Phones move from the Apple Store into the trash can. Americans toss out more than 150 million phones every year. 

Some of these phones are dead. But others just needed minor repairs to keep them going. Before you put your phone in the bin, try to see if you can fix your phone screen. 

How can you keep your phone screen from being damaged? What are some phone screen repairs that you can make? When should you go to an electronic repair company to fix your phone? 

Answer these questions and you can keep your phone sparkling for years to come. Here is your quick guide.

Prevent Your Phone Screen From Getting Damaged

The less your phone gets damaged, the less electronic maintenance you have to do. Place your phone in a deep pocket so it cannot fall out. You can use a tissue or a soft cloth to pin the phone against the side of your pocket so it won’t fall. 

When you need to put your phone down, put it on a tabletop. If it needs to be plugged in, put some slack in your cord so it won’t be yanked off the table if the cord gets moved. Do not place your phone on the floor, as you risk stepping on it or dropping things on it.

You can also place a case around your phone. This will keep your phone from damage if it falls on its corner or side.

Get Phone Screen Cleaning Tools 

You should have a few tools on standby so you can clean your phone. A microfiber cloth can pick up grime without scratching your screen. 

You should use a bottle of screen cleaner whenever you need to clean. If you can’t find screen cleaner, you can buy disinfecting wipes with Lysol. Make sure you find wipes that are specifically for electronics, as all-purpose wipes may damage your screen.  

Avoid Cleaning Mistakes

You should never use household cleaners or soaps to clean your screen. A household cleaner will remove the coating on your display, making your phone less responsive to your touches and commands. Soap can cause the parts of your phone to shrink, which can eventually break your phone.

You may read a smartphone maintenance guide that encourages you to clean with vinegar. You should not follow this advice. Vinegar can tear the display coating off and damage your phone. 

Other guides encourage you to use nail paint remover. This can remove your display coating and tear the paint off of your phone. 

It is okay to clean your screen with a little water. But you should not place your phone underwater, even in a shallow pool. Under no circumstances should your phone be on while you clean your phone with water. 

Do not scrub your screen while applying a lot of pressure. Rub your microfiber cloth using circular motions without pressing into your screen. 

Wipe Off Fingerprint Smudges

Your fingers have oil and grime on them. The oil and grime will not damage your phone, but they can make your phone screen hard to see. Whenever you have fingerprint smudges, you should try to remove them.

Turn your phone off and unplug it from a power outlet. Take your microfiber cloth and rub it gently over your phone. You do not need to use spray or water to clean unless you have a lot of smudges. 

Remove Sand and Dust

Sand and dust can get caught inside your microphone and charging jack. It can also become trapped inside your phone case. 

Take your phone case off and shake it out to remove any sand. You can then use your microfiber cloth to get the sand off the back of your phone. 

When you have sand in your earpiece or jack, you can use a small piece of scotch tape to pull it out. Place the scotch tape over the area and then peel it off slowly. Don’t rip it off, or you risk damaging your phone.

Disinfect Your Phone

A 2020 meta-analysis of 56 studies found that 68% of mobile phones contain microorganisms. These microorganisms include E. coli and Staphylococcus bacteria, which can cause staph infections. 

You need to disinfect your phone as much as possible. If you use your phone multiple times a day, you should disinfect your phone at least once a day. The longer you go in between disinfecting sessions, the more bacteria can grow on your phone.

You can use disinfectant wipes to clean. Turn your phone off and then wipe all surfaces of your phone with the wipes. Let the disinfectant dry on your phone for 20 minutes so it can kill all the germs.

Fix a Broken Screen

After your screen breaks, you should take a look at your phone under a strong light. You should determine if your screen will fall off or stop working. 

If the screen is still functioning, you can use your phone for a short period of time. Follow a DIY guide for phone repairs. Take a look at different screen replacements so you can find the right one for your phone.

But if your screen is not working at all, you should get your phone fixed. Back up your data and then go to a fixing professional.

Master Phone Screen Fixes

Don’t throw your phone out because the phone screen is damaged. Keep your phone off the ground and wrap it in a strong case. Have a microfiber cloth and wipes on standby. 

Never use dish soap or alcohol-based cleaners. You can rub smudges off with your cloth, and you can remove dirt with a piece of tape. You can also disinfect your phone with wet wipes. 

You can make minor repairs after your screen cracks. But you should go to a repair specialist. 

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