Twenty-one years after releasing its iconic and game-changing iPod, Apple decided to discontinue the product. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop using yours. Plenty of people still use their iPods every day or give them to their kids as a way to let them listen to music. 

So, can you fix a broken iPod? Yes! There are still plenty of repair companies that will help you repair your beloved device. 

If you need Apple iPod repair, keep reading to discover what you need to know. 

Identify Your iPod Model

Before determining what’s wrong with your device and how to fix it, you need to know what model you have. 

You can find this information if you have the iPod model number, which you can use on the Apple website. Here are the many versions Apple has released over the years: 

  • iPod (scroll wheel or touch wheel)
  • iPod dock connector
  • iPod click wheel
  • iPod photo (iPod with color display)
  • iPod Special Edition U2
  • iPod 5th generation
  • iPod classic
  • iPod mini (first and second generation)
  • iPod shuffle (first, second, third, and fourth generation) 
  • iPod nano (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generation)
  • iPod touch (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generation)

Depending on the model you have, the fixes may vary. Some of these solutions may not work on older models. If you have an old iPod, contact your local tech repair company to see if they can help. 

Common Problems and iPod Troubleshooting Tips

Before you begin with more complex solutions, make sure the hold switch isn’t toggled. When you turn this switch on, an iPod doesn’t accept any input. 

If the hold switch isn’t the issue, continue with these instructions. 

Check the Battery

The older a device gets, the more the effectiveness of the battery drops. Older iPod models have significantly reduced battery life. 

Plug your device in for an hour or so and see if you can use it after that. If you notice that you need to recharge your iPod more frequently, you may need to replace the battery. 

You can replace an iPod battery through Apple for a fee and only if the battery holds less than 80% of the original capacity. The cost of a new iPod battery can vary widely depending on the model you have. 

Keep in mind that Apple likely won’t service the battery on older models. If you have an older version, you’ll have to find a tech repair shop willing to work on it. 

Select your model with us at Fruit Fixed and start a repair to get an estimate on the job. 

Don’t try to replace a battery on your own. Apple makes it tough for the average person without the right equipment to open the device and fix it. You need an experienced technician on your side to help you diagnose and repair your iPod. 

You may have to ask yourself if repair or replacement is the better option. 

Reset the iPod

Is your device frozen and unresponsive? 

A quick and efficient way to fix many issues is to try to reset it. Resetting your device reboots the iPod, but it doesn’t result in any lost data. In some cases, this is the only solution you need. 

On an iPod touch, you’ll have to press and hold the home and power buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. This takes about ten seconds. 

On a classic iPod, press and hold the menu and select buttons. The Apple logo should appear in around eight seconds. 

Restore the iPod

Normally, these fixes should address many common problems. However, you may find your iPod still doesn’t work. In this case, you’ll have to restore it. 

Restoring an iPod should be a last resort, as you can lose any data that you haven’t backed up. 

Follow these steps to return an iPod to factory conditions: 

  1. Connect your device to a computer with a USB cord
  2. Open iTunes (update if necessary)
  3. Click on your iPod when you see the device 
  4. Backup data and settings 
  5. Click on “Restore iPod” and follow the on-screen prompts
  6. Reload the old backup 

If your iPod doesn’t show up on iTunes, you may have to put it into recovery mode. 

Saving a Wet iPod

Older Apple devices weren’t as advanced as the new phone models. They weren’t water resistant, and dropping an iPod in water could mean losing it forever. 

If you get your device wet, don’t turn it on. If you do, you could destroy the internal components. Your iPod needs to dry completely before you can use it again. 

You may have heard that using silica gel packets or rice works to speed up the drying process. This isn’t the best solution. 

The problem with the rice method is that the tiny grains can get inside your device and cause more problems. Enriched rice also has dust that can get inside the iPod. 

Using silica gel packets is generally safer, but it’s tough to get enough to actually make a difference. 

If you’ve dropped your iPod in water, the best solution is to contact a repair company and ask their opinion. You can bring your device in and have them inspect it. 

Fixing a Broken Display

Your device may sound like it’s on and working, but you can’t see anything on the display. If you hear the hard drive spinning, but you can’t see anything on the screen, you’re likely dealing with a faulty display. 

There’s not much you can do about this problem except to bring it in and have the part replaced. 

Distorted Audio or No Sound

If you plug in headphones but you can’t hear the music, the problem can be the headphones. Try a different set to see if the problem persists. 

If you have no sound at all, check the audio jack. A loose connection means you won’t hear anything, but it’s an easy fix. 

If the problem is a faulty audio-out jack, you’ll likely need the part replaced. 

Find Apple iPod Repair Services

Even if you have an older and now discontinued iPod, you can still get your device fixed. If there’s something wrong, try these troubleshooting tips to see if they help. 

If you can’t fix the problem on your own, don’t worry! Here at Fruit Fixed, we handle a wide variety of tech fixes, including Apple iPod repair. 

Stop by one of our convenient locations to get started today. 

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