Everyone loves Nintendo. Even in an age where quality game consoles are all over the market, Nintendo is still one of the most popular gaming brands in the world. It’s no wonder that the Nintendo Switch surpassed 111 million sales worldwide!

Unfortunately, these amazing consoles aren’t indestructible. The fun stops when they break down and you might need to get a Nintendo repair if you want to keep gaming. 

There are a few signs that can tell you when you need the help of an expert technician.  Want to learn about some of the most common signs to look out for? Read on for everything you need to know! 

The Console Won’t Turn On

If your console won’t turn on, you could be facing a major problem with your console. Of course, there are some simple things you should check before visiting the repair shop. Is the console plugged in and is it fully charged?

If the console still isn’t turning on after you’ve made these basic checks, it’s time to get some expert help.

The fault could be caused by any number of complex issues, from electrical problems to mechanical errors. You need someone who’s confident in taking apart Nintendos and dealing with the problem.

Random Power Offs

If you’re playing your console and it switches off abruptly, this could be a sign of an underlying problem. Even if the console turns on right after, you should probably still take your console for repairs.

When the power goes out randomly, it’s an extremely annoying issue that could cause you further problems. If your console powers off in the middle of a game, you could lose progress or rankings. If the console switches off while you’re saving the game, you could find your save files corrupted. 

A random power outage for your console could be caused by several different issues, so you’ll need the help of an expert to avoid the problem. 

Physical Damage

If your console sustains heavy physical damage, it might be time to get a professional to poke around. If you drop your console or spill something on it, you could do all kinds of damage. 

Physical damage can include:

  • Scratched screen
  • Cracked case
  • Controller damage

Of course, it’s better to try and prevent this damage from occurring in the first place. Try to be careful with your console and prevent anything from damaging the screen and buttons in particular. But try not to worry if something goes wrong and your Nintendo does sustain damage since a specialist repair technician can probably make the repairs you need. 

Controller Connection Issues

If your controller won’t connect, it might be time to bring your console in for repairs. This could be a simple problem with the controller itself and you may simply need a replacement. If multiple controllers fail to connect, you might be facing an issue with your Switch gaming console. 

Your controller ports could be damaged, or you may be facing a hardware issue. Either way, find a quality technician to help so you can get back to gaming as quickly as possible!

Unreadable Cartridges

You might notice your console is failing to read cartridges when you insert them into the system. 

Before getting repairs, there are a few things you can try. First, clean off the cartridges themselves, making sure they are clear of dirt and dust. You can also run some thin pieces of tissue paper over the cartridge readers on your console. This will ensure it’s not a simple matter of dirt build-up causing the issue.

If these simple remedies don’t work, the problem could be more deep-rooted. The cartridge reader could be damaged, requiring total replacement. If this is the case, you’ll need to get the help of an expert technician who can complete this tricky job for you. 

Dead Pixels

Dead pixels occur when parts of the screen fail to change. This could be caused by physical damage to the console or a factory error. Either way, it could spoil your enjoyment of some games or even make you less effective. 

Some people avoid taking their console in for repairs for this issue. If only a few pixels are affected, you might think it’s not a big deal. But your immersion in the game world will be lessened by this issue, so it’s well worth asking a technician to help. 

Sound Issues

Is your Nintendo still producing sound? If the audio from games is distorted or, worst still, non-existent, you won’t be able to get the maximum enjoyment from these games. This is a particular problem for those who like to play story-driven games like RPGs. 

Without sound, you could also be less effective in action and shooting games. If you’re playing Fortnite, for example, you won’t be able to react to the sound of an opponent creeping up behind you. 

Sound issues could be caused by a damaged speaker or issues with the console’s sound chips. Either way, you likely need to hire a technician to make these repairs, since it involves specialist part replacement. 

Get Expert Nintendo Repair Today

A broken game console is no good to anyone. You need your Nintendo in full working order so you can have lots of fun gaming. When you notice one of these major problems, it’s time to find an expert Nintendo repair technician to help you out. 

Whether you’re playing anything from a Switch to an N64, we can help. Let us know what you need to and we’ll work with you to get you back to gaming and having fun. Find out more about our console repair today!

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