Electronics, big or small, are going to wear down. When your favorite console decides to become a troublesome unit and you are uncertain if it is going to make it to your next gaming session. But a PS4 repair doesn’t have to just be for the pros, as there are plenty of options and fixes you can try at home that can solve most of the issues for little to no cost. 

Arm yourself with the proper toolkit and make sure that your next gaming session goes off without a hitch.

PS4 Repair at Home

There are some fixes that you can attempt on your own before having to enlist the services of a repair specialist.

If you are running into trouble it would be a good idea to try these first and see if the issue can be solved on your own.

Blue Line Light

A serious issue is occurring but this does not immediately spell death for the console. But this is something that needs to be investigated immediately and does at times lead to further repair.

The blue light is signaling that there is no output to the television after this failure the console powers off. 

Power Supply

Hold the power on the front of the console until it beeps twice and completely powers down. Fully disconnect the AC cord from the wall and the console. Inspect this for any damages and reconnect.

HDMI Ports

Inspect the HDMI plugs on the console as well as the television. Make sure there is no damage or blocked pins. This can interfere with any signal. Also, if possible, test different HDMI cables as well.

Resetting the Controller

A complete reset of the controller can help with a system that has been stuck in a boot loop. Hold down the PS button on the controller until the main light turns orange. Press and hold it again until it turns white.

Inspect the Hard Drive

Check the Hard Drive for any damage to the drive itself or the wiring. This is a little more invasive as you do have to open the drive bay itself. The process can be done with relative ease, however.

Disc Auto Eject or Not at All

With the PS4 disc, drive media is loaded and ejected using the aid of an internal rubber mechanism. 

The piece can expand and contract depending on the heat of the console as it operates. If the console is running too hot the piece will grow too large and at various times eject the disc in the drive.

There is a manual disc removal method that can be attempted. The steps slightly differ depending on the exact serial-model PS4 you have.

Sony has provided reference materials concerning each of the methods.

Standing the console upright rather than having it seated horizontally has been shown to aid with this issue. This helps with airflow and how the mechanism operates.

Disc Read or Application Error

This will come up as error CE-34878-0 and can potentially happen for both physical disc games as well as downloaded, although less likely for disc media.

There are a few options to address this problem:

Power Cycle

This involves a few steps. The first is powering down the console and unplugging all cords, hold the power button for 30 seconds. 

Let the system sit for two minutes or more and plug the appropriate cables back in and power the system back on.

Database Rebuild

With the disc removed, power down the system using the power button. Hold it until you hear the two beeps. Then hold it again for five seconds and the system will boot into safe mode.

Using a controller plugged in via USB you should be able to select the rebuild option.

Reinstall of the Software

You have a disc but most of the data is still on the console. Find the game on your main menu, with the disc ejected, and delete the game from your console’s hard drive

Reinsert the disc and restart the install process. Additionally, make sure that there are no updates that need to be applied.

Correcting PS4 Network Issues

Out of all of the complaints surrounding the PS4, and consoles in general, network connectivity tends to appear the most. 

A portion of the time it is due to the Playstation Network and their server issues or maintenance. For the times that it is not, there are steps to take to make sure your network settings are in check.

Forget Your Problems

A simple quick fix tends to work many times. A simple refresh of the network settings. “Forget” the network and reconnect to the same network again should always be the first go to.

Update the Router

This process changes from device to device. Each router has approximately the same process but should be detailed with the instruction manual provided by the maker.

DHCP and DNS Issues

If you are having no other concerns with your home network you are going to want to adjust these settings.

Set AUTOMATIC IP, for DHCP HOSTNAME select “do not use” When prompted for the DNS settings you will want to select “MANUAL” and  place the values of “” and “”

The standard connection tests will run and momentarily your network connection should be restored

Time to Go to Pros

The at-home fixes haven’t worked, now what options are there to get the PlayStation back in working order.

If the system is still under warranty the process is fairly simple. It can be sent to Sony under their repair service.

Should your console not be under warranty any longer you may have to turn to a third party service. A quote is available from us, for these services, by phone or on-site if you prefer.

Another Day to Game

No longer will a dreaded blue line or a stuck disc signal the end of your beloved console. You have a full toolkit of your own for PS4 repair and those to turn to if you can’t solve it alone.

Follow our blog for help with your console and other tech gadgets. Make sure to contact us today for any repair needs and assistance with Q&A for your PS4 repair or otherwise!

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