Pixel Perfect: Common Google Pixel Problems and How to Fix Them

Google Pixels aren’t perfect. What do you do if you encounter a problem? Read on to learn about common Google Pixel problems and how to fix them.

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Is your smartphone playing dumb on you?

It happens to the best of us. You’re not alone. Google Pixel owners have shared their issues on forums online, and others have chimed in with possible solutions to their problems.

We’re here to share the information we’ve collected on Google Pixel support. Read on to find out how you might fix your Google Pixel problems.

Common Google Pixel Issues

Sometimes our phones get in a jam, and it seems like everything is crumbling down. But there might be a quick fix to your issue!

Let’s take a look at some common problems that owners of Google phones face, and see if we can answer some of your frequently asked questions.

First, we’ll present the common problem, and then offer possible solutions that have worked for other users.

Missing Messages

This is a common issue new owners of a Google Pixel face. It usually happens when transferring over from an old device, like an iPhone.

For some reason, users are unable to send or receive text messages to other users on their contacts list.

Possible Solutions

Misclicks happen, especially when setting up a new device. Let’s make sure you haven’t blocked someone on your contacts list. To check who’s on your blocked contacts lists: open your Messenger app, then tap More (it’ll show three horizontal dots with it), and then open Blocked Contacts.

If you used an iPhone before, you may need to go back to your old device and turn off iMessage. With your iPhone, you’ll need to go into Settings and open Messages to find the toggle for iMessage. If you no longer have your old iPhone, you will have to speak with an Apple associate to unregister the number associated with iMessage.

Update Refresh

Are you experiencing any slowdown or freezing on your Google Pixel?

This can include glitches in the screen display, stuck in a resolution rotation, laggy apps, or intermittent crashes.

Possible Solutions

Make sure you’re running the latest Android update for your phone. Sometimes they’ll have released a quick patch that you’ll need to download, also.

If you’re in a particular jam with your phone, you might need a quick restart. Users can reboot their Google phones by holding down the power button. A menu will ask you if you’d like to Restart, click OK.

Your phone should boot up fine, problem free. If not, continue reading for more specific issues and possible solutions

Specific Google Pixel Problems

Below are the rare issues that some owners run into with their Google phones. Check them out to see if you can find a fix to the nagging problem you’ve been facing.

Like before, we’ll describe the issue first, and then offer the possible solutions.

WiFi Issues

One of the most annoying struggles to deal with on your smartphone is connecting to the WiFi.

Issues with speed, consistency, or general connectivity issues. Let’s take a look at some solutions.

Possible Solutions

First, let’s make sure it’s not an interference with the WiFi modem itself. Even if other devices you’ve already connected continue to work fine, there might be a problem connecting a new device, like your phone. Turn the modem off, wait a few minutes, and then back on.

Next, turn your phone off. A quick restart never hurts…

If you’re still having issues, you might have input the WiFi settings incorrectly. To check, head to Settings on your Google Pixel, and open up the WiFi tab. Click the WiFi network you’re attempting to use, and select the option to Forget the Wireless Network. Once that completes, select the network and input the information in again.

Bluetooth Problems

Running into difficulties pairing your phone with Bluetooth-enabled accessories?

Some common reports from users are that their phones either can’t connect or will disconnect after some time. This appears to be happening most often with cars, which can be a big hassle while driving.

Possible Solutions

First, let’s do a simple refresh of all paired devices. Go into Settings and choose Bluetooth, and disconnect from any devices on the list. Once finished, head back in to repair your devices with your phone.

This glitch was affecting so many users that Google had to update the Android OS. Make sure you’re completely updated before worrying any longer.

Last, make sure you have all 3rd party updates for whatever devices you’re using. You’ll need to check with your publisher, like Sony or Beats, for the appropriate software patch for your Bluetooth device.

Camera Crashing

The Google Pixel has received rave reviews for its onboard camera…so it’s a shame when it starts acting up on you.

Unfortunately, there was a hardware issue with most Pixel phones. Early on Google made changes to fix it, but you may still be affected.

Users have reported issues about lens flare. Normally, cameras come with big hoods to block out reflective light, but most smartphone users want their phones completely flat. Instead, smartphone developers make up for it with software editing.

Possible Solutions 

If your photos are coming out blurry, try wiping the camera lens of any fingerprint marks. Also,  make sure to enable HDR+ in your camera settings for clear, crisp quality.

Another issue can also arise for users with international models in low signal areas with no 4G LTE access. This problem somehow creates a weird camera glitch that leaves artifacts on the screen display. You’ll need to speak with your service provider to remedy this issue.

Microphone Bugs

You may run into some problems with your phone’s microphone that others have reported. Sometimes the microphone stops working on its own.

Possible Solutions

This first solution is a quick fix, so let’s give it a go. Begin a phone call, either with a friend or by calling your voicemail. When possible, toggle the Speakerphone option on and off. Hopefully, that should recalibrate the microphone and fix any issues. 

If this still doesn’t fix the issue, there may be a hardware problem with your phone. Contact Google directly and they can see about issuing a replacement Pixel phone.

Thermoregulation Issues

Smartphones can get incredibly hot, which can lead to some hardware issues.

Rapid-fast charging technology means that your phone can recharge in a fraction of the time, but the process might be a little scary to new users. Worry not though, the heat generated from charging your Google Pixel is completely normal.

However, there are some apps that keep your Google Pixel phone running constantly, which is never a good thing.

Possible Solutions

It’s best to download an app to monitor the temperature of your Google phone. These will monitor your other apps to let you know which ones are using the most battery life and processing power. If possible, you might want to consider removing the top offenders…better safe than sorry!

Also, if you’re in hot climate, consider purchasing a cover for your Google Pixel specifically designed with cooling technology.

Android OS Bugs

If none of these suggestions solve your issue, you may have discovered a new bug all on your own…..how lucky!

You may report a bug to the Android development staff directly for further guidance to your specific issue. The Bug Testing team will continue with any knowledge they’ve already gathered. If it’s brand new, they’ll work with you to collect data on the problems you’re experiencing to find a solution for and include in their next update.

Google Pixel Support

If none of the above fixes are helping to solve your problems, it might be time to seek outside aid. They have the know-how and experience with Google Pixel phones and other smartphone devices.

Factory Data Reset

Before sending your phone off to business or company, you’ll want to perform a standard factory data reset.

This will ensure that no personal information or belongings gets into the wrong hands, like your credit card information or saved photographs.

To start, head into Settings by accessing the notification bar and tapping the gear-shaped icon in the corner. Once there, scroll down to Backup & Reset and then hit Factory Data Reset. The phone will now power down and reboot a few times to wipe the phone clean so it’ll function like brand new again.

Visit the official Google support site if you need further clarification on resetting your phone to factory standards.

Seeking Professional Help

Professional smartphone repair services are your best option for solving the mysterious problems troubling your phone.

There’s only so much we can try to communicate in a blog post, but there’s plenty a professional can do to help. Find a service near you and bring your Google Pixel in for support and consultation.

Stop Googling and Get Fixing

There’s no reason to put up with such troubling problems that can arise. It’s your phone, and you deserve for it to function right!

Contact us now to get your Google Pixel problems sorted out professionally, and quickly!

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