You’ve just bought a new iPhone or iPad, and the worst happened. Maybe you were going on a run or simply walking with friends. You forgot to pay attention to your phone and it slipped out of your pocket, crashing hard against the floor.

Ouch, right? We all know the panic that sets in when you see a little crack – let alone a big one – on your precious phone. If you have a cracked screen, here are some options available to you.

What to Do Immediately

The first thing you should do after dropping your phone is to evaluate the damage. Is there just a small scratch, or do you have a spiderweb-styled crack across the screen? Are there pieces of the screen that are missing?

Check to see if the phone can turn on, or if the display is broken. If your phone can still function, have a quick run-through of your apps and settings to see if anything isn’t working optimally. 

Understanding the damage is key in ensuring that you know what kind of service you need from an iPhone repair shop near me. If the fall wasn’t bad, chances are you may need an iPhone cracked screen repair but not maintenance on the phone’s functions itself.

Options to Repair a Cracked Screen

The degree of severity will determine the best way for you to fix your phone. These are some options to help with an iPhone cracked screen repair process.

Use Packing Tape

If you have a chipped phone screen, or if there are shards sticking out, you will need packing tape. You can cut a small piece and use it to secure the cracked areas. 

It’s important to note that this is a temporary solution. Tape will only hold your phone or iPad together until you can decide to go to a Mac repair store or to buy a new device.

Use A Screen Protector

If you are looking for something sturdier than packing tape, you can apply a screen protector on your phone (or replace your damaged one, if you were using a protector during the fall). This will secure your device’s screen and prevent the possibility of more cracks. In the case of another accident, having a screen protector may lessen the damage.

While placing a screen protector over your broken screen may hold your phone together, the drawback is that your device’s screen will not look as good as new. Especially if you have a spiderweb-like crack – or a big scratch – it may hinder your ability to read things on your device.

Replace the Screen Yourself

If the cracks are not too severe, you may be able to choose to undergo the repair process yourself. You will have to check the cost of getting a replacement screen, and what the warranty is like for your phone. A potential complication is that attempting to fix your phone yourself can void the warranty.

You will have to get a set of kits in order to repair the screen. If it doesn’t seem manageable or the damage is too extensive, it’s recommended that you visit an iPhone repair store near me instead. 

Go to A Mac Repair Store

What is the easiest and quickest solution to your cracked screen? Going to a Mac repair store, of course! If the damage is too bad for you to attempt to fix yourself, it’s a lot better to get professional repair instead of tinkering around anyway.

Going to a repair store will also ensure that other associated problems (such as touchscreen functionality) will be repaired. In other words, your phone can appear good as new!

You will likely be able to easily find ‘iPhone repair shop near me’ to fix your device for you. iPhones are highly popular everywhere, after all. You will want to check your warranty and see if your circumstances can allow a free repair process. 

Trade In Your Phone

What if your device is damaged beyond repair? Maybe your screen display is not responding anymore, and there is no way you can fix the problem without coughing up a lot of money.

Your only solution left is to trade in your phone and buy a new one. 

How to Prevent A Cracked Screen

Having a cracked screen is not a fun situation to be in. There are ways to further prevent any cracks from appearing on your device. 

The first is to have a screen protector. It’s worth the investment to purchase a sturdier or thicker version because the cost of a protector is a lot less than the cost of having to replace your phone screen. 

You will also want to purchase a hard case that is thick enough to prevent any dents on your phone. Phone sleeves can be helpful, too!

Another tip is to be aware of where you are placing your phone. You would want to always store your device in a safe place, and this can mean putting it away from the edge of a table or in a safe distance from any liquids.

Your Options for Fixing a Cracked Screen

Everyone’s experience having a phone with a cracked screen, and it isn’t the best. Not only does it look less sophisticated, but your device may be harder to read or may not function like it used to.

If you have a cracked screen, you can choose to repair it in several ways. You can use packing tape, a screen protector, or buy a kit and replace the screen yourself. Alternatively, you can visit a repair store.

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