You never think it’ll happen to you. Technical issues with PS4s are an inevitable part of gaming life. But like many things in life, a little practical knowledge can go a long way! If you really care about your console and your quality time in the gaming world, then you’ll want to read this article from start to finish. 

We’ve collected a few of the most common PS4 problems along with how they can be fixed. These solutions are often more straightforward than you think, so stay with us for these easy-to-remember tips. 

PS4 Screen Color Problem

Screen color problems can vary. Some may experience their screen looking washed out while others may have huge color imbalances. This likely has to do with your RGB settings being mismatched between your console and TV/monitor.  If you’ve become a victim of this the solution is simple.

If you’re using a monitor, you’ll want to check its RGB Range—whether it runs on Limited, Full, or Automatic. Some monitors may only run on one range and it could be tricky to find out which. If that’s the case, you can google the TV or monitor’s model and check out its RGB Range.

Once you’ve tracked down this information, you want to now make sure that your PS4 is running on the same setting. To do this you want to go to Settings-> Video Output Settings-> RGB Range. Adjusting the setting to fit that of your TV or monitor will realign the colors and you can play your games as they were meant to be seen. 

PS4 Update Problem

Update issues can occur for a variety of reasons. It could be that there are some corrupted files on your system previous to downloading the update file. It could also be that the update file itself is corrupted. Whatever the cause is, you will know when your PS4 fails to update when you see the infamous “Error Code SU-42118-6”. 

To solve this issue, you’ll have to access the PS4’s Safe Mode. This is done by completely turning off your PS4 (just to clarify: this means not using Rest Mode). Wait for the white light on the console to stop flashing, indicating it has finished shutting down.

Now, to access Safe mode, you want to hold down the power button located on the console for 5-8 seconds. If you’ve done it successfully, the console should make two beeps while you’re holding down the power button.  Once the Safe Mode screen appears, you’ll have to connect your DUALSHOCK 4 to the console via a USB cable, as the wireless connection doesn’t work in Safe Mode.

Press the PS button on the controller and you should get access to 7 options. First, you want to give option 5, called “Rebuild Database,” a shot. This will help to clear out any corrupted files on your system. Your system should either shut down or reset after this process. Either way, return to Safe Mode and, this time, go to option 3, entitled “Update System Software”.

In this option, you will receive 3 additional options. Choose the third, called “Update Using Internet”. This should almost always give you a successful update. In fact, we recommend only ever updating your system using this method. 

PS4 WiFi Connection Problems

Something all PS4 gamers have to come to terms with is the fact that Ps4s have a poor wireless receiver. The best mode of internet connection for a PS4 is to use a LAN cable, which can increase your download speed by over 100%. but if you insist on using WiFi, the first thing you want to do is find a way to get your console as close to your router or booster as possible. 

There are a few things you will then want to check. One of the most common is to confirm that you have the latest update (see the previous tip). WiFi connection issues may stem from a firmware malfunction. 

Another trick could be to change the DNS server. To do that, access Settings-> Network-> Set Up Internet Connection-> Use Wi-Fi-> Custom-> (Your wifi network)-> Automatic-> Do Not Specify-> Manual. There you can type in a new primary and secondary DNS of your choice

If none of these options have worked, you could try resetting your network connection settings. Bear in mind this resets the majority of your console’s customized settings including your DUALSHOCK 4 settings. Your games and save data will be safe though.

To do this access Settings-> Initialization-> Restore Default Settings-> Restore. This will clear out any information that may be causing your WiFi connection issues. But only use this as a last resort. It’s worth checking that your router is not poorly connected or your provider or PlayStation Network are not having issues of their own.

PS4 Controller Problems

This is in reference to connection issues. Hardware issues such as drifting and sticking are best left to the pros.

If there are any connection issues, check first that the USB cable and that the charging port is not damaged in any way. 

A common mistake that often is made is that people try to connect while another pad may be connected first. To fix this, make sure that any other controllers are first switched off before switching or turning on a new controller. Connect the desired controller to the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. It should connect instantly. At this point, you can then remove the cable if needs be. 

If that doesn’t work, try resyncing your controller to the console. To do this access Settings-> Devices-> Bluetooth Devices. On this page, select your controllers and select “Forget Device”. Now, resync them by, once again, reconnecting the controller to the cable and pressing the PS button. 

There is also a reset button on the back of the controller. it’s a small hidden button on the top right side of the device near a screw. using a small tool, like a toothpick or an unfolded paperclip, to press the button for about 5 seconds. Repeat the USB and PS button process to reconnect to the console. 

PS4 Problems Beyond Your Ken

Granted, not all PS4 problems can be solved by adjusting the settings. At times, there are deeper issues at work. In this case, it may be wise to contact the pros.

Your console is precious, and while some dare to open it up and start tinkering under the direction of a YouTube video, the cost of a single slip of the hand could mean having to buy a new console altogether. 

Leaving it to the pros is far cheaper and less painful. So why not find a repair store near you and give your PS4 and your gaming time the attention it deserves!

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