Did you scoop up the new Samsung Galaxy S23 when it was released earlier this year? If so, you’ve likely already fallen in love with all the features that Samsung jampacked into this smartphone.

You might also still be stumbling across some of the hidden features that Samsung tucked away in the Galaxy S23. There is certainly no shortage of them. Part of the fun of buying this phone will be tracking them all down.

Hopefully, you haven’t had to schedule a Galaxy S23 repair just yet. But you might have to if you ever find that your S23 isn’t charging like it’s supposed to. This has turned into one of the most common Galaxy S23 problems thus far.

So, what should you do if you’re running into a Galaxy S23 charging problem every time you connect your phone to a charger? We’re going to run through some of the reasons why this might be happening and provide a few Samsung Galaxy S23 troubleshooting tips as well.

Discover why your Samsung Galaxy S23 might not be charging below.

You’re Using an Old Charger

Did you open up the box for the Samsung Galaxy S23 when you first bought it and immediately plug the phone into the same charger you used with your old phone? Something as simple as this could be the problem.

Every time you purchase a new phone, you should use the charger that comes along with it to charge it. Otherwise, you might run the risk of having an old charger not work with your new phone.

This might seem like too simple of a solution to this Galaxy S23 problem. But you might be amazed to see your phone start charging like it should when you have a new charger hooked up to it.

You’re Utilizing an Incompatible Charger

Many people have started to purchase chargers made by third-party companies to charge their phones up. These chargers usually cost less than the ones sold by phone manufacturers, so people will decide to cut corners and buy them.

The problem is that these chargers aren’t always equipped to provide power to the newest phones like the Galaxy S23. If you’re using one of these chargers for the S23 now, replacing it with the one that came with your S23 would be the right move to make.

This is another very simple solution for getting a Galaxy S23 that won’t charge to charge up. But it might just work and get your phone charging like normal again.

You’re Relying On a Dirty Battery

Since the Galaxy S23 just came out a couple of months ago, it’s unlikely that the battery in yours is that dirty. But you never know. Depending on what you do for work, you might be exposing your S23 to dirty and dusty conditions every day that are taking a toll on its battery.

You’ll want to be extremely careful when you do this, but you can try to take off the back of your Galaxy S23 to get to the battery. Once you’re able to access it, you can then remove the battery, clean the contacts on it with a very soft cloth, and put the battery back in to see if that does the trick.

There’s a good chance that your battery won’t be dirty enough for this to get the job done. But it would be worth trying it out just for your own peace of mind.

You’re Counting On a Faulty Battery

If you get to this point and you’re still not having any luck getting your Galaxy S23 to charge, you could potentially have a faulty battery in your phone. Samsung has made it a point to pour a lot of resources into creating high-quality batteries for their phones. But your battery could have slipped through the cracks and been doomed from the start.

Don’t be shy about trying to use the warranty that came with your Galaxy S23 to get your hands on a new battery for it. Replacing your battery might be your only option.

You’re Plugging a Charger Into a Dirty Charging Port

The battery in your Samsung Galaxy S23 might not be dirty yet. But the charging port for it might be.

Depending on which type of case you have on your Galaxy S23, the charging port for your phone might be exposed to the elements at all times. It could result in this port getting very dirty and not being able to form a tight connection with a charging cable.

If you think this could be the case, you can try cleaning the charging port for your Galaxy S23 with something like a Q-tip. Cleaning this port might solve the issue you’re having and allow your S23 to charge all the way up.

You’re Dealing With a Broken Charging Port

Did you happen to drop your Galaxy S23 when it was plugged into the charger for it? If you did, this could have maybe caused damage to your charging port without you even realizing it.

If this took place, your Galaxy S23 isn’t going to charge with its charging port in its current condition. You’re most likely going to need to have the charging port replaced entirely so that you can begin charging your S23 like usual.

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