Are you the owner of a Samsung phone that’s having a few setbacks? Do you fear that your new Samsung is going to fall victim to some of the most common issues? If so, then you need to start by learning about some of the most common problems with Samsung screens.

Doing so can help you take preventative measures to avoid them. If you notice the signs of wear and tear, you can have it professionally repaired to dodge any major setbacks.

See below for an in-depth guide on some typical issues that you might face with your Samsung screens and phones at some point.

1. Cracked Screens

Full disclosure: this isn’t just a Samsung screens thing. This is the most common issue with any phone screen. It’s also quite common with other devices, such as iPads or Windows Surfaces.

We’ve all been there; you accidentally drop your Samsung phone on the floor. It falls flat on the screen side to further the suspense. Was that the sound of glass shattering? How bad will the damage be when you go to pick it up? 

Far too many phone users take the wrong approach to this situation. They put off getting it replaced, which can lead to such consequences as:

  • Water sneaking in through the cracked screen and permanently damaging your phone
  • Creating health risks such as cuts on your face, fingers, and palms
  • Inhibiting a clear visual for Zoom calls, videos, etc.
  • A build-up of dust, dirt, pollen and other pathogens can affect the screen’s visibility

If your Samsung product has a cracked screen, be sure to seek a professional repair service for assistance. 

We can give you a quote online right away. Simply visit this page and tell us about the type of device that you need to be repaired, the brand (Samsung, in this case), the model, and the service you need. 

2. Battery Life is Fading Fast

One of the worst feelings in life is that moment when you realize your phone’s battery is almost dead. Doesn’t it always seem to happen at those moments you’re nowhere near a phone charger

Samsung batteries have plenty of juice, so you can’t chalk it up to poor manufacturing and design. That said, there might come a time when the battery drains faster than you were expecting it to. For example, instead of being at 10-percent around 5 pm like it usually is, it hits 10-percent around 1 pm. 

Many users are quick to blame themselves, but it might not be anything you did. Oftentimes, the phone’s battery dies when too many apps are requiring energy.

Your Samsung will point you in the right direction. Just go to Settings –> Device Maintenance –> Battery. There you will see a breakdown of any sizeable apps that are requiring too much attention.

You might also try saving your battery with these hacks:

  • Lower the brightness on your phone
  • Delete unnecessary apps you no longer use
  • Turn off your screen as soon as you’re done with it
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when they aren’t being used

If the problems persist, then it might be an issue with something internal. In that case, reach out to us to get the problem fixed easily. 

3. Screen Doesn’t Respond to Touch

Perhaps you’ve gone to open an app and the phone doesn’t respond. Maybe you’ve needed to tap on the screen a few times before it makes any adjustments.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue with Samsung phones. You should start by restarting the phone and seeing if the issues persist. Try to close all unused apps.

The phone’s unresponsiveness could also be a sign that it’s overheating. If your phone feels hot to the touch, simply store it in the fridge for 30 minutes and then try to restart it.

If the problem happens on multiple occasions, bring it to professional repair service. The issue is likely something internal that needs to be fixed or replaced.

4. The Phone is Too Touchy

Some of you might have the opposite problem as the one above. Instead of your phone not responding, you have a hypersensitive one that seems to open up apps at will.

This is a common reason for the ever-popular “butt dial“—when your phone calls someone’s number while it’s in your pocket. 

Thankfully, Samsung has an easy way for you to fix this at home. Go to Settings, then open up the “Display” option. Once you’re there, you’ll see an option that reads “Accidental Touch Protection”. Turn the switch on and it will be more selective about responding to touch when in a dark place (such as your pocket).

5. Phone Restarts on its Own

This is never a good sign. If your Samsung has an issue with restarting unannounced, it can cause severe issues in your personal or professional life. You don’t want your biggest client or hot date thinking that you hung up on them.

Generally speaking, this might be a sign that your device is too old. Too much wear and tear can affect the performance of the “old faithful”.

That said, there could be a slight repair that fixes it. Reach out to us and we’ll advise you on whether we can fix it or if you should be looking for a new device soon.

Avoid These Problems With Samsung Screens 

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide listing the most common problems with Samsung screens and beyond, be sure to use this information wisely.

Take the time to read this article for more information on iPad screen repairs and the signs that you need professional assistance. 

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