Around 43 million people purchased Apple Watches in 2020. Owning an Apple Watch offers many great perks, including the ability to receive your phone notifications on your wrist. These watches also track your heart rate, play music, and assist with navigation services. 

While owning an Apple Watch is great, these watches experience problems from time to time. 

Here are seven common Apple Watch problems that you might experience, along with tips on fixing these issues.

1. It Keeps Asking for Your Passcode

You shouldn’t have to keep entering your passcode on your Apple Watch, yet some owners find that this annoying problem happens to them.

Their phones keep asking for their passcodes, and no matter what they do, they can’t get it to stop. If this happens to your watch, you can try several things. 

First, make sure you update your phone and watch with the latest software updates. After that, check your phone to ensure that it’s logged in and paired with your watch. You might even want to pair it again.

You can also turn the watch off and then on again to see if this clears the issue. If not, you might need to talk to a shop that fixes watches and offers Apple Watch maintenance. 

2. Your Apple Watch Won’t Unlock

You might also need Apple Watch repair if your watch doesn’t unlock. You can try several methods to unlock it before taking it to a shop. 

Many Apple Watch owners experienced this problem after the iOS 14.7 update. Fortunately, Apple issued the iOS 14.7.1 update to correct it. If you don’t have this update yet, download it to see if it fixes the problem.

You can also try two other methods if your watch doesn’t unlock. First, you can shut off your watch and phone and turn them back on. Secondly, you can unpair them and pair them again. 

3. The Watch Doesn’t Turn on When Your Lift Your Wrist

One common annoyance with the Apple Watch is when it doesn’t turn on when you lift your wrist. Of course, the phone should turn on when you do this, but specific issues can prevent it from turning on. 

When a watch malfunctions like this, you might need to adjust the settings in your phone. The main setting to look at is the Wake Screen setting, located in the General section. 

You might also want to read through Apple’s Support Communities. You can find forums there with posts from users who’ve experienced problems with their watches. You can learn a lot from reading these.

Your phone might also need some electronic maintenance or repairs. If you can’t get it to work, bring it to a shop that offers Apple Watch repairs. 

4. The Screen Comes Loose

Another common problem people experience with their Apple Watches is with the screens. The screen on the watch might come loose or even fall out. If it falls out, you might lose it and need a new one.

If your screen is loose or falls out, you can try pushing it back in place. However, this doesn’t typically fix the problem. 

When the screen falls out, it typically happens from a battery problem. For example, the battery in the watch might swell up, which means it expands. As a result, the screen pops off. 

If you have problems involving the screen coming loose, you’ll need professional help to fix it. You can find a shop that offers repairs for all models

5. Your Watch Won’t Pair With Your Phone

Some Apple Watch users face problems when pairing their watches with their phones. You might get yours paired at first, but you might lose it. 

The first solution for this is going through the pairing process again. If you try to pair it again, it might solve the problem. 

Next, you might want to reboot your watch and phone to see if this makes a difference. To do this, press on the digital crown and sidebar simultaneously and hold for 20 seconds. 

When trying to pair the two devices, make sure they’re close enough together. If they’re too far away, you’ll experience difficulties. 

6. It Won’t Turn On

When your Apple Watch no longer turns on, you might have a problem that requires professional help. The Apple Watch battery might need to be replaced, or there might be another issue causing this to happen. 

The battery might be fine in some cases, but the charging unit might not work. If you think you’re charging the watch but aren’t really, the watch might not be charged. As a result, it won’t turn on.

If you troubleshoot this issue, you might find the resolution. However, if your watch still won’t work, you’ll need to take it to a shop for repairs. 

7. The Screen Breaks 

While Apple Watches are highly durable, the screens can still break. A broken screen is not a problem you should attempt to repair yourself. 

To fix a broken screen, you must remove the current one. Next, you must install a new one on the phone. Unfortunately, you’ll need the right tools to do this, and you’ll need to know what you’re doing.

If you make any mistakes while replacing it, you could damage the internal parts of the watch. Additionally, replacing a screen requires buying the right parts. 

If you want an easy solution for a broken screen, find a shop that offers Apple Watch repairs. They’ll give you a quote for replacing the screen, and the watch will be as good as new when they complete the services. 

Get Repairs When You Experience Any Apple Watch Problems 

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