It’s not a secret that Apple dislikes third-party repair shops. Together with Microsoft and Google, it has been actively fighting right-to-repair laws for various reasons.

However, when Apple’s repair prices are too steep, should you replace your device every time it has an issue? Of course not.

As a consumer, you have the option to have your iPad repaired by a third-party service provider. Regardless, think about whether you need a repair or a replacement. Keep on reading to see everything you need to consider.

1. What’s Wrong With Your iPad?

First, consider the type of repairing your tablet needs. It will determine how much you’re going to spend on it. You’ll also discover if the cost is worth your while.

If the issue lies in the software, it’s easy and cheap to repair. If you dropped it from a skyscraper, however, it may be irreparable and you have no choice but to replace it.

Always go to a professional first, especially if you don’t know what’s wrong with your iPad. Go to an Apple service center or a third-party shop with a high standard.

2. Consider the Costs of Repair and Replacement

For peace of mind, get your iPad repaired by Apple itself. It ensures all replacement parts are original and your phone receives high-quality work. Expect the same from Apple Authorized Service Providers since they always use genuine parts and approved techniques.

However, it’s quite expensive when your device is no longer under a warranty or when the warranty doesn’t cover the damage. For example, the out-of-warranty service fee for an iPad Pro can go as much as $749. The most affordable service fee they have is for the iPad Mini, coming at $199.

If you paid extra to have AppleCare+, you’ll still have to pay a service fee. It’s much lower since you only have to pay $49, no matter the type of damage.

iPad Repair by a Third-Party Service Provider

You can choose to go to a third party to get a much lower price. You’ll trade your peace of mind since you won’t know the source of the replacement parts and the quality of their work.

It might also void your warranty and any extended coverage. Apple might also choose not to service your iPad anymore, even when you want to pay for it.

It’s because unofficial parts can be disastrous to the device and user. A low-quality replacement part can damage the whole unit.

If your problem is a cracked screen on your iPad or a dead battery, though, you don’t have to worry anymore. A third-party shop will repair or replace it. Doing so won’t void your warranty anymore.

One way to get some peace of mind is to go to a trusted business. They must have experience repairing iPads and a lot of happy customers.

DIY iPad Repair

Some people go the DIY route as it saves more money and they choose what parts to work with. However, this presents more problems.

If you have no training in repairing the particular model of your iPad or even tablets as a whole, you’re likely to cause more damage. You’re going to end up paying more for the subsequent repairs. Having a professional fix the initial problem is cheaper in comparison.

Furthermore, you may not know for sure what’s causing issues with your iPad. A broken screen is pretty easy to spot, but an internal problem is hard to diagnose.

That said, DIY repair kits remain to be the cheapest option. Although, you have to take a lot of unnecessary risks.

iPad Replacement

The cost of an official repair without a warranty is almost the same as a brand new iPad. Should you get a replacement instead?

A rule that people often follow is that if the repair costs two-thirds of the cost of a new unit, buy one instead. This way, you get all the benefits of a new iPad, like a warranty, upgraded specs, and new features.

Transferring your data from one device to another isn’t even an issue with Apple devices as long as you have a backup. As such, it’s pretty easy to get a new unit when your old one isn’t usable anymore.

3. Look at Other Factors

Let’s face it—the cost is the most important factor when deciding whether to get a repair or replacement. However, consider other factors to see if the savings are still logical or not.

Age of Your iPad

A replacement is a solid option for when you’re due for an upgrade. If you’ve had your iPad for over four years, buying the latest model is more sensible than repairs. It might completely break down soon after, wasting your money and time.

Cost of Your Time

Speaking of time, people who lead busy lives might find sending off their iPad for repairs too time-consuming. Some types of damage require days or even weeks of work.

Some people don’t have much time. If their iPad is important to their work, they’ll lose money. In these cases, it’s more cost-effective to buy a new one instead.

Sentimental Value

You can’t put a price on anything with sentimental value. If your iPad has an important engraving, or it’s a gift from your late grandfather, you might find it easier on your heart to let experts repair it. Remember, some things are worth the extra effort and money.

Get Your iPad Repaired by a Professional

If you decide to have your iPad repaired, you must go to a trusted third-party shop. It’s the more cost-effective route. Choose the right provider to ensure that you’ll get high-quality parts and service.

Choosing a trusted professional is the key. Contact us today and let us know the type of repairs you need.

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