Have you ever heard about the yellow light of death? If you have experienced it, then you know the pain of dealing with a PS3 that won’t turn on, no matter what you do. Luckily, there were some tutorials that would guide you into fixing it, but sometimes you still had to take it to your local tech experts. 

Fortunately, the newer versions of the Playstation have fixed this. Unfortunately, there are still problems that make you cry out, “Why is my PS4 not turning on?!” Today, we will discuss why your PS4 won’t turn on and what could help.

Ps4 Won’t Turn On

There are many reasons why a PS4 is not turning on at all. Some of the causes are simple fixes, while others may be a bit more in-depth and may require help from tech experts. It may simply be some dust in your console to faulty hardware. 

Let us start with the easy troubleshooting tips and work our way to the more technical ones.

Disconnect the Power Cord

Yes, it may seem like an obvious solution, but it is an effective one. What you do is disconnect the power cord found in the back of your PS4 for about 30 seconds. Then plug in back in and try turning it back on. 

When you connect it again to your PS4, make sure it’s plugged in well. Since the power cord is a bit sturdy, it can be easy to plug it incorrectly.

Did it work? If not, let’s move on to the next step.

Connect to a Wall Outlet

In today’s age of technology, we usually have so many devices that need to be plugged into either charge or even get it to turn on. That is why we usually use a power strip. But the convince of a power strip has its downside, as it does not regulate power flow. Meaning that your PS4 may not be getting enough power.

Try connecting your PS4 directly into a wall outlet to see if it turns on. If it doesn’t, try different wall outlets in your home to check that it is not a problem with a faulty wall outlet. If it still doesn’t work, don’t worry! Let’s keep trying to find a solution.

Power Cycling

This method is a little less known. What does it involve? Simply hold down the power button of the PS4 for about 10 seconds, and while doing this, your PS4 will flash a blue light, after which it will shut off.

After it shuts off, unplug the power cord and leave it alone for 20 minutes. Yes, the PS4 also needs a break from being used! Once the time has passed, simply plug the power cord back in and turn it on.  

Can’t find the power button? Don’t worry. It is not a traditional button, so it can be a little tricky to find. Facing the PS4, find the SONY logo, and right underneath it, there is a thin strip with a power symbol on it. 

Is your PlayStation is still not turning on, no problem! We still have a few more solutions that may help.


Since the PlayStation4 has a fan, it is very common for it to accumulate dust. And dust is a very damaging substance for any device with fans, as it can clog up the vent making your PS4 overheat or straight up not turn on. So what to do first in order to clean your PS4? 

First of all, do not blow on it! By blowing on it, you risk spit particles damaging your console. Also, don’t use a vacuum since it can create static, potentially frying your components. What you must do first is unplug your PS4. What do you need to clean it?

What you need is a can of compressed air and a small brush. Next, we find the air intake of the PS4, which is on the top side. To make sure you are on the correct side, just check if the PS symbol on the front is correctly oriented and not upside down. Then, carefully use the compressed air and gently brush off as much as you can in the air intake.

Hopefully, this worked but if not, keep reading for more solutions!

Running It on Safemode

Now you may think, “but if my PlayStation doesn’t turn on, how will this work?” It is possible to turn it on through Safemode, as this mode disables certain parts of a PS4, thus allowing it to boot up. How do you do it?

First of all, hold the power button until you hear two beeps. The second beep is usually 7 seconds after the first. Next, plug in your PS4 controller to your PlayStation with a USB cable. Press the PS button in the center of your controller.

If it boots up into safe mode, then the cause is most likely a software problem, not a hardware one.  

Here you will have different options, and the first you should try is updating the Playstation. If that does not work, then repeat the steps to get back into Safemode and try rebuilding the database. Note that doing this erases everything on your Playstion, so perform this with caution!

After rebuilding the database, it should restart your PlayStation.

Still Not Turning On?

If none of the aforementioned solutions has helped and your PS4 won’t turn on, it´s time to seek the tech experts. They will be able to open up your PS4 and check thoroughly what the problem is.  If you still have a warranty on your PS4, then you may try to contact support. But being a big corporation, it may take them a lot longer to fix your console.

That is why it may be faster to contact your local tech experts, not only can we personally attend to your problem. We also have low prices. Feel free to contact us to get the help you need from experts in all things tech!

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