Around 17% of iPhone users have damaged their phones more than once. This shows how common such problems are, but you are unlikely to want to replace such a device every time it happens. So, should you use a professional iPhone repair service if your device receives damage or try to repair it yourself?

If you are unsure, this article summarizes why visiting a gadget repair expert is a great decision. As you read each point, remember that these locations rarely fix iPhones alone. As such, you might be able to apply the same logic to any electronics you have.

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1. Professional Expertise and Experience

When you need someone to repair your iPhone, you will want to know you are giving your device to someone who knows what they are doing. Professional technicians have a wide range of skills and experience in working with such electronics. This means they will understand how to avoid causing further harm to the internals of the device while getting it back to you in good working order.

You can also assume that a professional will treat your issue seriously and professionally. This includes high-quality customer service and ongoing communication to ensure you know the state of your device. With the care and attention an expert will give to their role, you can assume they will minimize the risk of further damage coming to your device.

One of the other benefits of working with a professional is the possibility you might need a customized solution to a problem. Not everything goes wrong in the exact way a book might suggest it should. Someone with a large amount of skill or experience in repairing iPhones might know some tricks they can pull to get the device working as it did before.

2. Use of First-Party Parts

If you do not work with a professional, they may have trouble sourcing the unique, first-party device components from Apple. This is because the company keeps them close to their chest, only allowing people to use them if they are affiliated with Apple themselves.

Official parts, such as iPhone screens or buttons, ensure the device remains compatible long-term. Apple performs strict quality assurance processes on its devices. As such, their parts also offer a higher likelihood of better performance, as third-party components may not always work as they should. 

With first-party components, the location will also be able to ensure you get a working part. If something goes wrong during repairs, or the new part does not work straight away, the repair location can contact Apple and escalate the issue.

3. Experience With Diagnostic Tools

When your device goes wrong, it might not always be something obvious, such as a broken screen. You might need to investigate the internals or even the software to work out what repairs need to occur.

High-quality iPhone repair locations will know how to use official Apple diagnostic tools. Using these, they can look deeper into the status of an iPhone and uncover issues that might not be apparent at first. Such tools will help them learn precisely where the problem lies so they can start to develop a solution.

Using the data they receive from a diagnosis, technicians can perform efficient and safe repairs. They will not need to root around in the innards of an iPhone if they know the problem lies in one specific component. They may even be able to resolve the issue by tweaking the device’s settings and not touching it at all.

Another benefit of access to diagnostic tools is that the technician can look at what might be going wrong elsewhere. They can inform you of problems starting to crop up before they become a severe (and expensive or unfixable) issue and can enact preventative maintenance. This may save you money in the long run.

4. Fast Service Without a Lack of Care

You never want to be without a digital device for a long period. With the expert level of knowledge and experience a professional repairer has, they can get it back in your hands in no time at all.

This speed does not mean that they do not work with care, though. Instead, they will have learned the most common issues and how to repair them through several other experiences. This means you can have the assumption they will work to a high standard and the repairs despite the shorter time they take.

It is unlikely you will receive this level of assurance from a DIY repair location or a peer with access to electronic repair tools.

5. Repair Warranty and Right-to-Repair

When a professional repairer finishes work on your iPhone, you will often have an opportunity to claim a warranty. Many states have their own warranty laws that create an automatic right to replacement should something go wrong. On top of that, though, several repair shops will offer longer-lasting warranties that will cover you for a period of up to several years.

Professionals who can repair an iPhone will want to ensure they keep their customers happy for the sake of their reputation. As such, many will ensure they are available to keep your device in good working order.

In some areas, laws are appearing that enforce a “right-to-repair” with your own devices or to use a repair service without impacting your consumer rights. Should this concept also enter the U.S., we may have a situation where using a professional iPhone repair service does not void your warranty.

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