The ominously named “black screen of death” is a notorious sign that your Chromebook is experiencing issues. Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to fix and prevent a Chromebook black screen before it’s too late.

Why Does My Chromebook Have a Black Screen?

A wide variety of issues may relate to your Chromebook’s black screen. The first step is to pinpoint the specific issue your Chromebook may be experiencing.

It’s Out of Battery

We’ve all been there. Forgetting to charge your computer, tablet, or phone overnight usually ends with you waking up to a black screen. If your AC adapter has a red light when plugged in, that means the battery is low.

To fix this, plug in your Chromebook and charge it until you see a green LED light. If this doesn’t work, your Chromebook is likely experiencing a different problem.

The Brightness Is Low

Chromebooks have a brightness adjustment feature that lets you turn the screen’s brightness up or down. The lowest brightness level is a black screen.

Press the bigger cogwheel key on your keyboard to turn the brightness up. Your screen should immediately get brighter if this is the problem.

The Screen Is Broken

Your black screen may be due to a damaged Chromebook screen. To check this, connect your Chromebook to an external monitor or TV.

If your Chromebook is working on the external monitor, but not its own screen, that’s an indication the screen is broken. Contact a technician or replace the Chromebook.

It’s Experiencing USB Device Issues

If you have a USB device plugged in, it may be causing problems. If you have a USB device connected to your Chromebook, safely remove it and restart your computer.

It Needs an Update

It’s vital to keep up with Chromebook updates to keep your Chromebook on the latest version of the operating system. These updates often fix bugs and issues, as well as features.

My Screen Is Still Black, Now What?

If you’ve checked your Chromebook’s screen brightness and performed all of the above checks, don’t fret. There are a few restarting options you can perform as a last resort before referring to a professional.

Soft Restart

Perform a simple restart on your computer before any other type of restart. You won’t lose any data or unsaved data in this process.

Hard Restart

If your Chromebook hasn’t shut down in a while, it may need a hard restart. Hold down the power key and the refresh key for around 10 seconds. This will give your computer a hard restart.

Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset on your Chromebook wipes all of the data from your device. To do this, click the taskbar, click “settings,” and click Powerwash Restart.

This process will wipe your computer completely as if you recently bought it. You should only resort to this option as a worst-case scenario.

How to Prevent a Black Screen From Happening Again

Keeping your Chromebook in good condition will ensure it lasts a long time. Here are a few things you can do to prevent future issues.

Keep It From Overheating

Frequently overheated laptops have a shorter lifespan than non-overheated laptops. Chromebooks, like all laptops, should sit on surfaces that allow the fan to circulate. If you rest your Chromebook on your lap or bundle of blankets, it’s more likely to overheat. While overheating isn’t an immediate problem, it could cause problems down the line.

Turn off Your Chromebook Regularly

All computers need rest from time to time. Shutting down your computer clears your RAM, and all open applications are closed. Resetting your Chromebook occasionally will clear out anything that may be slowing it down.

Avoid Spilling Liquids 

Water damage is tricky to fix and may cause significant damage to your computer. Keep open liquid containers far away from your laptop to avoid a spilling catastrophe.

Keep Your Chromebook Updated

Google releases Chromebook system updates frequently—sometimes as often as every few weeks. Chromebooks will usually update on their own, so you don’t have to worry about staying on top of it unless you choose to update your device manually.

Download Reputable Third-Party Apps

While the Chrome Web Store’s applications and extensions are thoroughly vetted and checked by Google, malicious applications can slip through the cracks. Be sure to download browser apps that have good reviews and reasonable permission requirements.

What to Do About a Dead Chromebook

Your Chromebook might also be experiencing internal problems. In this situation, don’t start opening up your Chromebook yourself.

For major issues, a tech repair service is your best bet. Experienced technicians can open up your Chromebook and take a deeper look at the hardware. These professionals use special tools and techniques to avoid damaging the inside of your device. 

However, the “black screen of death” is sometimes an accurate indication of Chromebook death. Like all technology, Chromebooks have a lifespan regardless of how well you take care of it. Chromebook lifespans depend on your Chromebook’s brand and cost.

They typically last around six years. If your Chromebook is around that age, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Before opening your wallet to purchase a replacement, check your Chromebook’s warranty. If your device is under warranty, you may be able to replace it for free.

Making Your Chromebook Last

Like any other device, it’s essential to handle your Chromebook with care. From spills to the dreaded Chromebook black screen, there are plenty of ways your Chromebook gets into harm’s way.

If all else fails, you can access resources and trained professionals who will help you fix your device quickly. If you need a repair service, contact Fruit Fixed today, and we’ll help you get your device working in no time.

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