More than 51 million Xbox One consoles have been sold worldwide.

Since the first Xbox was released, it has been one of the most popular brands in gaming. Over the years, the consoles and the games have only improved, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Unfortunately, various problems can arise, and some unlucky gamers have learned about these the hard way.

Keep reading for a rundown of some of the most common Xbox One problems. 

Stuck on Splash Screen

Modern consoles have a lot more to process than older ones, and as such, they can take a while to fully boot up. When booting up your Xbox One from being fully powered off, you’ll be greeted by the Xbox logo, and after a few minutes, the UI will come up.

You might find yourself waiting longer than usual. If it reaches 10 minutes and nothing is happening, you’ll likely need to perform a hard reset.

Be aware that this will erase all accounts and data (including saved data), so you want to avoid this if possible. If you’re an Xbox Gold member, your save data might be backed up on the cloud.

Before performing a hard reset, try to sync your data. Do this by powering your Xbox One down, then holding the Xbox button for 10 seconds. Hopefully, you’ll now have access and be able to sync your data.

Another possible solution is to hold the Xbox button for 10 seconds to power down. Then hold the sync, eject, and the Xbox button on the console for about 10 seconds. You’ll hear two beeps and be taken to the factory reset menu when you release the buttons.

If an error code comes up then an offline update might be the solution. You can find a guide on how to do this on the Xbox website.

Grinding Sound From Disc Drive

Of all the Xbox One issues, this can seem like one of the most worrying. You’ll hear a grinding sound and see an error message that says “Sorry we can’t play that disc. Try an Xbox One game, music CD, or a movie on a Blu-ray or DVD”. Fortunately, it doesn’t tend to damage game discs.

Microsoft has confirmed that you can return your Xbox One to them and they’ll repair it. If your warranty has been voided for any reason, however, you may not be able to do this. In such a situation, you can get it fixed by a professional repair company.

Fruit Fixed offers Xbox One repairs (as well as other gaming systems). We can fix this issue, along with many others.

Won’t Update

This can happen during a mandatory update and may prevent you from using many other features of your Xbox One. It may be caused by an issue with your console, but it could also be something to do with your internet or even a problem at Microsoft.

The first thing you should do is check your internet connection. Any interruptions could stop updates from processing properly. You might also want to try using a wired connection rather than a wireless one to make it more reliable.

If it’s a problem on Microsoft’s end they’ll probably need some time to resolve it. Wait for a while and try again later – you may find that things go a lot more smoothly. Microsoft will likely have an update on its live status page if this is the case.

If none of these work, you can cycle your Xbox One. Hold the power button for 5 seconds, and once it turns off, unplug your Xbox One and wait for 30 seconds. This will reset the network card, so when you boot it back up and try again it might then work.

Won’t Power On

This is another common issue. Sometimes it will be because of a broken Xbox One, but in most cases, it’s when there’s something wrong with the power brick. There’s also a chance it’s down to an issue with the internal power supply.

Checking the internal power supply is relatively easy. Turn off your Xbox One and unplug it. Wait for at least 10 seconds, then try it again.

If everything is connected properly and you’re still having issues., start by checking the light on the power brick. A solid orange or solid white light means it’s working. If the light is off or flickering, however, then something is wrong and you may need to replace it.

Before looking for a new power brick, test it in another outlet. If it still has issues, you may be able to get a new one from Microsoft(if you registered your Xbox One). If it’s not the power supply, you’ll need to get your console repaired.

Make sure you try the power button on the console and not just the controller. Sometimes there can be syncing issues that prevent the controller from powering up the Xbox One.

In some cases, Xbox Live issues have led to come players getting black screens when they turn on their Xbox One. You might have to wait for Microsoft to resolve things, but you could also disconnect your internet and you may be able to play offline without any problems.

Fixing Xbox One Problems

/many Xbox One problems can occur which may prevent you from playing video games. This is never ideal, and when it happens, you might need a professional repair service to take a look at your console.

Fruit Fixed can repair Xbox One consoles, as well as various other devices such as laptops, phones, watches, and more. If your Xbox One is having issues, click here to get a free quote from us today.

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