44% of people experience some kind of frustration when it comes to their phone batteries. What they don’t realize is that their problems can be easily solved!

Your phone has a natural battery life, and as a battery is used it becomes less and less efficient. This isn’t anything to be worried or frustrated about, it’s natural for a small piece of technology to decline over time. Instead of facing frustration with your phone, simply get a phone battery replacement.

Here are the signs that it’s time to replace your phone battery.

1. Your Charge Never Reaches 100%

When you charge your phone, it should incrementally gain battery until the battery percentage is 100%. If your phone never reaches that 100% mark or worse, if it loses battery while plugged in, it’s definitely time to look into a battery replacement.

2. Your Phone Dies Quickly

When you first got your phone, you probably found that you could go a whole day using it without needing to charge it. It’s normal for the battery function to diminish a bit as it nears the end of its battery life, but eventually, you’ll need to replace it.

If you find that you need to bring a portable charger with you everywhere or that your phone dies after just a few hours of use, you should take it to be serviced and receive a new smartphone battery.

3. Your Phone Won’t Turn On

This is one of the most obvious signs that there’s something wrong with your phone. If your phone turns off or runs out of battery, and you can’t turn it back on, you likely have a battery problem.

Of course, this could be a symptom of a couple of other phone issues including water damage. The best course of action for a phone that won’t turn on is to bring it into the store to be checked out by a professional. They’ll let you know if you need a new battery or a whole new phone.

4. You Have to Leave Your Phone Plugged In

We left the days of the landline a long time ago. There’s absolutely no reason that your phone should need to be connected to a wall in order to work.

If your phone will only work or stay on while it’s plugged in and charging, you definitely need to get the battery replaced. Your battery’s role is to hold onto the charge for an extended period of time and provide your phone with the power it needs. It shouldn’t need a constant source of energy from the outlet.

5. Your Battery Is Bulging

Did you know that a dead smartphone battery can leak and even explode? It can once it reaches the end of its life, and the result will be visible from the outside of your phone.

If you notice that your phone looks misshapen, has a bulge in the back, and isn’t working you may have some kind of battery leakage. That battery content can be harmful to you, so make sure that you replace it right away.

If you aren’t sure if there’s a bulge, here’s an easy test. Place the phone on its back on a flat surface. If it spins, there’s a slight bulge allowing that to happen.

6. Your Phone Heats Up Quickly

Electronics give off a certain amount of energy in the form of heat as they perform their tasks. However, technology has come far enough to mitigate some of the heat so that our electronic tools are still comfortable to hold.

If your phone heats up quickly or becomes too hot to hold while performing normal tasks, then it’s expending too much energy. This is a tell-tale sign of a battery having trouble efficiently using battery power.

This sign is especially important to notice because an overheating phone can result in an explosion. You don’t want that to happen while you’re holding your phone in your hands or close to your face.

Another important thing to notice is how hot your phone gets while charging. Overheating phones connected to power have started fires – so it’s about more than making sure you have the battery to get through the day. It’s a matter of safety too.

7. The Battery Reading Is Erratic

When you charge your phone, the battery percentage should go up. When you use your phone, the battery percentage should gradually go down. Simple enough, right?

Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way that they logically should. If you notice your phone battery fluctuating throughout the day instead of gradually decreasing, you have a battery problem. In all likelihood, the percentage reading is totally off and you don’t have as much charge as it claims you do. 

When this happens, you may find that your phone suddenly dies when it claims to have a fairly full charge.  

8. Your Phone Is More Sluggish Than It Used to Be

Have you noticed your apps functioning more slowly than they used to? Does your phone freeze, lag, have trouble saving and downloading things, connecting to the internet, sending messages, and other simple tasks? 

These are all signs of a battery problem. While it’s normal for your phone to eventually decrease in speed and efficiency as it ages, it should still be usable without frustration. A slow and lagging phone could mean a battery problem if there’s no other source to the issue.

9. Check the Battery Report

Here’s a very easy way to find out it’s time for a battery replacement. Check the battery report!

Most smartphones today have an option in the settings to read about how well your battery is functioning. If its battery function is below 80%, the problem will be noticeable, and it’s time to get it fixed!

Even if you can’t access the report yourself, you can take it to a repair store, and they should be able to check for you before going through the repair process.

Phone Battery Replacement Made Easy

Once you know the signs of a declining battery, you’ll be able to choose to get a phone battery replacement quickly. At the first sign of trouble, go find a repair shop to get a new battery. Then you won’t have to face any of the frustrations of a sluggish or quickly dying phone.

Need some battery repair for your phone? Find a repair location near you.

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