Mac computers continue to become more popular because of the quality experiences that they provide. In fact, Apple recently became the first company in the United States to reach a market cap worth more than $3 trillion!

At the same time, many people struggle with their Mac storage space. Once they have used up their storage space they are no longer able to do the things with their computer that they enjoy.

Fortunately, this is a common problem that many people have already thought about how to solve. With the right solutions, you can generally enjoy plenty of ac storage space again.

Read on to learn all about the most important things to do to clean up your Mac storage space!

Free up Storage Space by Removing Duplicates

If you are unlucky, you may have to sacrifice important files to make room for new ones. However, in the vast majority of cases, you can find unnecessary files that are painless to eliminate. In particular, if you have duplicate files, you almost never have any reason to hesitate in deleting them.

That makes freeing up storage space a lot easier than managing more serious problems like frozen screens.

The longer you use your computer, the more likely you are to develop duplicate files. If you go through your files, you might be able to manually identify duplicates that you do not need.

At the same time, this can be an extremely time-consuming process. Fortunately, people have already solved this problem.

There are also programs you can install that will automatically search your computer for duplicate files. If you desire, you can also set them to automatically delete files.

Decrease Storage Usage by Emptying Your Trashcan

Many people try to maintain some available storage space by sending files to the trashcan. The trashcan is the same thing as the recycle bin on Windows computers.

However, not everybody realizes that sending files to the trashcan does not actually free up space. This is because those files are still being kept somewhere where you can access them.

In order to truly free up space, you were going to need to manually empty your trashcan. If you look in your trashcan, you might be surprised that it contains huge quantities of data. Simply emptying the trashcan can free up all of that data in a single fell swoop.

In many cases, the solution alone is enough to provide people with plenty of extra storage space.

However, it is important to keep in mind one potential complication. Mac computers often have multiple trashcans. For example, iMovie and iPhoto might both have separate trashcans. On top of them, there will be a general trashcan for general use.

If you are looking to maximize storage space, make sure to empty all of these trashcans. To find them, simply type the trashcan into the search bar associated with each application.

Free up Space on Your Internal Drive By Uninstalling Applications

Applications tend to accumulate over time. If you manually look through your applications, you might be surprised how many old ones you have forgotten about. Fortunately, if you have forgotten about them, that is a clear sign that you do not use them anymore.

In that case, you should feel free to uninstall them. Applications often take up hundreds of megabytes or even multiple gigabytes of space. A quick scan through your list of applications can help you free up huge quantities of storage space.

Enjoy More Space By Deleting Unnecessary Backups

Some of your applications might automatically create backups of huge quantities of files. For example, iTunes has a tendency to store backup files for every song you have access to. If you use iTunes, you can free up a ton of space by opening it up and deleting its backup files.

You might also have programs that automatically back up all kinds of files. Many people consider it worthwhile to have backups in case they lose their primary files. But if you are struggling to access the storage space you need, it might be worth it to get rid of some of your less important backup files.

Delete Temporary Files Stored on Your Solid State Drive

The longer you use your computer, the more temporary files it will accumulate. These files are sometimes useful, but they are usually not worth taking up storage space with.

For example, your Internet browser might keep a detailed history of every website you have visited. Considering how often many people use their computers, you can imagine how much data these files represent.

Clearing your browsing data can free up a ton of space that you can use for more important purposes. Keep in mind that after you do this, your browser will go right back to restoring future temporary files as you visit new websites.

As a result, you might find it useful to regularly clear your browsing data or other temporary files.

Check Storage Space Information to Identify Problem Areas

If these solutions are not working for you, it can help to get some more information. You can simply open up your hard drive to see what is taking up the majority of your space. At that point, you will know what you need to eliminate in order to free up storage space. 

Understand How to Clean up Mac Storage Space 

We hope learning about how to manage your Mac storage space has been helpful for you. Many people struggle with a lack of Mac storage space for a long time without understanding that there are established solutions that can generally solve their problems. In the vast majority of cases, you can have plenty of storage space within just a few minutes.

To learn more about how to clean up your Mac storage space or to speak with experts in computer maintenance and repair, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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