In 2021 alone, there were 1.033 billion Samsung phones in the world. Your whole life is on that phone, banking information, passwords, personal emails, and private texts. So how do you protect your phone?

We’ve all been there. That moment of realization that your phone is not in your pocket and the mini heart attack that follows. Losing your phone is a big problem and with your busy life and schedule, trying to locate a mobile device can be an even bigger pain. 

Luckily, most smartphones today come equipped with the technology to track and find your phone. In this case, specifically, a Samsung branded phone, with Samsung Find My Mobile.

Samsung Find My Mobile is a great security feature. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to use it to find a Samsung phone, as well as its other benefits. Keep reading for more information.

What Is Samsung Find My Mobile?

Samsung Find My Mobile is a service you can use to find a lost Samsung phone. Thanks to geo-tracking or location features in much of today’s Android software, losing your phone doesn’t mean it’s gone for good anymore.

You’ll need to create an account for Samsung Mobile and register your phone number and device under this account first. 

How Does It Work?

First, you must make sure that the tracking feature is enabled on the phone itself. To do this, simply go to the Settings on your phone.

Tap on Lock Screen and Security or Biometrics and Security depending on your device and then scroll down the menu until you see Find My Mobile and tap it to open it.

Once you are in the Find My Mobile setting, tap Remote Controls and enable to allow the phone to track your location and set up your location and search parameters.

When you are trying to locate a mobile device, just log into your Samsung account on a web browser and any registered Samsung devices will appear. If your device is found, it will appear on a map with the last known location shown, as well as the battery life remaining and if it has network activity.

Location tracking and other features may only be available if the device is turned on and connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

If your battery has run out, you will be unable to track it, but you may still be able to see its last location before the battery died if you have the ‘Send Last Location’ feature on.

Mobile devices will ping out their last location automatically when the battery falls below 20%. This is a crucial feature to be able to locate a mobile device with a dead battery as long as it has not been moved from the area.

What Are The Key Features Of Samsung Find My Mobile?

Samsung Find My Mobile of course helps you track and locate a lost Samsung mobile phone or tablet device. But it also offers many other features including the following:

Ring Your Muted Phone

If you believe your device may be misplaced in your home, car, or other area and is still on but muted, silent, or set to vibrate, you can tap “Ring” in the Samsung Find My Mobile account. Your phone will ring at full volume until you can access it.

Automatically Get Tracking Updates

If your phone’s location is moving on the map, you can select “Track location”. Your phone will send automatic updates on the current location every 15 minutes.

Back-Up Or Wipe Your Phone’s Data

And if your phone has been stolen or taken from you, you still have a way to lock the phone from within your Samsung account and block access to your information. You can also erase all of your personal information and reset the phone back to its factory settings.

If you choose this option, however,  your Samsung account will be purged from the device and you will not be able to recover the device later on. This should only be used as a last-ditch effort if you are certain that the device will not be returned.

Make certain that have activated Samsung Cloud and all your data is remotely backed up to the cloud. If you need to get a replacement device, this will make it easier to transfer all of your existing information to the new device.

Lock Your Phone

If you think your device might have been stolen and unlocked somehow, Samsung Find My Mobile will allow you to lock it back up again remotely.

This will keep thieves from accessing your personal information. You can also prevent the power button from turning off the device so that you can still track its location.

Unlock Your Phone

If you get locked out of your own device and can’t remember your PIN, password, or screen pattern, you can use Samsung Find My Mobile to unlock the device from the online account. Choose the “Remote Unlock” when you register your phone or tablet.

Adjust Your Phone’s Battery Life

Samsung Find My Mobile even gives you the option to remotely adjust your phone’s battery life. You can turn on power-saving mode to extend the life of the device’s battery until you can locate it.

Contact Message On-Screen

If you have left your phone in a movie theater, restaurant, or any other location where a good Samaritan may have picked it up, you can put a message on your phone’s screen. This will inform them about who to call or where to send it back to you.

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