Alexa, Are You Okay? How to Fix Common Echo Problems

“Hey Alexa, play me a song from the 60s.” The Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant that can do so many things for you. It can play music. You can adjust your smart lights, turn them off, and control smart devices. You can find the same features on the Amazon echo. You can also ask for the latest news, play any song, and listen to audiobooks as well as stories on the Alexa or Echo. It’s the best virtual assistant for almost anything you need or any question you have about life. But sometimes you have echo problems.

It doesn’t play the song you want. You can’t get it to respond to your requests. It’s becoming a problem. 

So, how you do troubleshoot these problems instead of heading over to the repair shop? Here’s a guide that can offer some troubleshooting solutions. 

What Does the Echo Light Indicate? 

If there is a problem with your Echo, it usually has a light indicator that is trying to tell you something. 

The spinning violet light means your Wi-Fi is not properly connected. If it’s not connected, it’s the reason you can’t listen to songs or hear anything that requires the internet. 

If you see a spinning blue light that ends with a purple flash on your Echo Dot, it means it’s in Do Not Disturb mode. That means you can try to activate it, but it won’t respond to you unless you turn off that mode.

It doesn’t mean your Echo Dot is broken, you just need to switch the settings. 

If you see a flash of purple while you try to speak to the Dot, it still means it’s in Do Not Disturb mode. 

If you see a solid red line around the Echo Dot, it means it’s in silent mode or the microphone has been turned off. Essentially, you can try to talk to it, but it ignores everything you say until you turn off that light. You can do that by pressing a button on the Echo Dot. 

Another light you should be aware of is the continuously spinning white light. It means it’s in away mode. 

Finally, if you see a spinning orange light, it means the Dot is trying to connect to the Wi-Fi. You may see this light if your power was recently out or your Wi-Fi was disconnected for a brief moment. 

Overall, none of these lights mean your Dot is broken. You should, however, be aware of what they do and what is happening to your Dot. 

Can’t Find Smart Home Devices

You may have smart lights, a smart TV, and other smart devices that are connected with your Echo Dot. 

But if your Echo Dot stops working, so do the smart devices, which can be incredibly frustrating. If it does stop working, you can check your Dot or Alexa app on your phone to ensure it is working. 

You may have to reconnect the smart device to your Dot app on your phone. In that case, you should search for smart devices through the Dot app until you see it and it reconnects. 

You can also try unplugging and plugging in the Dot to ensure it’s working again. That also helps with connectivity issues.

The Echo Dot Doesn’t Understand What I’m Saying

A more frustrating problem is when the Echo Dot doesn’t understand what you’re saying. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that” is the common phrase spoken by the Dot or Alexa when they can’t understand you. 

If you have this problem a lot, it could be that your Alexa is positioned in a noisy room. If you are trying to say something and the dishwasher or some other noise is happening, it could be confusing to the Echo Dot. 

One way to fix this is to use the Voice Training tool that trains Alexa to hear the sounds of your distinct voice. You go through various word exercises so Alexa understands your voice distinctly. 

You Can’t Stream With Spotify

If you really enjoy listening to music on your Echo Dot but suddenly it stops working with Spotify, don’t be alarmed. There’s a way to fix this problem. 

You can start by rebooting the Echo Dot, which can fix the connectivity issues. 

Another troubleshooting solution to try is to sign out of Spotify and sign in again. You should also try unlinking, and then linking again Spotify on your Echo Dot app

The Sound Is Too Loud

The Echo Dot may have pre-settings that make the timers and other sounds go off extremely loud. 

You can quickly fix this by going inside the Echo Dot app and setting the volume control for timers and alarms. 

Overall, any of these problems mentioned in this article can be fixed by fixing the connectivity issues or understanding the features of your Echo Dot. The more you become familiar with it, the more you realize it’s not broken, it just needs some troubleshooting. 

However, if your Alexa or Echo Dot is broken and you can’t fix it, you can visit our website, check out our story, and see how we repair Echo Dots and other forms of technology. 

Why It’s Important to Resolve Echo Problems

It’s important to understand Echo Dot problems and how to fix them so you don’t have to take a trip to the repair shop and realize it’s not actually broken. That’s why it’s important to understand all the features of your Dot. 

However, there are instances where your Dot does break for various reasons. You may have troubleshot everything and it still doesn’t work. In that case, you should see a repair shop. 

We can offer assistance with your Alexa or Dot. Contact us here with any questions.