Is your Xbox One beeping but refusing to turn on? If so, don’t panic. There are a few easy fixes you can make before you have to send the Xbox off for repairs. 

Below we have listed a number of fixes. If your Xbox One won’t turn on, then follow our handy step by step guide to troubleshoot the issue. 

Check the Controller

The first fix you can try is to check that your controller is working properly. If you used it to try and turn on the console, go for the manual switch on using the console unit itself. Hold the power button down on the console, and if it turns on, you probably have a controller problem. 

Change the batteries on your controller, making sure they are fresh. Turn off the console, then attempt to turn it on using the controller once more.

If the problem is still not solved, plug the controller into the Xbox using a USB connection. If it still refuses to turn on using this method, your controller will need replacing. 

Power Supply

After the controller check, try your power supply. If the Xbox is not getting any juice, then it will not work. Proceed with caution as this is an electrical appliance. 

Start by checking the connections. The power supply should be inserted firmly into the back of the console and plugged into the wall socket fully. You should then check the socket itself with a multimeter, or try plugging the Xbox into a new power source on a different circuit and see if it works. 

The power block itself should have an LED light that will display once you have plugged it in. If you see a steady white or orange light, then your Xbox may need a professional service. If you see a blinking orange light, then you need to fully replace the power supply. 

Power Strips

If you are using a power strip, check this is functioning. Remove all items from the strip, including the Xbox, then check an item you know is functioning, such as a TV or hairdryer. If it works, you know the power strip is ok.

Gradually add items to the strip to check it is not being overloaded. Some strips can have safety features that blow their fuses in the event of an overload, protecting electronic devices. If you find your strip is not working, then replace it immediately. 

Change Wall Outlet

Try changing the wall socket, so that your Xbox is plugged into a different circuit. If it works, there may be a problem with the electrics in your home. Try plugging other items into the previous socket and see if they work.

If they don’t, take a trip to your fuse box. Here, you should check all the fuse switches are in the on position. One of them may have tripped without you noticing. 

Tap Eject

This is by no means a technical solution, but many people have noted that they can fix an Xbox when it is not booting up by pressing the eject button on the disc drive. This must be pressed rapidly upon startup.  

Resetting the Internal Power Supply

If you have eliminated the controller and power supply problems, then it is likely that the Xbox itself is the problem. In this event, you need to try a reset on the internal power supply. 

Start by disconnecting the power cable from the back of the Xbox. Make sure you wait ten seconds, reconnect, then press the Xbox button on the unit itself.

If doing this on the original Xbox one this needs to be done in a very specific manner. After waiting for ten seconds, plug the power into the wall, then the console second. 

Hopefully, your console should turn on and boot up again. If not, you may need a service or repair from a professional. The button should be pressed repeatedly, with some people even noting that holding the middle controller button has also caused it to start up. 

Xbox One Won’t Turn On Because of Heating

The rush to make modern consoles smaller and more powerful has meant that they are all susceptible to overheating. This can be exasperated if you place them somewhere hot, or you live in a humid climate. While consoles do have internal fans, they need to be well ventilated to operate. 

Remove any objects from around the console, and reposition it if it is around a heating system or radiator. The vents should be clear so air can escape. If your Xbox has shut down in the middle of a gaming session, it is probably because of overheating. 

If it still refuses to work, visit a specialist. They may need to clean the internal fan so it works more efficiently. 

Check the Settings

Finally, if you can still manage to boot up the console but not play, you can try checking the settings. You need to navigate to power and start-up in the settings menu. 

The Xbox has a feature called instant-on. This lets it turn on quicker by not fully shutting it down, but placing it in a stasis mode instead. However, it can interfere with starting up. 

Instead, turn it to energy-saving mode. Then check the auto-shutdown option. Your console should now power down fully, and it may help with the start-up in the future. 

Still Not Working?

After all of this, if your Xbox One won’t turn on, then you need professional help. Many Xbox One consoles will have a warranty, but for anyone who has an expired warranty or wants a quicker fix, then seek a local company that does repairs. 

Fruit Fixed can have your Xbox working and fully serviced, should you find yourself in this position. We can give accurate quotes and appraisals, and have parts onsite for fast repairs. Contact us to discuss your console needs today!

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