When your smartphone breaks, it’s easy to enter panic mode. As long as you find an excellent repair service, you can get it in good working order again.

There are nearly 10,000 cell phone repair companies in the country, employing about 30,000 technicians. When your Google Pixel is on the fritz, you’ll have to choose one of these services if you don’t want to replace your phone.

The key to finding the best Google Pixel repair service is knowing what questions to ask. In this post, we give you seven questions that’ll get to the heart of the matter and separate the wheat from the chaff.

In a world where the average person is on their phone for 3 to 4 hours per day, you don’t have time for faulty repairs. Keep reading, and you’ll see that by asking the right questions, you can get your phone back to normal in no time.

1. What Are Your Experience and Expertise?

When bringing in your precious Pixel, you want to ensure a qualified professional is repairing it. Ask how long the company has been in business and whether the technicians on site are well-trained and experienced.

At Fruit Fixed, all our technicians across our six locations are highly trained and capable. We’ve been helping Virginians deal with their broken electronics for over a decade. As a people-centric business, we always aim to provide the best possible service to our customers.

2. What Phones Do You Specialize In?

Every phone model has nuances that make it tricky to repair. The Google Pixel is no different. It’s essential to bring your phone to a repair service that knows how to fix your specific phone.

There are plenty of services out there that specialize in Apple products or Samsung phones. Many of these companies aren’t necessarily going to turn down business just because they haven’t repaired a Google Pixel before.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to ensure they’ve successfully repaired Pixels in the past. Getting a repair service specializing in the Google Pixel gives you more confidence that they’ll do the job the right way.

3. Can You Give Me a Quick Diagnosis?

Most experienced smartphone technicians can take one look at a damaged device and figure out what the problem is. Quick Google Pixel troubleshooting is vital because you want your phone back as soon as possible.

Before you sign off on repairs, you should have a good sense of the repairs. If you have to wait days to hear what’s wrong with your Pixel, it’s best to take it to another repair shop that can answer quickly.

As a top repair service, we’re used to seeing upwards of 100 customers per day. To keep our business running efficiently, we rely on our technicians to make speedy and accurate diagnoses so we can make swift repairs.

4. Do You Have Good Reviews?

You can always look at online reviews before you contact a cell phone repair company. If you couldn’t find any or forgot to check, it’s always an option to ask them directly. 

Customer reviews are so crucial for a cell repair business. If you don’t have a good reputation, no one will trust you to fix their phone. You can learn a lot about these companies by reading what former customers have to say.

If there are any red flags, you’ll find out from the reviews. Fruit Fixed is renowned as a top cell repair business. We’ve even been featured in various local and national news outlets.

5. How Much Do You Charge?

Just as you should be able to get a quick in-store diagnosis from your repair service, you should also get an immediate quote. As a customer, you should never be blindsided by repair costs. You should be notified immediately if anything comes up in the repair process.

No one budgets for phone repairs, but when your Google Pixel gets damaged, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. As long as you’ve got a good, honest repair service helping you, it shouldn’t break the bank.

At Fruit Fixed, we’ve got a low-price guarantee. If you can show us that one of our competitor’s prices is lower than ours, we vow to beat it by at least $5.

6. How Fast Will You Perform Repairs?

In 2023, being without your smartphone for too long is not feasible. Whether you use your Pixel strictly for leisure or your primary work phone, you’ll want it back and repaired as soon as possible.

If a service tells you that your repairs will be more than a few days, you may want to look elsewhere. A good service will always be upfront about repair times and whether or not they’ll have to order parts to complete your repairs, which adds time to the process.

7. Do You Have Service Warranties?

The last thing you want is to bring your Pixel in to get serviced, then get it back, only to have the same problem crop up. Whether your Google Pixel won’t turn on or the battery drains too quickly, the problem should be diagnosed and appropriately fixed when you get it back.

No company is perfect, however. Even when an experienced and talented technician troubleshoots your Pixel, they can miss something. That’s why the company must offer service warranties.

Basically, a warranty guarantees that if your repairs are insufficient, you can bring it back to the same company free of charge. This shows confidence in their services and gives you confidence that you’re giving the right company your business.

Get Google Pixel Repair From the Best

Ask these Google Pixel repair questions, and you can pick out the best repair service in your area.

When you’re in Virginia, Fruit Fixed is the only place you should be taking your Google Pixel. With a customer-first ethos and some of the best technicians in the country, we’re sure we can revive your smartphone.

To get an estimate for your Pixel repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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