How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard: The 5 Best Tricks

Your laptop and computer go through a lot of wear and tear. As you use them for several hours during the day, they are bound to get covered in dirt, crumbs, and germs.

Perhaps no piece of the computer is more susceptible to that than your keyboard. It gets different things lodged into the keys, is covered in germs, and gets the oil from your fingers on its surface.

To have the keyboard work optimally, you need to take a few minutes to clean it from time to time. Here’s how to clean computer keyboard for those of you that don’t know the trick.

1. Use a Compressed Air Duster

As previously mentioned, several different items can become lodged in the cracks of your keyboard. 

Not to mention that dust can gather on the surface of your keyboard and slowly work its way inside to your harddrive. In fact, a build-up of dust in your computer can cause it to dysfunction, as well as shut down entirely.

For that reason, you must purchase a compressed air duster and use it on your keyboard at least once a week. Be sure to go through each row of your keyboard to ensure that the dust doesn’t build up in one specific spot.

Also, make sure to spray it at an angle. If you spray the dust from directly above, then it will force the dust down into the sides of your keys, having a negative effect.

2. Grab a Microfiber Cloth

Next, you’ll want to wipe down the surface of your keyboard and ensure that it’s clean as can be. 

Without properly cleaning your keyboard every so often, you’re encouraging the spread of germs. Within only a few hours, thousands of germs can spread across your keyboard.

Those germs get there in various ways. They land on your keyboard when you cough, sneeze after you’ve touched food, typing after you’ve touched other dirty surfaces, and so on.

For that reason, make sure to purchase a microfiber cloth that you can keep at your desk.

Start by running the microfiber cloth under running water. Make sure it’s damp, but not too overly wet. If you have a flat keyboard with keys that are barely raised (such as most laptops) then you can simply wipe the surface down in one fell swoop.

For keyboards that have thicker keys, you’ll want to take a bit more time to clean it thoroughly. Start by wiping down the top of the surface, but then make sure to wipe down in between the different rows of keys as well.

3. Turn It Upside Down

No matter how often you clean your keyboard, there are bound to be a few things that get lodged in between the keys and the surface. However, you’ll want to do your utmost to get the gunk out of there before it falls into your computer.

First, start by turning off your computer or laptop. If applicable, disconnect the keyboard and turn it face down on a flat surface. Pick the keyboard up with one hand and lightly tap the back of the keyboard to jostle any gunk loose.

Make sure to have a piece of paper or a paper towel underneath to catch all of the gunk and make it easy to dispose of.

If the keyboard is too large for you to grab with one hand, then set one side of the keyboard on the table. Make sure to pat throughout the keyboard to ensure all of the junk lodged between your keys comes undone.

4. Use a Brush

So far you’ve tried the compressed air duster and patting the back of the keyboard, but there are still a few things that are lodged in between your keys.

If so, then you’ll want to invest in a keyboard brush to get it out. The bristles of the brush can reach in between the gaps of the keys and flick all of the build-ups away from your laptop’s hard drive.

Take the brush and run it through each crevice on your keyboard. Make sure to always brush in one direction. If you continue to brush back and forth in one specific spot, it will jam the gunk further into the gaps.

If you feel that your computer is suffering from dust and gunk that has fallen into it, be sure to reach out to a trusted repair shop for further assistance.

5. Disinfecting Wipes

Last, but certainly not least, you need to ensure that your keyboard is rid of all germs and protected from germs in the future. 

While your microfiber cloth is the “frontline” for getting rid of germs on your keyboard, you might consider disinfecting wipes to be the “preventative backup”. 

Turn off your computer or laptop and brush the keyboard with a disinfecting wipe while using a slight amount of pressure.

If you feel like the wipe is too soaked with cleaning solution, ring it out once or twice before applying it to the surface of your keyboard. After you’ve gone all the way through, take the microfiber cloth to it one last time.

How to Clean Computer Keyboard: Invest in the Right Tools

As you can see, the right method for how to clean computer keyboard is easy and time-efficient as long as you have the right cleaning supplies for the job.

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