Dropped your phone and cracked its screen?

We feel for you! Damaging your expensive smartphone in this way (and suffering the practical and financial consequences that occur thereafter) is never fun.

However, you’re definitely not the only one to have done it. Indeed, 50 million smartphone screens get smashed every year in the US, costing $3.4 billion in repairs and replacements.

Not everybody gets their cracked phone screen repaired though! Some people choose to keep it as-is, putting up with the functional and aesthetic fallout instead. But is it safe to use a phone with a cracked screen?

The answer: not really! A cracked cellphone screen can actually cause a wide array of problems. Everything from the phone’s usability to your physical wellbeing can be negatively affected.

Want to learn more about the dangers of using a phone with a cracked screen? Keep reading!

Potential Glass Splinters

Whether you’ve got an Android or an Apple, bad cracks on your phone screen aren’t just painful to look at.

They can cause actual physical pain as well!

After all, cracking your screen often causes tiny shards of glass to be dislodged and upended. Continue to use the phone as normal and you’ll get them in your fingers.

Thankfully, those splinters are often so minuscule that you won’t even notice them. But larger pieces could cause significant discomfort from cuts, slices, and scratches.

There’s a slight risk of getting those shards of glass into your eyes as well. It would be as easy as using your broken phone and then rubbing your eyes through tiredness. Before you knew it, you’d have little bits of glass running amuck in there.

Eye Strain and Accidents

Cracked screens make it far harder to see what’s on your phone.

For example, any messages you try to read are obstructed, with jagged lines obscuring the letters and words. The same is true of any videos you’re watching, memes you’re trying to see, and searches you’re doing online.

The result? You’ve got to strain your eyes far more than you would normally. Using a smartphone is bad for your eyes anyway. The last thing you want is for any extra strain to make matters worse! Among other things, your vision may suffer and headaches might develop.

There’s a practical issue to consider as well.

Imagine using Google Maps for directions in the car. It goes without saying that you need to see where you’re headed! Any struggle could lead to serious accidents occurring.

Deteriorating Functionality

Cracking your phone screen is a bit like breaking a bone.

It’s painful, traumatic, and only going to get worse before it gets better! Except, in all honesty, it really isn’t going to get any better. Wish it all you want- the phone won’t fix itself.

In reality, you can actually expect the damage to your mobile to worsen with continued use.

The initial crack’s bad enough. It compromises the touch screen capabilities we’ve all come to know and love! You’ll find it harder to see, touch, and use certain areas of the phone. For example, accessing apps can become a nightmare, as can tapping out emails and messages.

Yet all those cracks on the screen allow various substances to permeate the phone as well. The oil on your fingers, moisture in the air, and dust in your room can all get inside and cause additional damage. As such, what starts as a quick and easy fix turns into something more serious.

Keep using your phone and it may stop working altogether!

Newfound Fragility

The functionality of your phone won’t be the only thing that gets worse either.

It’s more than likely that the cracks on the screen will as well. What starts as a minor issue can soon develop into something far more significant.

The screen becomes so fragile that, sometimes, all it takes is a slight nudge, slip, or bout of heavy-handedness to shatter it into smithereens! All of the safety issues we’ve discussed so far become more troublesome in the process.

Of course, your cracked screen might not shatter so dramatically. It might even withstand a good dose of rough treatment in spite of its current cracks. Nevertheless, through time and use those cracks will degrade ever further until the entire phone becomes unworkable.

Sending it away for repairs as soon as they occur is the best way to stop that happening.

Rising Nomophobia

Never heard of nomophobia?

We’re not surprised. Unlike arachnophobia (spiders) or acrophobia (heights), it’s hardly one of the most common phobias out there.

Nope, nomophobia’s the fear of not having your mobile phone available. Want a handy way to remember it? Try ‘no-more-phone-yaarggh’! That’s right. In today’s world, the fear of being without your mobile is a legitimate (and growing) phenomenon.

Which sort of makes sense…

After all, mobiles are all about staying connected. You have easy access to your friends, family, maps, information, social media, and so on. Everything you could ever want is on your phone, which makes the thought of going without it a little scary.  

For someone who’s just cracked their phone screen, there’s a very real chance that such a nightmare will become a reality. As we’ve seen, the phone could become inoperable if you fail to get it fixed. Want to avoid nomophobia? Get a new phone screen ASAP!

Is It Safe to Use a Phone With a Cracked Screen? Now You Know!

All told, then, is it safe to use a phone with a cracked screen? Hopefully, this post has demonstrated why the answer to that question’s a resounding no!

There’s nothing more gut-wrenching than looking down at a freshly cracked phone screen. As we’ve seen, though, getting the screen repaired ASAP can save you a lot of hassle down the line.

Do you need to get your phone screen fixed? Want a professional to do the job? Click here to get started and have your phone back up and running in no time.

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