Our lives revolve around the use of technology, from robotic hoovers that clean our houses to iPhones that record our every movement on their camera. Did you know that using the internet can alter areas of cognition and make it difficult to recall certain memories? To say that technology is changing our world would be an understatement. Most of the world runs on technology nowadays. That being said, what if advancements in technology could help us improve our mental capacity? For instance, have you ever considered using an iPad for productivity? 

Most people own an Apple product; they are everywhere! But, what if these beautiful devices could offer you the solution for having more productive workdays and less stressed evenings worrying about to-lists…

If you need to boost your focusing skills, you should try using an iPad! 

Choose an iPad for Productivity

To get the most out of technology, you need to use online tools to your advantage. For example, there are many ways that iPad features can make your life easier and more organized. 

Let’s take a look at the different ways in which using an iPad for work is a great idea…

1) Add a Keyboard

iPads are associated with portable, fashionable devices that allow you to watch Netflix on an airplane or take photos on holiday. Yet, some people do not realize how efficient they are for business purposes. 

If you buy a keyboard to go along with your iPad, you will not need to worry about missing a deadline when traveling! 

In the age of remote work and digital nomad culture, this can be a blessing to those who need to work from anywhere. 

The only thing to look out for is size; a smaller keyboard design is the best choice for iPad work. 

2) Edit and View Documents

We all know the feeling when you have a mountain of paperwork to look through over the weekend, but you also have personal commitments, which make it difficult to complete work simultaneously. 

However, iPads provide you with the right tools to view and edit documents on the go. That way, you can achieve that perfect work-life balance that we all are chasing in our daily lives. 

You can use apps like SlideShark to store your documents, or the existing software Pages on iPads is also ideal for this! 

3) Remote Working Benefits

Traditionally, going to work involved commuting on either public transport or driving there and back every day. The working model included employees sitting in an office Monday-Friday and having weekends off. 

Now, we live in a world where remote working has become the norm. Since the global pandemic, more businesses are looking to employ people for remote positions to work from home with a laptop.

iPad Pros are very high quality which means that it operates with the same fast, efficient processing as PCs and has powerful battery life. Therefore, you do not need to worry about running out of charge at a coffee shop!

If you want the best iPad for work, then you definitely need to get an iPad Pro. 

4) Stay Up to Date

Not everyone likes to read the news on their phones because it can be hard to read mass amounts of text on a tiny screen. 

That is why the iPad is a perfect compromise between a phone and a laptop! 

The iPad gives you a bigger screen to read the news on, and it allows you to read as many articles as you want. If you want to jump to another, all you need to do is open a new tab. 

Being able to stay informed about world events is good for your productivity, as it can provide a moment away from work to relax. 

5) Conference Calls

If you work mostly online, you will be used to constant conference calls with your colleagues. It is a crucial part of remote working, but it can be a hassle organizing your day around several online meetings. 

Before iPads were created, you were tied down to a webcam on your PC, which meant you had to be at home and connected to your Wi-Fi. 

With the invention of the iPad, you no longer need to schedule your day around conference calls. You can take your iPad with you and take a call in your car or a quiet area outside. 

This means you have more freedom to do errands that need to be done or go on a quick outing before getting back to work. 

Productivity is not just about work. It is about balancing your personal life with your job. 

You can use an iPad for productivity, and it also you more flexibility to focus on different parts of your to-do list. 

Therefore, iPads are made for the modern, working person who needs to be able to check in on work as well as care for their family. 

What Happens if Your iPad breaks?

Even though iPads can be wonderful for our productivity, they can also break just like any other piece of technology. 

Thankfully, Fruit Fixed offers repair services for all the models of iPads, so you can be assured that if you run into any problems with your iPad, they can sort it for you! 

What sort of repairs do they offer? 

You can have a screen fixed or repairs of internal components. They also provide other services if you require them.

The people working at Fruit Fixed have their customers at the heart of their business, and they know just how much you rely on iPads for your everyday lives. 

Therefore, it is good to have somewhere you can go where you can trust that the job will get done! 

Use Technology to Your Advantage

There is a lot of speculation around the use of iPads and if they affect our attention spans, which is a valid argument against using them for work. 

However, when you use technology for the right reasons to improve your life, make work easier, and bring you closer to your goals, then there is definitely a use for them in our lives. 

If you choose wisely and use an iPad for productivity instead of procrastination, you will realize that they have the powers to help us! 

And, even if they fail you for a moment, you have the team at Fruit Fixed who will save the day. 

They are ready to help you!

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