having to bite the cost of purchasing new devices time and time again. Contact us or visit one of our locations to find out how we can fix your iPad today!

iPad Screen Repair Costs and Benefits

Is your iPad in desperate need of a screen repair? Do you fear that your iPad could break if it’s dropped again? If so, then you need to schedule iPad screen repair through a trusted service.

Doing so will help ensure that your iPad is protected from harm. It can help guard your iPad against things such as the occasional wear and tear, as well as a significant drop. 

Not sure how to go about getting an iPad screen repair? If so, then be sure to see below for an in-depth guide on the costs of iPad screen repair, the benefits of it, and so much more.

How Much Does iPad Screen Repair Cost?

Does your iPad screen have a few too many cracks in it? Are you looking into a screen repair company, but unsure of whether it’s in your budget

You’re not alone. There are some iPad repair services out there that will charge you a significant amount to get your iPad screen fixed. Those same services provide suspect repair services, so you never quite know what you’re going to get.

The name of the game is knowing the price ranges you should be looking for. There are many different tiers of pricing for an iPad screen repair, depending on the severity of the damage and how much needs to be fixed. 

For those of you that already had a coverage plan (such as AppleCare+ or carrier insurance), then your iPad screen repair should be covered. That said, there will be a small fee of $49 to get your screen repaired. If you’re going to ship it to be fixed, then there’s a shipping fee of $7. 

For those of you who are already past your Apple 1-year warranty, you’ll want another option. Going through a third-party iPad repair service, such as Fruit Fixed, is a great option. Be sure to reach out to us for a quote, and we’ll be happy to provide you with an in-depth description of what our iPad screen repair service entails.

How to Get a Repair

Getting an iPad screen repair should be about catering to your needs as a client. What would you prefer? To bring it into the store to be repaired or have it delivered to a service who can fix it, then send it back? Either way, Fruit Fixed has you covered!

We take great pride in providing repair services for smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, Apple watches, and so much more. See below for a few steps on how to get a quote for an iPad screen repair through Fruit Fixed.

1. Choose Your Brand

While our name might be Fruit Fixed, we aren’t partial to only servicing Apple products. For that reason, you will need to specify which brand of tablet that you own.

We offer services on both iPad and Microsoft devices, so it’s as easy as going to our site menu, clicking on “Repair”, then clicking on “iPad/Tablet”. Once the page pops up, click on either “iPad” or “Microsoft”. 

If you have a tablet under a different brand, then be sure to call us directly. We will let you know whether or not we offer tablet screen repair for that specific brand.

2. Choose Your Device

Once you’ve chosen your brand, we’ll list all of the devices that we service within that brand. For iPad products, we have the ability to fix any generation. That includes iPad devices such as:

  • iPad Air 4
  • iPad 8 (2020)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 4
  • iPad Pro 11 Gen 2
  • iPad 7
  • iPad air 3
  • iPad Mini 5
  • iPad Pro 11 Gen 1 & so on

We also offer services on older models, such as the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, and iPad Minis. For Microsoft, we can repair the screen of any Microsoft Surface product, whether it be the Surface 2, Surface Pro 5, or dating all the way back to the original Surface Pro.

3. Choose Your Service

After you specify the brand and device that you need to be repaired, you’ll help us get a better feeling for the service that you need us to help you with. 

On our site, we’ve listed such services as screen repair, internal repairs, or “other”. In this case, you would choose “screen repair”. 

After clicking on the service that you need, you’ll be instantly provided with a quote on that service. So, for example, let’s say you needed to get a screen repair for an iPad Air 4. the estimated cost is around $398. After seeing the price, you can immediately call us at 804-698-0004 to schedule a service time.

The Benefits

For some of you, you might be wondering what the benefits would be to receiving a professional iPad screen repair. The main thing is getting a higher return on your investment.

By receiving a professional iPad screen repair, you can have more peace of mind. You’ll know that the new screen was installed with precision and care.

Going through a third-party repair company, such as Fruit Fixed, will help you lengthen the lifespan of your device. Whether it’s screen repair, internal repair, or otherwise, we’ll be happy to help you out!

Invest in Professional iPad Screen Repair with Fruit Fixed

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide highlighting the benefits, costs, and steps of getting a professional iPad screen repair, be sure to use this to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how to prevent a cracked iPad screen from spreading, once the initial crack has occurred.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out to us via phone at 804-698-0004 and we will be happy to assist you further.