Is your Android phone having some issues?

Despite the beauty of its operating system, Google’s Android OS still has many issues plaguing it. Most of these issues even reach their latest products, like Google Pixel. This makes any avid user of Google products feel like these issues reflect Google as a company.

What’s great is that Google releases updates to fix most of these issues. They solve many software issues at once this way. What about the hardware issues, though?

What if your Android phone won’t charge no matter what you do? No software update can fix this, leaving you to resolve the issue by yourself. Good thing we’re here to help you through the process, so read on and learn how to fix a phone that wouldn’t charge.

1. Check the Charging Cord

Your first instinct must always be to check your charging cord. Android phones often have great hardware that will last a long time. If your phone won’t charge, it must be because of the elements in your charger, especially if your phone is new.

The cord is often the cause of a phone’s charging problem. It’s easy to bend and pull on the cord too much. This can cause wires inside the cord to sustain some damage.

Your adapter can also have issues associated with it. Phones are selective with their chargers because some of them don’t deliver the power they require to charge. Swapping one of these elements and checking with your phone is a good way to resolve this issue.

2. Plug the Charger Into a Wall Outlet

Most users often plug their phones to their laptops or PCs to charge them. It’s more convenient this way, and it puts the phone within their reach in case they need it. If you do this, notice that your phone won’t always charge when you plug it in.

This happens because the devices you plug your phone into don’t have enough power to accommodate your phone. This will happen even if you use the right cable to charge your phone.

Plug it into a wall outlet instead and see if that makes a difference. Try this first before using an extension cord on the wall outlet. Extension cords may have faulty wiring within them that can prevent your phone from charging.

3. Clear the Charging Port

If your phone still won’t charge, it is time to consider the phone itself. See if something is cluttering your phone’s charging port. Dust and lint can enter the port with ease and prevent you from getting an efficient charge.

Clearing these obstructions might solve your problem. However, the problem may be more than lint and foreign objects blocking your charger. The charging tab that connects to the charger may have bent elements, causing a similar problem to a dirty port.

What’s great is that you can fix this yourself. All you need to do is bend the tab back in place with a toothpick or something similar. Don’t exert too much force when doing this or you may break the tab and prevent your phone from charging forever.

4. Reboot Your Phone

Rebooting your phone is often the best fix for a phone that refuses to hold a charge. Like anything happening in your phone, low processing power can interrupt the charging process. This can also cause your phone to crash.

Rebooting your phone will kill any background processes that slow it down. Doing this also refreshes the core components of your phone. These components often crash when too many processes take over your device.

5. Switch to Safe Mode Before Charging it

Switching to safe mode is another great way to solve your charging problem. Safe mode puts the phone in a restricted mode that only uses its original software. This means that any programs you installed won’t interfere with any of the phone’s processes.

This can solve your problem since some dangerous apps can prevent your phone’s basic functions. It’s also a good idea to switch to safe mode to test if apps are the culprit behind your problem. You can then narrow down the list by enabling certain apps to function while your phone is in safe mode.

6. Replace the Battery

If everything checks off the list so far and the phone still won’t hold a charge, it may be because of the battery. Dying batteries can’t hold any charge and will even drain your battery while charging. Continuing to use a dying battery can harm your phone, too.

Changing the battery should be enough to fix your issue. Get a battery compatible with the phone if you can’t get one for your model. This will prevent the battery from dying as soon as you get it.

7. Dry it Off First

Water damage is another possibility for your phone’s problem. Most users often forget that water is dangerous to their phones. They bring it to the bathroom with no protection and cause the phone to get wet.

Getting the screen wet isn’t a big deal, but getting the water inside your phone can damage it. This can prevent it from doing certain processes such as holding a charge.

Drying your phone can help with the issue. If you’re unsure of how to do this, then you can trust the rice technique.

Leave your phone buried in a bag of rice to draw out the water from inside it. Your phone will be good as new after you leave it there overnight.

8. Visit a Service Center

This should be among your last options when nothing on the list can fix your phone. Taking it for professionals to look at is an expensive option. It can save you from buying a new phone, though, if they fix it.

Professionals can do everything from fixing hardware failure to rolling back your OS. What they do can mean that you get to keep your phone and everything in it. You can only hope that your phone doesn’t have enough damage to where a factory reset is mandatory.

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If your phone won’t charge, many factors can be behind it. Solve your issue and help your phone hold a charge with the help of our list today!

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