Apple iPhone sales are skyrocketing, the company is continuing to manufacture over 90 million units for the next few sales cycle. With this amount of product on the market, you are bound to have a few accidents.

When it comes to iPhone screen repair costs, consumers should understand the cost of repairing their iPhone before passing it over to Apple customer service. This short guide will give you the truth about managing iPhone screen repair costs.

iPhone Screen Repair

Before consulting with Apple Care, you can research the different methods of achieving a cheaper cost. There is a wide variety of different costs when it comes to the many iPhone models.

The cost can range from $60 to over $340 if you own a more high-end model. Once you diagnose the problem, you can look into finding methods of repairing it. 

The Apple Store takes into consideration these many different models. For example, on the lower end, the iPhone SE starts at $129. But, on the higher-end, models like iPhone 12 Pro Max are greater starting at $329.

The introduction of the OLED screen is only increasing costs due to its higher quality picture. The traditional screens from the older iPhones models significantly drop the repair fees.

The iPhone SE and iPhones 6, 6S Plus, iPhone & 7s Plus, are among the older models that do not require OLED replacement. In these cases, with the shipment of older items, the screen repair cost can increase. At this point, a complete replacement of the iPhone will most likely come as a recommendation. 

The costs of iPhone repairs in general average $220 total. This is the total taken from data researching the national average. Many individuals drop and break their phones. Each outlet will have prices that differ depending on the model and the other factors.

These prices will also increase if the iPhone model does not contain an Apple Warranty. Stores are also known to reject certain models with a warranty. Apple’s fees experience a significant increase in price if the warranty on their phones is broken.

Screen Replacement Logistics

Before you panic, you must understand that a crack in the screen is not permanent damage. There is a possibility of reversing this damage done to your screen.

Repairing the screen itself can potentially save you money in the long run. Instead of a full-screen replacement, you can repair smaller cracks. Modern technology seeks to create thinner more sleek designs.

This results in newer phone models receiving parts that are glued together rather than using a drill or screwdriver. This can allow for servicing but will require special tools and attention to detail.

Local shops usually possess all of the tools necessary for servicing. This can be a delicate process, which encourages users to seek professional consultation.

The Cost of Shopping Local

Several local iPhone repair shops can give you a professional consultation. These professionals will give you a diagnosis of the issue at hand. With that said, if the diagnosis returns as being more than the actual cost of the phone itself, a replacement is in order.

The time it takes to have a replacement from a local shop can save you a lot of time. The shipping and handling of a mail-in phone repair item along with the return can be lengthy.

The same circumstance can also occur when delivering to a corporate setting like the Apple Care Repair Center. There is a high influx of items daily in the Apple Care inventory. If you need an emergency repair, it will still take a good amount of time if these corporate stores are over-encumbered.

In these cases, it’s more viable to research and find a local shop to consider taking in the repair. They may do same-day replacements if the staff are available. They can also give a more personal customizable approach without skyrocketing the price.

They may also contain materials that other corporate stores do not have available. As Apple Stores do their best to force an upsell of an item or reject the repairs of certain traditional iPhone models.

Price Match & More

Another great perk of local shops is the ability to compare published prices. The local shop may offer the ability to trade in various iPhone models. They can also beat competitor prices.

With certain stores, you can compare receipts and request a price match. This price match will directly compare the price of a local brick-and-mortar shop to their own shop value of $5 or more. But, this will not match special discounts or codes that you apply to a final total.

Apple Store Genius Bar

There are fewer than 300 Apple Care facilities across the nation offering full repair services. Receiving same-day consultation from the Genius Bar is difficult with the amount of daily IT requests.

The time it takes to repair the item, at times, can take over a week. Especially if it’s a phone diagnosis. There are too many phones in line waiting for service. The low-end iPhone models average $30 to $150 per phone. The higher-end phones will average around $270 to $330 in price per phone.

There is a big price difference between iPhone users under Apple Care Coverage. But, out of warranty, the cost of repairing increases. Additional repairs will tack on a higher cost.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

There is a considerable price difference between local units and Apple Store Genius Bars. It’s important to consult with a professional about the iPhone screen repair cost before agreeing to a price.

Compare the prices between a third-party company and Apple’s Genius Bar price models. It’s also important to check if the local seller has favorable reviews to help reinforce your confidence in their repairs.

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