Are you have trouble sending text messages on your iPhone?

There’s nothing more frustrating than sending a text message to someone you know, then have a conversation with them later and ask them, “did you get my text?” Their response? “No.” 

Talk about frustrating.

There are many reasons why your iPhone may not be sending messages. Before getting wrapped up on the phone with your carriers customer service hotline, look into these 5 common reasons for your iPhone not sending texts.

Things You Need To Know About Your iPhone Messaging

Your iPhone uses two different methods when it comes to sending messages. The first method is iMessage, which is Apple’s own messaging service that is sent using the internet using your carriers mobile data. 

Messages between iPhones will send this way, and you’ll know when your messages are sent and received in blue bubbles.

The other way to send messages is via SMS or  Short Messaging Service. This is the standard way to send text messages and is usually supported by all cell phone carriers.

So without further ado, let’s get into the reasons why your messaging is working.

1. No Service

One of the most common reasons why your phone isn’t sending messages is there may be no signal or service. 

Make sure you check the top left on your iPhone screen and see how many bars you have. If there are no bars, you may not have any service. If this happens, you may have to relocate to receive a better signal or wait until you get service again.

When you are are in a high traffic area like a busy mall or a big event with lots of people, the bandwidth from your carrier might be congested and weakens your service signal.

Bottom line, check your signal bars, and you might get your answer to why your texts aren’t sending. Once service is restored, the messages that you sent will automatically send.

2. Your Network Settings are Misconfigured

Sometimes you may not be paying attention, and you may click something in the network settings that shouldn’t be clicked.

Check to make sure you’re not in Airplane mode. Airplane mode will kill all wireless network connections – Bluetooth, mobile data, calling, and text messaging. 

If you’re not in airplane mode, go to settings and click on the messages tab. Make sure iMessage is set to ‘ON’, and ‘Send as SMS’ is also set to on. If these two actions are clicked off, your messages won’t send even if you have a good cellular connection.

3. Check the Number

If you’re sending a text message and they aren’t going through, check to make sure that the number you are sending to is the correct number. This is especially important if you haven’t messaged someone in a long time. 

The recipient may have changed their number or possibly have blocked your number. The best way to troubleshoot this is by texting someone you know who will respond. If they do respond, then you know that you’re messaging is working correctly, but not with the intended recipient.

In some cases, the carrier of your recipient may be having problems with their network or messaging platform.

4. Your iPhone May be Glitching

Let’s face it, technology isn’t perfect, and that goes for your iPhone too. There may be a bug that causing the problem with your messages, not sending. If you download a lot of third-party apps, there’s a possibility it may contain malware or spyware that can mess with your phone’s system. 

If you suspect that a third-party app is causing the problem, first try restarting your phone. Start by turning your phone off. Wait 20 seconds, then turn it back on and try sending a text.

You can also find apps that are designed to find any type of malware and spyware and have them removed from your phone.

5. Carrier Settings or iOS Needs to Be Updated

There are settings on your iPhone that help you communicate with a network to make calls, transfer data, and send messages. Wireless carriers may update the settings, and you’ll need to follow suit. Make sure you check with your carrier to see if there are any updates to the carrier settings.

Also, always make sure that your iPhone has the latest iOS update. Check this by going to ‘Settings’ click ‘General’ and check ‘Software Update.’ Making sure these two things are correct may solve your iPhone messaging problems.

iPhone not sending texts and You’ve Tried Everything

iPhone not sending Texts? There is one last resort you can do to resolve the problem possibly. If you’ve checked the 5 tips above and you’re messaging is still not going through, its time to reset your network settings configurations.

Resetting your network settings will get your phone back to its original network settings when you first bought the phone. 

Start by navigating through ‘Settings and click on the ‘General’ Tab. Click ‘Reset’ then click on ‘Reset Network Settings.’

Still No Luck? Time to Contact a Professional

if you’ve gone through the five steps, and have done a network reset are still having problems with the iPhone not sending texts, there could be a hardware issue or problems with your iOS software. 

Luckily there are professional repair services that can help you with your problems. Our technicians are skilled to tackle most problems with your device and get you back to connectivity.

Feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you with your problems in the fastest and most affordable way.

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