Does the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S5 run out quicker than it used to? Does your phone suddenly power off even when everything seems fine?

You may need a new battery.

Find out how to tell if you need a Galaxy S5 battery replacement. Then learn about your options for getting the battery replaced. You’ll have your phone back in top condition before you know it.

How Long Does a Smartphone Battery Last?

A new lithium-ion smartphone battery has a lifespan of around 500 charging cycles under normal conditions. Depending on how often you charge your phone, the battery could last two or three years. However, the battery loses 20-40% of its original capacity after around 300 charging cycles.

Does Battery Drain Mean I Need a Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement?

The Samsung Galaxy battery life is generally quite good. Tests by sites like GSMArena placed the Galaxy S5 among the top flagship smartphones for battery life. If you’re having battery drain issues, you may wonder if the battery is the problem.

Battery drain doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new battery. Software problems are often the issue.

Software Troubleshooting

Rebooting the phone in safe mode is a good way to find out if third-party apps are causing the problem.

Safe mode means that the phone will only let the applications that came with the phone run. If the problem doesn’t happen in safe mode, you should uninstall apps one by one until the source of the problem is gone.

Next, try clearing the cache partition. The system cache is a place in the phone’s memory that stores files that the system needs to load apps efficiently. It often keeps old files after an update, so clearing it regularly can help your phone’s performance.

If Android System is using most of the battery, you should reboot the phone. This should reset any system processes that have stopped correctly managing themselves.

Antivirus apps or third-party task manager apps can also cause problems with battery life. Most people don’t really need them. Uninstalling these apps may improve the battery situation.

Other Possible Issues

Poor mobile network signal or always keeping the WiFi on can drain the battery. So does frequently using the phone as a hotspot or using WiFi Direct.

If you’re still having battery problems, you likely need a new battery.

Other Signs You May Need a New Battery

Battery drain is one of the most obvious signs that your battery is failing. Other problems with your phone’s performance may also be a signal that you need a new battery.

Your phone might be slower to power up or doesn’t charge to 100%. It might shut down unexpectedly even when conditions are normal. If it only stays on while connected to a charger, you almost certainly need a new battery.

If the phone is slower to respond when you tap or apps take longer to launch, these issues can also be related to a failing battery.

When to Replace the Battery Right Away

Some battery issues are a safety hazard and need attention immediately. If the phone heats up while charging or has a swollen battery, it could catch fire or explode.

If you notice either of these issues, turn the phone off and don’t charge it. A swollen battery may cause the phone to feel thicker or to have some distortion on the back of the case.

Lithium-ion batteries have safety measures built into them, so they usually don’t cause damage or injuries. A battery that is overheating or swollen has the potential to be dangerous, though. After powering off the phone, you should have the battery replaced.

Options for Replacing Your Galaxy S5 Battery

For a Galaxy S5 battery replacement, you have two options. You can change the battery yourself or bring the phone to a repair center.

DIY Battery Replacement

Unlike later models of the Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy S5 has a battery that you can replace yourself. First, shut down the phone.

Next, remove the back cover by gently sliding your fingernail into the seam and pulling it off. You can then take out the old battery and put in a new one. Finally, put the cover back on.

Professional Battery Replacement

You may prefer to have an expert replace your battery. You can use a mail-in repair service or a local repair store.

Having your battery replaced by mail is often quite a slow process. Your phone takes several days to get to the repair center. The battery replacement takes a certain amount of time, and then you wait to get the phone back in the mail.

When you use a local repair shop, you can bring your phone to their location right away. They may be able to look your phone over and replace the battery while you wait. You also usually get a lower price with a local, third-party electronics repair service provider.

Getting a New Samsung Galaxy Battery

The choice of which battery you’ll use to replace your old battery is an important one. If you’re replacing your Galaxy S5 battery yourself, you’ll need to buy a new battery first. If you bring your phone for a professional repair, the repair shop will provide the new battery.

In either case, you want to be sure you’re getting a quality battery. You can get Samsung batteries for an exact replacement. This is usually the most expensive option.

Aftermarket brands are generally less expensive. However, you need to verify that you’re getting a high-quality battery.

Working with a reputable local repair shop is an advantage when it comes to choosing a replacement battery. You can find a shop known for using quality parts and rest assured that you’re getting a reliable battery.

Choosing Your Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement Solution

When you need a Galaxy S5 battery replacement, you want your phone back in top working condition as soon as possible. You want to be sure the replacement is done correctly. You want the best value from your new battery.

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