If you go to any coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or other public space and take a look around, you’re going to see a lot of smartphones. And depending on where you are, chances are good that most of the phones you see will be iPhones. So why are iPhones so popular anyway?

If you have an Android phone, this may be a question you’ve asked many times, wondering if it’s worth making the switch. Read on to learn what makes iPhones so much better than their Android cousins and why you should take the leap and switch today. 

1. They’re Faster 

If you want the latest in light-speed tech, iPhone beats out Android every time. The A12 Bionic chip that handles iPhone processing is the fastest in the game, and iPhones have been for years. Android recently closed the gap some with the new Snapdragon 855 processor, but iPhones are still moving faster.

In speed tests using the Geekbench 4 multi-core benchmark, the iPhone XS scored 11,420, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus’s 10,732. These benchmark tests measure every aspect that can impact the end-user experience of device speed. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 scored just 8,876, and the Google Pixel came in at 7,316.

2. They Integrate Hardware and Software Better

One of the things Apple has always excelled at is creating a seamless integration between their hardware and software. This enables them to take full advantage of the latest features of each and provide an amazing user experience. This, along with an aggressive mindset towards early adoption, has put Apple at the forefront of any new technological development.

Features like Face ID, which logs you into your iPhone using a 3D scan of your face, are a great example of this integration. No other company has been able to completely replicate Face ID yet. Animoji and Memoji also use powerful software and hardware integration.

3. They’re Easy to Use

One of the primary benefits Apple has held for years is their ease of use. With Android phones, there’s a learning curve for even the most experienced tech users. But iPhones are simple and intuitive, and their model has stayed more or less the same since 2007.

But just because the basic setup has stayed the same doesn’t mean Apple isn’t making improvements. Over the years, they’ve added in features like Siri and Live Photos, folding them into the same intuitive interface. Additions like Shortcut features and Suggestions have made it even easier for anyone to operate an iPhone seamlessly.

4. You Can Get More Apps

If you’re the sort who wants to have the latest and greatest apps, you have to have an iPhone. The Apple App Store is still the gold standard when it comes to app development. Although the Android platforms eventually get the biggest hits, most apps have their debut on the Apple App Store. 

One great example of this is the mobile version of the Fortnite game. The game launched on the Apple platform and took several months to jump to Android. And when it did make the leap, it was still limited to Samsung devices; Google phones and other brands were out of luck.

5. They Integrate with Macs

If you work in a field that uses graphic design or video technology of any sort (which is almost all of them these days), there’s a good chance you work on a Mac. These computers have gained a reputation as some of the most powerful and intuitive machines on the market. And if you have a Mac, you want a phone that can integrate seamlessly with it.

The entire Apple ecosystem is designed to flow together effortlessly. You can drop files between your iPhone and your Mac, and your Apple Watch will upload data to your phone and computer automatically. Not to mention the iCloud storage that comes on all Apple devices makes it simple to access your photos, notes, music, and shows from any device.

T6. here’s Better Support

No matter how well-designed a system is, there are going to be times when you run into trouble. And too often, explaining that problem to a tech over the phone can be frustrating for everyone involved. If you want to avoid those phone calls that make you want to pull your hair out, you aren’t going to find better support than with Apple.

Not only are their customer service lines superb, Apple also has Genius bars at every store. You can go in and get in-person help from experts who have access to the customer service line at the corporate headquarters if needed. You can make an appointment if you like, but walk-ins are always welcome there.

7. You’ll Get Better Security

Chances are you may have heard the story about Apple’s face-off with the FBI a few years ago. If not, don’t worry – it’s happening again. A few times now, the entire might of the FBI has been unable to crack the encryption on a locked iPhone and has asked Apple for help.

So whether you’re wanting to protect company secrets, dating profiles, or nude photos, you can rest assured that your information is secure with Apple. And aside from hackers, you won’t have to worry about viruses with an iPhone. According to Forbes, 97 percent of smartphone malware targets Android users.

Answer, “Why Are iPhones So Popular?”

The simplest answer to the question, “Why are iPhones so popular?” is that they’re better. They’re faster, have better hardware integration, are more intuitive, and offer better support and security. So if you’ve been considering making the switch, trust us – it’s worth the leap.

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