On average, one in every five mobile phone users holds onto their smartphones for at least 2.5 years. This recent research by Deloitte on media and telecommunication suggests that people are holding to their mobile phone gadgets for longer.  

This is evident as the available options when it comes to repairs and accessories increase. However, holding on to a phone for longer also means that the extent of personal information stored on such gadgets increases with time.

A virus attack is the last thing you would anticipate. Nonetheless, a phone virus is a common threat to smartphone users, given the growing risk of online vulnerabilities. But what are some of the common phone virus warning signs?  

1. Pop-ups

The total digital ad spending in the U.S. hit a staggering $57.9 billion last year. Mobile ads take up the lion’s share of this budget with at least 60% of the total. The need to push ads has been the reason for the rise in the number of pop-ups on your mobile phones.

While some pop-ups are legitimate, most pop-ups on your mobile are a result of phone viruses. It might mean that your smartphone has adware if you’ve noted overbearing adverts on your phone lately. Such adware can infect your phone with malicious codes, which pose a threat to your personal information.

What adware does is to create ads with links to specific web pages or apps. These ads can cause adverse security breaches on your phone. 

Never click on any link attached to a pop-up. This adware can have adverse effects on the safety of any data on your mobile phone. If you notice an unexplainable surge in the number of pop-ups on your phone, you should seek immediate help.

2. Draining Battery 

If you are wondering how to detect phone virus signs, you should pay attention to your phone’s battery performance. The top 20% of smartphone users spend upwards of four and a half hours on their phones. With such usage, it might be hard to keep track of your battery usage regularly.

If all factors remain constant, your battery should drain systematically for at least 7 hours. Even then, you should be able to undertake typical functionalities such as making calls, texting, or basic surfing through the internet with ease. If you realize that your battery is draining faster than usual lately, it might be a malware attack. 

Your battery runs faster when your phone is under attack from malware. This malware often leaves your device struggling with excessive exhaustion.

Poor battery life might also be an indicator that you’re using a buggy or poorly written app. Most times, however, the unusual discharge of your battery might be because of a phone virus. 

3. Excess Data Consumption 

The average cost of 1 GB data in the United States averages around $ 12.37. Compared to most other countries, this charge is somewhat expensive. Any additional unusual data consumption can cause a massive dent in your pocket.  

If you’ve been noticing a strange increase in your average data consumption and the resultant cost of data, you could be staring at a virus attack. Most malicious applications spend much data sending and receiving information to malicious sources.

Luckily you can keep track of the apps that consume most of your data. If you notice a strange depletion of your phone’s data, then it might be time to uninstall such apps. If you aren’t careful, you might incur a lot of money due to frequent depletion.

4. Crashing Apps

Do you ever experience sudden application crashes when using your phone? Such instances may be an indicator of a more serious internal issue, which might require expert intervention. However, viruses cause most of such cases of sudden app crashes.

Viruses tend to tamper with your phone’s regular operations. Such interruptions often lead to recurrent app-related crashes, which affect your phone’s optimal performance. It might help to consult our team of highly qualified smartphone repair experts in such cases. 

Consulting a professional can help you identify the best android anti-virus programs that best suit your phone. This is possible once the experts run a diagnostic test on the gadget and conduct the necessary cleanup processes.  

5. New Applications

Does your phone have apps you never installed? One of the most common indicators of an apparent virus attack is the presence of apps you never downloaded on your phone. It would help to keep checking your phone for any strange apps you don’t ever remember installing. 

Such apps might be spyware. Malicious entities use illegal means such as fake clicks to entice online users into the trap. Once these apps end up on your phone, they spy for any personal but valuable information for malicious ends.

If you’ve noticed one or two new, yet strange applications, this could be one of the many phone virus warning signs. You might need to consult our team of seasoned techies to fix your android products with guaranteed outcomes.

6. If Your Phone Has Been Sending Strange Texts

Most times, Malware attacks manifest through the constant sending of spam texts to random numbers on your phone. Such instances can lead to virus infections in your contact’s phones if they open such texts. 

If you’re wondering how to detect a phone virus on your phone, you need to pay attention to any strange texts sent to premium numbers. You can do this by keeping track of your text messages charges. Any extra costs might be an indicator of a phone virus. 

7. Poor Performance 

Smartphones are generally fast. The speed with which your phone responds to commands might be subject to many factors. Key among these factors is the invasion of viruses. 

If your phone is under a virus attack, this might have a significant implication on performance. Slow loading speeds could confirm that you have a virus on your phone.  

Before you consider counting your losses and buying a new phone, it would help to consult phone repair professionals on the extent of damage on the phone. Trojan horses are the most notorious viruses for causing performance interference on android phones. 

You No Longer Have to Worry About Phone Virus 

Your phone accesses scores of unverified websites, opens suspicious emails, and receives thousands of texts annually, which could increase the rate of vulnerability to online threats. With such exposures, a phone virus could be an inevitable outcome. 

While phone viruses are rare, this age of technology presents new levels of vulnerabilities. But with our team of seasoned phone and tech products repair experts, you no longer have to worry about having to dispose of your phone due to viruses. We have the solution you need. 

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