Did you know that the average American checks their phone at least 58 times per day? With that much phone contact, you’re bound to experience the dreaded frozen screen at some point in your life. The same goes for laptops. 

There’s nothing worse than a frozen screen during the middle of something important. It seems our devices only freeze at the most inconvenient moments. 

When it happens, your brain freezes, too. You’re not sure whether to restart your device and pray you don’t lose your work or burn it and buy a new one

If you’re experiencing frozen screens, you’re not alone. Find out how to fix them, how to avoid them, and when it’s time to call in the experts. 

Why Do Screens Freeze?

If your laptop or phone freezes regularly, it could point to various issues.

Here are the main reasons why: 

  • Power or charging issues
  • Too many applications running simultaneously
  • Software problems
  • Outdated operation system
  • Viruses and malware
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Hardware issues

Some issues are more severe than others. For example, hardware issues are best-taken care of by your local repairer. 

How to Troubleshoot a Frozen Laptop Screen

Laptops are great when they work, frustrating when they don’t. Before tossing your laptop out the window, try these steps. 

1. Restart Your Laptop

Typically, restarting your laptop will solve any basic errors. Doing so gives your laptop’s system a chance to reset and start afresh. 

2. Force Quit Any Programs Causing Your Laptop to Freeze

When too many software programs run simultaneously, your system can get overwhelmed. Websites can lag, freeze, or even crash. 

You can force quit by: 

  • CTRL + ALT + DEL (Windows) 
  • Option + Command + ESC (Mac) 

You must press these buttons at the same time. 

3. Start Your Laptop in Safe Mode

Safe Mode provides access to utility and diagnostic programs to help the user troubleshoot what prevents the computer from running correctly.

To access Safe Mode (Windows): 

  • Restart computer 
  • Press F8 until the Boot Options menu is displayed
  • Select Safe Mode 

To access Safe Mode (Mac): 

  • Restart your Mac, then press and hold shift 
  • Release the key when the login screen appears 
  • Log in to macOS
  • Notice the words “Safe Boot” in the upper-right corner 

You can also update your device drivers, restore your system to a previous state, or scan for viruses. 

How to Troubleshoot a Frozen Phone Screen

It isn’t fun when your phone freezes while you’re trying to stalk your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend on Facebook. Before smashing your phone in frustration, try these steps. 

1. Restart Your Phone

If the screen is frozen, restarting your phone will usually solve the problem. Doing so gives your phone’s system a chance to reset and start afresh. 

2. Force Your Phone to Restart

If the screen is still frozen, you can force it to restart. This will help clear the errors causing your phone to freeze without deleting apps or data. 

3. Free Up Storage Space

Try this step if you’ve been receiving alerts that you don’t have enough storage. 

For iPhone users, you can back up onto the cloud. For android users, you can use the “free up space” tool. If you have a phone with an SD card slot, you can also move your files onto that. 

4. Update Your Operating System

If your phone is still frozen, you may need to update your operating system. It can improve user experience and automatically update your apps. 

Installing regular updates will improve the stability of your software, remove outdated features and valid security concerns.

Anything Else? 

A frozen phone also can sometimes mean a low battery. Recharging it may solve the problem. You should also check for problematic apps and remove them. 

If all of the above doesn’t work, you may have to do a factory reset. You should only use it as a last resort as it will wipe all your data and apps. 

How to Avoid Frozen Screens?

If you can’t afford to lose time (and money) dealing with a frozen screen, you can take steps to avoid the issue. Here are some easy ways you can prevent your device from freezing. 

Regularly Install Updates

Yes, they’re sometimes annoying. But, software providers release updates to improve the functions of your device. All of these updates are aimed at making the user experience better. 

Remove Unreliable Apps

A potential cause of freezing screens is unreliable apps. They use up a substantial amount of your phone’s resources and slow the device down.

In some cases, a basic restart will fix the problem, but others require you to delete the app or seek out further repairs. 

Ensure Your Have Enough Storage

Storage space can affect the performance of your device. When your phone or laptop is deficient in storage, it will start to lag and eventually freeze up. 

You can free up your storage by deleting unwanted apps, old files, photos, videos and clearing your cache.

You can use SD or MicroSD cards for MacBook users to boost your total storage. 

Reset at Least Once a Day

Regular phone and laptop maintenance is your best chance to avoid any freezing issues. If you continue to experience problems, at least you know you have tried everything you can to avoid them.

Sometimes it’s just out of your control. 

Say Goodbye to Frozen Screens Today

At least 84% of American households own a smartphone, while 78% own a desktop or laptop. 

With that many devices, you can only imagine how many people experience frozen screens every day. However, with regular electronic maintenance, you can lessen the chance of your device experiencing the dreaded frozen screen. 

But sometimes regular laptop and phone maintenance aren’t enough. If you have tried to fix your device to no avail, it’s time to call in the experts at Fruit Fixed. 

We specialize in electronic repair, including smartphones, laptops, MacBooks, iPhones, and more. If your device needs a new screen? We can do that too. 

Don’t let a frozen screen ruin your day! 

Drop by one of our several locations today. No appointment is necessary. 

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