If you’re a gamer, then you’re undoubtedly excited about the 100+ major video game titles slated for release just in 2023. Unless your device suddenly stops working, rending your upcoming games unplayable. 

Is your Nintendo Switch Lite not turning on? Should this be the case, you need to troubleshoot your device immediately so you can get back to doing what you love — playing video games. 

Although your device might need professional video game console repair, there are several tips and tricks you can try at home, which this helpful guide outlines. 

Let’s begin!

Common Issues to Consider

There are several reasons why you’re experiencing Nintendo Switch Lite Problems. Although you can try different troubleshooting tricks, you might need to have your Switch Lite professionally repaired. 

Here’s what could be wrong with your Nintendo Switch Lite: 

  • Its battery is flat
  • The console is broken
  • The electricity supply is compromised; this could be at the wall or the cord
  • Issues with its software

If you delete software, there’s no need to worry about your saved date, as it won’t be affected. After you delete your existing software, you can use the same Nintendo Account to purchase and re-download the software. 

In some instances, your Nintendo Switch Lite won’t turn on even if you charge it. Other times, your screen will remain blank but your speakers will still have audio. 

Keep in mind that, when troubleshooting, if you press the “Power” or “Home” button, your Nintendo Switch Lite will be unaffected when in Sleep mode. 

Now that you understand some of the causes behind a Switch Lite failing to turn on, you can start troubleshooting. 

Charge Your Battery

Before investing in Nintendo Switch Lite repair, ensure you charge your battery. Even if you perform a hard reset, your Nintendo Switch Lite won’t turn on until you charge your battery for three hours. Always use a suitable adapter (more on that to follow). 

Begin by clicking your device’s “Power” button. You can find this in the top-left corner.

Hold it for 20 seconds, forcing your device to shut down. Click your “Power” button once to try and turn it back on. 

You also need to reset your device’s AC adapter. Begin by unplugging your AC Power adaptor from both your Nintendo Switch Lite and the power supply. Keep it unplugged for 30 seconds. 

Check Your AC Adapter

Make sure to check that the AC adapter you’re using is compatible with your Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Other adapters might be the issue, so swap out the one you’re using with a Switch Lite adapter. This AC adapter should also be compatible with your Switch Lite’s controller. To check and see if your AC power adapter is the culprit, try using a different one and see if the issue corrects itself. 

If there aren’t any issues with your AC adapters and you tried charging your device, the issue could be with your charging cables or the docking station. You might also want to check a different wall outlet to see if that’s the issue. When testing to see what part of your device may be broken, plug your AC adapter into a wall outlet instead of a power cord, as it might be faulty. 

Won’t Turn on When Charging

It’s a possibility that your Nintendo Switch Lite won’t turn on when charging. There are several reasons for this. 

First, you may have completely drained its battery by overusing it. This means you need to let it sit and charge for a bit. 

Next, it’s possible that your Switch’s screen has frozen. This happens from time to time, and you can tell this has happened if you still see the charging symbol despite a blank screen. 

Soft Reset

A soft reset may be your best bet for Nintendo Switch Lite troubleshooting.

Ensure your Lite has charged for an hour. Once it’s charged, disconnect its charging cable from the Switch or the dock. 

Press the “Power” button. Hold it in for 20 seconds. Release it. 

Your Switch will power down. Press its “Power” button again to see if it turns on. If it doesn’t, it’s time to try another step. 

Forced Reset

Begin by holding your Nintendo Switch Lite’s “Power” button for 12 seconds. This is enough time to force a hard reset on Nintendo Switch. After you do this, you’ll need to press your device’s “Power” button once again to hopefully turn it back on.

If your Nintendo Switch Lite still won’t turn on, double-check that it’s charged. If, after 30 minutes of charge time, it still doesn’t turn on, you’ll need to try a different way of troubleshooting. 

Remove Your SD Card

You run the risk of losing any stored data while you attempt to reset your Switch Lite, so always remove its MicroSD card. This will also let you know if the MicroSD card is the culprit and is corrupt. 

Blow on your SD card to try and remove any dirt and debris. Replace it to see if your Switch turns on. 

Replace the Joystick

Depending on how technically inclined you are, you can try replacing the joystick. 

If your Switch Lite still won’t turn on, you might need to reconnect its battery. It’s also possible that you reassembled it improperly and its motherboard isn’t working correctly.

Additionally, there’s a chance you damaged something during reassembly, which is why it may be best to let professionals repair your Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Nintendo Switch Lite Not Turning On 

Is your Nintendo switch lite not turning on even after trying the tips and tricks in this article? Then you may need to have it professionally repaired. 

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Check out the video game consoles we commonly service and be sure to call us with any questions you may have!

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