The iPhone offers a lot of functionality with the myriad of features that it carries. With a set of components powered by its OS, you can do many things with this small package. However, one of the drawbacks it has is on the battery.

In this case, the battery faces issues that would cause it to have a shorter time holding its charge. This means the iPhone ends up draining faster than it’s supposed to. 

When that happens, you might end up asking this question. “Where do I find an Apple iPhone battery replacement near me?” 

Today, we will look at what you need to know about your iPhone battery issues and what measures to take. This also includes places that you should go to when getting your iPhone repaired.

1. Noting the Warning Signs

A good phone owner must pay attention to hints and symptoms when using their phone. This will help them better identify and address issues, like performance. For instance, you would notice some changes in its performance.

Among these would include shorter battery life. This also ends up with you having to charge the iPhone more often than usual. In other cases, the iPhone would shut down without warning.

These signs would note that the battery gets worn out after repeated uses. In this case, it can retain 80% of its charge capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. You may find it tedious work to count the number of completed cycles your phone finished.

However, there is a way to check the status of your battery’s overall status. You can do this by going to the Settings app and tapping on Battery. From there, check if you can see the Battery Health option.

You would see details about your battery’s maximum capacity and its peak performance capability upon looking at it. You should be able to see details about how worn your battery is.

2. Causes Behind Battery Issues

Short battery life would have a good number of reasons behind it. Aside from your iPhone’s battery health, there might be some unseen factors that slip by unnoticed. 

Apps Running in the Background

You may struggle with battery life if you have too many applications and processes running in the background. These apps eat up the stored charge on your phone. This can include background processes and apps running that you don’t notice but are on. 

You can see this in your iPhone’s Settings app within the Battery option. From there, you should see a list of apps that take up a lot of battery usage.

Once you spot the apps that eat up on your battery, you can quit those apps or have them uninstalled. This should also free up your memory.

Utilities and Connectivity Features

You have other cases where the ones that eat up your battery are the various utilities on your iPhone. One example is the flashlight, which you may turn and leave on by accident. That one provides an easy solution where you can turn it off.

However, some other utilities and features may slip past you. These would be the Connectivity Features on the device, such as Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. These parts are among the ones that can eat up a lot of your battery charge. 

One way to help you save up on battery is to turn these utilities off. This can help conserve the power stored in the device.

Some of these features involve the screen’s brightness. You can dim your screen and use the auto-brightness option to help save up on battery. 

3. How to Fix the iPhone Battery?

This has a couple of approaches that you can take when you encounter such a situation. These solutions would go on either the DIY approach or you would need the help of a professional. Before picking, consider your options and circumstances.

Take Advantage of the Warranty

As your first option, check if you are still within the 12-month warranty that Apple provides. Apple Care+ offers 24 months for its warranty period. If you’re still within warranty, you can get a replacement battery from Apple free of charge.

For this to work, make sure to be within the warranty clause. Take note that your battery retains less than 80 of its original capacity. Once you meet these criteria, you should be able to have the replacement going.

Taking the DIY Approach

The success of this approach depends on how experienced you are. Earlier models of the iPhone provide easier ways to replace the battery in question. This helps with longevity, and even newbie tinkers can take on the task. 

Later models like the iPhone 7, 8, and X lean towards a more complicated setup due to their internal batteries. This makes the battery replacement harder to tackle. One instance would require heating the front screen and removing some internal components.

While doable, taking the DIY approach carries its set of risks. Among these is how it voids your warranty. 

Consult a Repair Specialist

You can also consult a repair specialist about an iPhone battery replacement. They have the necessary tools to replace the battery, and fix damaged components and replace them with new ones. With a specialist, you can be sure of their skill in tinkering and fixing your device.

Is There an Apple iPhone Battery Replacement Near Me?

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