Considering that a MacBook can cost upwards of $1500 depending on the kind you buy, it is a great idea to handle your MacBook with the utmost of care. In fact, the most expensive MacBook Pro costs $6,700!! Wow. If you are spending that much on your MacBook, you would want to ensure that it doesn’t break down in a couple of years.

Then how to clean a MacBook screen so that it doesn’t incur any damage, and remains usable for years to come? There are some great tips in this article that will ensure the same.

Getting a MacBook screen repaired is not that expensive, depending on the place you go to. The estimated cost of repairing a MacBook Air screen is about $448 if it’s a straightforward repair with no extraneous factors. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry though. Read on to see how you can clean your MacBook screen easily and harmlessly. 

1. How to Clean a Macbook Screen 101 – Shut Down Your Computer First

It is important that you shut down (completely) your MacBook while you are cleaning a MacBook screen. Do not put it to sleep or hibernate. Shut it down completely. Also, unplug the power adapter before you start cleaning a MacBook screen. This is important because the moisture from the wipes you are using or the spray cleaner might be able to get into the computer, even if you are careful.

This could cause the screen and the electrical unit of the MacBook to be damaged if it’s plugged in and the power is running through it. You could even get shocked if the power adapter is still plugged in. For your safety and your MacBook’s safety as well, please unplug the computer and switch it off before starting the cleaning process. 

2. Use Approved Optical Fiber Clothes or Soft Lint Clothes to Clean Your Screen

If you are wondering about how to clean a MacBook screen safely without damaging it, it’s important to use only approved materials to clean it with. Do not use paper towels or the sleeve of your t-shirt. Also, do not use abrasive materials, like dish towels, and terry cloth towels. It could damage your screen because of its rough nature.

There are specially formulated electronic wipes, optical fiber clothes, or soft lint clothes that are made to be used on LCD screens, like the screen of your MacBook. You probably got a couple of these soft clothes with your spectacles, if you use them. They also come with sunglasses. These are ideal to use on your MacBook screen. 

3. Don’t Ever Spray the LCD Spray Cleaner Directly Onto the Screen

If you are using an LCD spray cleaner or a plasma cleaner, DO NOT spray it directly onto your screen. The moisture could get into your screen and could damage it. You must spray only small amounts onto the approved cloth that you are using, and then use that damp cloth onto your screen. 

Even if you are using water, again, do not put the water directly onto your screen. Put small amounts onto your cloth and clean your screen that way. That will keep your MacBook screen safe from any unintentional harm.

Also, do not use any alcohol-based cleansers. Any kind of alcohol-based product can harm your screen. It is not suitable for cleaning your MacBook screen.

If you do end up getting moisture into your screen, do not switch it on. Go to an approved Apple repair center, and get your MacBook looked at right away. Otherwise, you could cause further damage to your screen and computer without realizing it. Better to let an expert deal with it. 

4. Be Gentle With Your Screen While Cleaning It

Your MacBook screen is made of a delicate material that doesn’t take well to abrasive, harsh, aggressive motions. When you are cleaning your screen, be gentle about that. Use small circular motions while applying gentle, light pressure and clean from top to bottom, and left to right. 

Remember, you are not cleaning your car or your motorbike. This is a delicate piece of machinery. Be as gentle with it as you would be with a baby or a kitten. 

5. Clean Your Screen at Least Once a Week to Keep It Working Smoothly

To get the best out of your MacBook, you must take care of it regularly. Do not wait until it starts malfunctioning to take a look at it.

Clean your MacBook screen regularly, so that you are not stuck looking at grime and dirt on your screen, rather than the beautiful LCD screen or Retinal display that you paid hundreds of dollars for. 

Follow all the steps above, and clean your MacBook screen with care, gentleness, and love. This will ensure that your MacBook lasts for a long time to come, which is exactly why you bought a MacBook vs. a PC or a Chromebook. Right?

6. Do Not Clean Your Macbook Screen When You Are In A Rush

If you are in a hurry or a rush, if you have somewhere to get to, or if you are feeling impatient, do not clean your MacBook screen then. You will end up pressing too hard, or not turning off your computer, or making some other mistake. Take it easy, and take a deep breath before beginning. Also, go gently through the process.

Remember, you are dealing with a piece of electronic equipment that’s worth hundreds of dollars.

You Are on Your Way to a Clean, High Functioning Macbook Screen

With the six tips above, you have become an amateur expert on how to clean a MacBook screen properly. If you follow the tips to a T and do not fudge with it, your MacBook screen will last you a long time to come.

One of the advantages of a MacBook over other computers is that if you treat them well, they will last much longer than other laptops and computers. That’s why more and more people are choosing them over other kinds of computers.

If you are interested in other tips to take care of your electronic devices, please check out our blog for more.

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