Has your phone been stuck on the same screen for a few minutes while it’s trying to update? Are you worried that there’s a larger issue that’s leading to the frozen screen? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about fixes when your iPhone is stuck on update.

Doing so can help you find the root of the problem. Rather than wondering what’s wrong or causing further complications, you can solve the problem in no time.

See below for an in-depth guide on the solutions if your iPhone is stuck on preparing update for you to use.

1. Wait for the Phone to Update

When it comes to phone usage, a few minutes can feel like an eternity. If your phone has been stuck on the same screen for a while, it’s easy to panic and worry that something’s wrong.

But the fact remains that your phone may just be taking that long to update. Some system updates can take up to 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the significance of the changes it’s making. So even though 10 minutes may feel like a long time, give it until the 35-minute mark to try rebooting or taking any drastic steps.

But why is it taking so long? There are a few common culprits, such as:

  • Not having a thorough Wi-Fi connection during the updates
  • USB cable isn’t connected properly to the charger
  • Your phone is updating other files (such as app updates) during the system update
  • You haven’t updated your phone the past few times it’s been available

The list goes on and on. We want to encourage you to wait at least half an hour before trying to disturb the system update in any way. Once it’s hit that point, you can start to proceed with a few other recommendations on this list.

2. Restart the iPhone

If the thirty to thirty-five minutes have passed, then it’s time to take action. The most logical step, from a DIY standpoint, is to restart your iPhone.

For iPhone 11s and iPhone Xs, you can start by holding down the power button and the volume up button simultaneously. After a few seconds, the “power slide off” button will appear on your screen.

Drag the slider from the left to the right; this will prompt the cellphone to shut off. Give the phone around 30 seconds or so to completely shut off. We recommend that you wait a full minute, just to ensure it’s had some time to rest (it doesn’t need much!). 

Once that minute is up of a fully-black screen, hold down the power button again until the big bold Apple logo pops up at the center of your screen, then release.

Again, give the phone a little time to recoup. Wait a few minutes for it to fully restart before you try to open any apps or get to the root of the problem. Restarting the phone should fix the issue, but if not, then there are other steps you can take.

3. Seek Professional Help

If the restart doesn’t help, then you might be stumped from that point on. There are many phone users out there that aren’t technologically savvy; that’s nothing to be ashamed of, just reach out for professional help!

Here at FruitFixed, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. We’ve helped thousands of customers fix their smartphones that have been frozen on an update screen and can do the same for you.

All you have to do is visit our site to schedule an appointment. Start by letting us know what brand of phone you have (iPhone, in this case), then follow up with the iPhone model that you have.

We’ll ask what the phone needs and, based on your answer, give you an estimate on the service you require. Our team will have your phone repaired in minutes. We’re all about convenience and diligence for our customers.

Benefits of Professional iPhone Repair

If you’re looking for a quick fix, then there’s no better route to take than professional iPhone repair; see below for a few benefits of doing so.

Peace of Mind

We get it; experiencing a setback with your smartphone can be hectic. Your entire life essentially rides on that phone.

By using Fruit Fixed, you can get yours back in top condition in no time. We’ll fix the problem and make sure the issue doesn’t happen again. 

Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about trying to fix the device for yourself, which could lead to even more problems if you make a mistake.

Timely Fix

Your entire day might be put on pause until you can get your smartphone back up and running. Since most updates are performed at night while the phone is charging, it can become an unwelcomed wake-up call to see your phone still sitting on the update screen.

Fortunately, we can get things back to normal in no time. Simply schedule an appointment and we’ll take care of the issue quickly.

Right after that, your day can continue as it normally would. No more setbacks or iPhone getting stuck on the update screen.

iPhone Stuck on Update Screen: Call in the Pros

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on why you should call in professionals when your iPhone is stuck on update, be sure to use this information wisely.

Take the time to read this article for more information on how to clean your iPhone the right with a step-by-step guide. To get started, please call us at 804-698-0004 and we look forward to assisting you further.

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