Did you know that Apple sold about 43 million Apple Watches in 2020? This isn’t surprising, considering all of this tiny device’s incredible features. It has fitness tracking, health monitors, navigation, texting, and even calling without the need to pull out your phone. 

Owning an Apple Watch can make your daily routine a lot easier, so when you run into issues, you likely feel frustrated and annoyed. This post is here to help, offering Apple Watch repair tips for some of the most common issues users face. Keep reading for the troubleshooting guide! 

Doesn’t Unlock

If your Apple Watch doesn’t unlock, there are several things you can try before taking it to a repair shop.

First, check to see if there is a new iOS update available. If so, install it as soon as possible since it will possibly correct the issue. 

If this doesn’t work, try unpairing your watch and phone. Then, power them both down. Upon restarting them, repair your devices and see if your Apple Watch will unlock. 

Keeps Requesting Passcode

Once you’re wearing your Apple Watch, you shouldn’t have to reenter your passcode unless you’ve removed it at some point. Some people have this issue, and the best way to fix it is by updating your software and pairing your watch with your phone again. 

If this doesn’t solve the problem, we recommend seeing whether your standard AppleCare plan covers repairs and, if not, taking it to a local repair shop.

The Screen Doesn’t Turn on When You Lift Your Wrist

As an Apple Watch user, you expect your device to turn on when you lift your wrist to see the time. If this isn’t happening, you may need to adjust the settings on your watch. Pay special attention to the Wake Screen option in the General section of your phone’s Watch app. 

Another setting that prevents the screen from turning on is Theater Mode. You can deactivate this option in the Control Center by tapping the icon with two masks. 

Digital Crown Unresponsive

The Apple Watch’s Digital Crown is the only part that you can rotate and press, making it susceptible to damage, whether through wear or an accident. If the Digital Crown stops working, we recommend trying the following fixes before taking it to get it repaired. 

  1. Unpair your iPhone and Apple Watch
  2. Power down your Apple Watch
  3. Remove the band and clean your Apple Watch with a soft cloth 
  4. Attach the band again and restart your Apple Watch

If this doesn’t solve your Digital Crown issue, it’s likely in need of professional repair. 

Doesn’t Pair With Your Phone

Often, Apple Watch users have trouble pairing their phones. Before you start worrying, make sure your Wifi and Bluetooth are turned on on your watch and phone. Even if one of these settings is off, it could cause your Apple Watch and iPhone to stop pairing. 

Usually, the solution is as simple as repairing the phone and watch. Ensure the devices are close enough to prevent difficulties. However, if this doesn’t work, you should restart your watch. 

Inadequate Battery Life

The Apple Watch has an extremely durable battery, so it should have no problem lasting all day. However, certain settings, such as the Always On Display, can cause it to drain faster than it should. Try these solutions to preserve your Apple Watch’s battery.

  • Close open apps 
  • Reset your Apple Watch
  • Turn on Power Reserve in the settings

If your watch is still dying faster than it should, it may need a new battery. 

Won’t Turn On

There are several reasons why your Apple Watch no longer turns on, but it’s likely that your battery needs replaced or there is another hardware issue. Before you take it to the repair shop, be sure that your charging cable functions properly since a faulty cable may be the real culprit. Thus, we recommend testing the charging function on your watch with a different cable.

Screen Coming Loose

A loose Apple Watch screen is an especially concerning issue since the entire screen can fall off. If this happens, it may break and you may even need a new one to replace it. Loose screens are often the result of battery swelling, which causes the screen to pop off as it expands. 

If your screen comes loose, you can try to put it back in place, but this should be only a temporary fix. You should seek professional help from a repair technician.

Broken Screen

Apple Watches are made to endure everything you do, including intense exercise and hard work. Still, they are not completely resistant to breaks or cracks. 

There are many online tutorials that show you how to replace an Apple Watch screen yourself, but we don’t recommend going this route. Many people find it overly complicated and you need the right tools. If you make any mistakes, you can cause damage to other parts of the watch. 

Most repair shops charge less than $100 to replace an Apple Watch screen, so it’s likely worth it to go ahead and seek a professional’s services. That way, you’ll know it’s done right and don’t have to stress about getting the right parts.  

Get Help With Your Apple Watch Repair!

We hope you were able to resolve any of your Apple Watch problems with the help of this brief post! If not, we recommend seeking the assistance of a repair technician in your area. 

If you live in Virginia, give us a call or stop into one of our repair shop locations. We offer a speedy Apple Watch repair service that will have your device running like it’s new again!

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