Are you wondering about the benefits you get when you update a Mac?

Your computer’s operating system helps your Mac run better. Yet, some people might put off updating their operating system because it requires them to have their chargers on hand. Then, they might forget to update it once the computer is plugged in. 

But there are some clear and even unexpected benefits to having an up-to-date operating system. Below, we’ll get into the top 5 unique benefits of having updated Mac software features. Keep reading to learn more and get more out of your Mac experience!

1. Get Better Features

Having an updated operating system gives you access to the best software features that Apple offers. When you buy your Mac, you’ll automatically get all the latest features that Apple has developed. 

Yet, most people keep their computers for a number of years. Macs are designed to last 5-8 years, and many new features get made within that time. As such, you should update your Mac in a regular fashion to make sure you get the most out of your computer.

The latest version of the Mac’s operating system is the MacOS Monterey. Apple introduced it in 2021. If you’re reading this a long time after that, you might want to check to see if there have been any newer updates!

MacOS Monterey has many new features you might want to take advantage of. These include productivity tools, such as Quick Note, Focus, and Live Text. Quick Note lets you make brief notes without opening Apple Notes. Focus lets you limit your notifications and maintain your concentration. You can use Live Text to select text in images and copy, paste, or translate it.

2. Fix Software Glitches

When developers release updates, they look for ways to improve their user experience. This includes handling any bugs or glitches that people have noticed since the last version came out. 

So, if you’ve noticed your computer glitching or struggling to run well, it might be time to update the operating system. Check to see if an update notification has come through yet. If it has, plug in your computer and begin the update installation process. Your computer will need to remain connected to power throughout the course of the update. 

3. Improve Your Computer’s Security 

When Apple products first grew in popularity, people boasted that they were immune to the computer viruses that plagued other desktop and laptop computers. Unfortunately, this rumor has become popular. It’s not true

Malware and spyware evolve to target the systems of different computers. So, when a new system comes out, hackers start working on viruses and other forms of malware that will target those systems.

The older an operating system, the more vulnerable it is to hackers, malware, and viruses. This is because hackers have had a long time to figure out how to best navigate around old software.

Still, Apple’s developers try to stay ahead of the game when it comes to preventing malware. One benefit of getting the newest update is that it will protect your computer from the malware that targets older systems.

As such, you need to keep your system updated if you want to keep yourself safe from people who try to harm your computer.

4. Get Access to More Software

Whenever Apple updates its operating systems, other companies have to adapt. This is especially true for companies that create apps and games.

It’s not possible for a developer to create a game that works well on every operating system. As such, most developers only make their games accessible on the most recent systems.

If you have a slightly older operating system, you’re likely to maintain your ability to use apps and games for a while. If you let it go for too long, though, you might struggle to find apps and games that work with your device.

So, you should stay ahead of the curve and update to the newest operating system. That way, you won’t ever need to get something and then not be able to because of an older operating system.

5. Have a Faster-Running Computer When You Update a Mac

If you’ve ever noticed your computer running slow, you should look into updating it. 

When you update a Mac, your operating system will run faster. This is because the bugs and glitches in the software have been fixed, making the system more efficient.

In some cases, such as when many new features are introduced, you might notice it running a bit more slowly. This happens because the tools can slow the operating system down. 

Still, for the most part, operating systems run faster when they get updated. If your computer keeps running slow, you should call a professional to take a look at it. You might have a virus or other issue with your hardware.

Need a Mac Repair?

Now that you know why you should update a Mac, you will need to know how to go about it. 

Apple sends out notifications when an update becomes available. You can choose to update right away. This will take a few minutes and require you to restart your computer. It will also close down your applications, so make sure you save any documents. If you don’t have time right now, you can ask Apple to update it later. 

This usually happens overnight, so keep your laptop plugged in overnight.

Do you need someone to take a look at your Mac? Our experts can help. Contact one of our locations today to book an appointment!

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