Anyone who plays video games on a PC will swear that you need to build a gaming PC to get the best experience. Gaming PCs are specifically designed for running video games. This means they need plenty of storage, power, and the ability to run high-quality graphics.

But if you don’t know how to build a good gaming PC, it’s difficult to know where to start. How do you know which parts are good for a gaming PC?

The best place to start is the parts you’ll need to build a computer. Read on to learn what you’ll need to build yourself the best gaming PC possible.


CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. You can think of this as the nervous system of your computer. Every command that you give your computer goes through the CPU.

The CPU receives your commands, decodes them, and then executes them. This means that every little button push on your keyboard is read by the CPU.

PC games produce instructions at pretty fast rates. This is why you’re able to see into the distance as you move whenever you’re playing a game. For this reason, a gaming PC’s CPU needs to keep up with the heavy demands of video games.


If the CPU is the nervous system, the motherboard is the circulatory system of your computer. It connects the entire system so that everything works in harmony.

To start with, it determines what kind of hardware and add-ons you can put in your new computer. The motherboard distributes electricity to all of your computer’s hardware. It then connects all of that hardware to the CPU. 

It’s important to get a motherboard that’s recommended for gaming when building a gaming computer. This makes sure that all of your other hardware can keep up with demand.

Cooling System

The unfortunate thing about any electronic device is that it gets hot after extended use. The heavier the device is used, the hotter it gets. The problem is that if it gets hot enough, then parts might start to melt and get damaged.

To prevent this, computers all come with a cooling system. This is usually a type of fan that turns on periodically to prevent the computer from getting too hot. In other words, if you want your new gaming computer to last for a long time, then a good cooling system is important.

Graphics Card

Everything you see in your video games is the result of graphics development. The issue is that it takes more than a gaming monitor to display those graphics. 

Your computer’s graphics card determines how well your screen can display your games. Older games can probably run fine with a lower-quality graphics card. If you want to play newer games on your PC, however, then you should definitely consider getting a better graphics card.

This will ensure that the game not only runs well on your computer but also that it looks good at the same time. You’ll never miss an important item again with a high-quality graphics card.


Your computer’s memory really serves as its short-term memory. Any time you use your computer, it remembers what programs you’ve used and what files you’ve opened. However, this information goes away whenever you shut down your computer.

While you’re using your computer, however, this allows you to quickly switch between active programs. This is the reason that you can have both a game and a chat room open on different screens at the same time. 

But memory isn’t unlimited. The more programs you have open, the slower each program runs. So it’s important for gaming PCs to have a fair amount of RAM to run multiple programs at the same time.


If memory is for the short-term, then storage is for long-term memory. This is where you find all of the files and programs that you put on your computer.

This includes messaging apps, web browsers, and any games you download to your computer. Your computer needs to have enough storage to hold any games you want to play as well as any other apps you need to maximize your gaming experience.

Gaming requires a lot of storage, so keep that in mind when shopping for PC parts.


Your computer is completely useless if it doesn’t turn on. To do that, your computer needs a power source. This provides electricity to the motherboard, which then distributes it to the appropriate hardware.

This means that there has to be enough electricity to your computer for all of your hardware to run. This includes the memory, storage, CPU, graphics card, and even the monitor. 

Computers have a lot of hardware to power, so it’s important that you get a pretty strong power source to run your new gaming computer. This way you can enjoy your games without worrying.


Finally, you need something to hold everything in place. Otherwise, your hardware will have a hard time staying in one spot. This means that pieces will become disconnected, the cooling system won’t reach all of the hardware, and you might even lose power completely. 

This is why all computers have a case. This maintains the structure of the computer. It has designated places for all of your hardware. Some people even get clear cases and place decorative lights inside for a bit of flare.

Just be careful when adding extra decorations inside to ensure that the cooling system is still operating properly.

Learn How to Build a Good Gaming PC Today

Once you have these parts, you just need to put them together properly to make your new gaming PC. Other than that, now you know how to build a good gaming PC of your own. The best part is that if one part starts to fail, it’s easily replaced.

And if you ever need any tips or repairs to any part of your gaming PC, just let us at Fruit Fixed know. All you have to do is find a store near you and let us help you fix your devices.

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