If you’re like most people, you rely a great deal on your iPhone. Whether you use it for taking pictures, communicating with co-workers, or surfing the internet, your phone is a necessary tool in life. 

That’s why when you drop it, it feels like the world has gone into slow motion. You can see the phone falling, but you can’t move in time to save it. Once it smacks the ground, you see the worst has happened. Sure enough, the screen cracked.

Immediately, you search “iPhone cracked screen repair near me”, but the search isn’t helpful. Now you must face the fateful question: “What do I do?”

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll break down your options on what to do with your cracked screen. Read on to learn more!

Why Do iPhone Cracked Screens Happen So Easily?

Before we launch into ways to handle your cracked screen, let’s discuss why it is that screens are so easy to crack. After all, phones cost a lot of money. Why are you paying so much for such a vulnerable device? 

The reason screens can break easily is due to a compromise between consumer desires. Essentially, consumers want several things from their product. They want it to be light and easy to use, look stylish and slim, and be practically indestructible.

As you can imagine, it’s difficult for manufacturers to achieve all three of these. Instead, they often focus on the first two goals and a little bit on the third. To make a stylish and slim phone, however, they have to use thin glass with very little protection.

In many cases, they support that glass with a durable backing for the phone, which is why dropping your phone on its back is not half so damaging.

Assess the Damage

When your phone screen cracks, it’s imperative that you assess the damage immediately. Lay the screen on a flat surface and check the glass; make sure it’s not falling out or likely to fall from the phone. You don’t want to cut yourself by using your phone or stuffing it in your pocket.

If the glass seems like it’s in functional shape, examine other parts of the screen. Do you notice any dark spots or blurry points? Do the touchscreen capabilities still work? Does your phone still produce a display, or is it completely black?

If the damage is purely cosmetic, there’s a chance you can fix an iPhone cracked screen yourself. All you would need are the tools to remove the current screen and install the replacement one.

However, if you notice the other problems, like your touchscreen not working, you’re not only dealing with broken glass, but a broken LCD screen. 

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Your LCD is the part of your phone responsible for all the touchscreen and display functions. If this part breaks, you’re looking at a pricey repair that you shouldn’t try to handle yourself. 

Temporary Solutions

In many cases, when people discover they’ve dropped their phones, they try to hold out until they can upgrade to a new model. If you’ve only cracked the glass and your phone is still functional, this may be the way you’d like to go.

If so, your primary concern is making sure you don’t damage the screen again. You also want to protect yourself from falling glass. To do this, you can take a really affordable option and spread packing tape over the screen.

Packing tape is thin enough to allow you to use the touchscreen. However, it’s durable enough to hold the glass in place. The slightly pricier option is to get a screen protector and case to protect your phone until you upgrade.

If you’re not in the mood to hold out until you can change phones, then you’ll probably want a long-term repair. Unless you can DIY projects really well, it’s best to hand this work to professionals.

How Much to Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

To determine how much it will cost to fix your iPhone screen, it’s often easiest to check Apple’s website. However, you can generally expect that the older your phone model is, the cheaper it will be to repair.

Another factor that plays into cost is whether you are outside your warranty. If your protection is still in effect and covers your phone’s damage, that can save you significant amounts of money. 

If you go outside of Apple, you can find a variety of deals. Some places offer price matches and low-price guarantees. However, before you get excited about saving a buck, make sure they’re qualified to repair your iPhone.

Make Sure that “iPhone Cracked Screen Repair Near Me” is Certified

Apple only supports repairs that use genuine Apple parts in restoring their phones. So, when you search “iPhone screen repair near me,” one way to narrow down the search is to determine which places are Apple-certified. 

To become Apple-certified or Apple-authorized for repairs is a process. The most crucial step in this system is passing their exam. Businesses take this exam through the online Authorized Testing Center.

These exams charge a fee. However, if you’re already an authorized business, you can have the fee waived. A business’ Apple certification requires annual updating. This update occurs on a per-product basis.

All of this is to say that Apple-certified repairs know their material when it comes to Apple products. You can rest assured that your phone is in good hands with such businesses.

Find a Location Today

As you can see, there are a lot of options open to you if you need to fix cracked iPhone screens. We hope that reading this article has given you all the tips you need to narrow down your search for repairs.

If you need screen repairs you can trust, then quit searching “iPhone cracked screen repair near me” today! Find one of our locations and trust us to repair your phone. 

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