Pixels are expensive phones that try to offer users the best Android experience out of any phone on the market. Since they’re manufactured by Google, the same company that makes its operating system, they should offer the best. And although the price may put some people off, several users say that it’s worth the extra cost. While the phone features an extensive list of software features like the group selfie cam and Google lens, its hardware is impressive too. The Pixel 3 waterproof features are IP68 rated, meaning they shouldn’t ever be damaged by normal exposure to moisture.

It also includes a hardware chip to secure the phone and the best camera on the market!

Despite the amount of protection Google built into its Pixel lineup, people still treat them as if they are fragile. The phones can endure most drops and water with ease, yet people still stuff them into tough and rugged cases. It’s understandable that people would want to protect such expensive devices, but there isn’t any real need to.

The additional layers of protection are usually superfluous. And to learn why, just keep reading below!

Pixel 3 Waterproof Features Are IP68 Rated

The Pixel 3 is IP68 rated, which means that it can endure most regular exposure to water. While it isn’t technically waterproof, since it an still be damaged by extensive exposure to moisture, the phone can take most regular wear and tear. It’s technically water-resistant, but that resistance is tough to get through!

The phone won’t break if you accidentally spill a glass of water by it, or if it sits in a puddle of moisture. It also won’t break if you accidentally leave it a humid bathroom while you shower. Google thought of the ways most people use its devices and developed them to endure typical usage.

The company tries to think of everything; it even included a chip in the phone’s hardware to stop people from breaking into it. If you buy a Pixel, you’re not just buying the truest Android experience. You’re also investing in the assurance that Google will treat and care for its products

It’s Basically Impossible to Break Your Pixel

Pixel 3, like most modern phones, is also designed to take most kinds of damage. While it’s not recommended that you start clobbering your phone with a hammer, they don’t damage easily. You can drop your phone from an average height and still expect it to stay intact.

The drop-resistance comes from a variety of engineering tricks. The phone is partly designed to transfer force to a variety of absorption spots so that it’s distributed throughout the exterior case. That way, the internal components are protected and you can still use your phone after it drops.

The phone is also built with stronger materials than previous generations, which makes it more resistant to bludgeoning. Even the screen is designed to resist most kinds of scratches and shatter less in case it’s dropped.

You Can Use Your Phone in the Rain

The best benefit of the phone’s water-resistant features is that you can use your phone in the rain without worrying. Raindrops simply don’t give enough moisture to cause any significant damage or reach any of the phone’s sensitive areas. It may interfere with your screen, but rain won’t damage your phone.

This is for a couple of reasons. First, your phone must be almost completely submerged for water to damage it. Even if it is completely submerged, there must be enough water pressure around it to break the seals Google installed in the device to protect it.

And secondly, raindrops will only ever fall on your screen, which usually has no open areas for water to seep through. Most of the time, water damage comes as a result of moisture seeping in through the speakers or charging port. If you’re using your phone as normal in a storm, the rain will only fall onto the screen.

Poolside Pictures Are Always Worth It

One of the best features of Pixel 3 is its powerful camera, which was once the best phone camera on the market. Only the Pixel 4 could beat it out! And with its water-resistant features, you can take your phone to the pool or beach to take pictures of some of your fondest memories.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your phone because of a stray splash of water. Instead, you can focus on angling your phone and interacting with its various photography features to make sure your photos come out as beautiful as possible.

Just Don’t Take Your Pixel Into the Pool!

Although you can take your phone to the poolside, you shouldn’t ever take it into the pool with you! Submerging your phone is never a good idea, no matter how many safety features it has or what kind of case it is in. Water-resistant features are designed to endure typical damage, and submerging your phone isn’t typical!

If you want to take underwater photographs, you should invest in a camera that’s been specifically designed for it. You could also invest in a special case that would protect it from water so that you could take pictures underwater.

Always Use Caution When Using Your Devices

No matter how many safety features are built into a device, you should always use caution when using it! If you invested hundreds of dollars into anything, you would want to make sure that nothing bad happens to it. You wouldn’t want to ever accidentally put it into any kind of danger.

Just because your phone is with you wherever you go doesn’t mean you should treat it any differently. Pixel 3 is an expensive device that is capable of doing more than most other devices on the market. You should try to protect it so that it will last as long as possible.

And part of protecting it means keeping it away from water if you can manage it!

Your Pixel 3 Can Still Get Damaged by Moisture

Pixel 3 waterproof features may be IP68 rated, but your Pixel can still be damaged by water. All it takes is a few drops in the right place, and your internal hardware components can immediately stop working. They can also corrode over time, which can severely reduce the lifespan of your phone — it may only last for a few months!

If your suspected your phone may have suffered some water damage, it’s important to get it repaired as quickly as possible. And for that, we’re here. Just reach out to us, and we’ll make sure your phone works as well as the day you first unboxed it!

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