The average person wouldn’t be happy without their 19-minute dose of YouTube and endless scrolling on TikTok. And who could blame them? After hustling all day, there’s nothing quite as heavenly as slipping into your comfiest joggers and zoning out to your favorite channel on your trusty iPad.

But today, your beloved iPad won’t turn on.

You could always resort to your faithful old phone, but let’s face it: Binge-watching on a palm-sized screen is so 2008. Wouldn’t you rather indulge in a whopping 10 inches of crystal-clear display?

We have some quick-fix solutions that will have you back to screening whatever your heart desires in no time. Keep reading for some pro repair tips to bring your device back to life.

iPad Repair vs Buying a New iPad

If your device is a few years old, spending money on repairs wouldn’t be wise. Even if you fix the device, it will soon be outdated by new OS upgrades.

Apple provides a full list of compatible devices with each update it releases. If you don’t see your model on the list, just buy a new one—don’t try to fix this one.

Fixing a broken iPad is only worth it if the device has been:

  • Functioning well
  • Receiving updates
  • Smoothly playing videos

If that’s the case, seek expert help or channel your inner handyperson for some DIY repairs. A perfectly functioning iPad can serve as a delightful reminder of cherished memories or present-day love stories, so don’t give up on it just yet.

How to Fix a Broken iPad

If your iPad won’t turn on, hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds. This will help reset it and get it working again.

When this fails, inspect the screen for damage. If your screen has cracks or other obvious damage, then there’s a good chance this is what’s causing your display not to work properly. Cracked screens can be remedied at iPad repair services.

If the screen’s fine, here are some other things you can try.


An unresponsive iPad usually has a dead battery. Plug in your device and let it charge for several hours. If nothing happens, try a different charger.

If that doesn’t work either, the charging port may be broken. You can only confirm this by taking apart your iPad. For those unfamiliar with tech repairs, it’s best to let a professional inspect the port.

Remove Water

If your iPad has gotten wet, water damage may be stopping it from turning on. Soak the device in a bowl of uncooked rice for at least 24 hours. This will help draw out any moisture that may have gotten inside.

But not everyone can wait 24 hours (or longer) to access their precious files and videos. In that case, use a hair dryer to dry the device. Just beware that this method can lead to damage if not done correctly.

Set the dryer on high heat and point it at your iPad. Keep it a few inches away from the device so the mechanics don’t get too hot.

Dry the iPad for one to two minutes. Check if it works after each drying session. If the hair dryer isn’t giving you the results you seek, try other means of repair before you end up with a fried appliance.

AppleCare vs Local Repair Services

AppleCare is a warranty that covers your iPad in the event of damage. However, there are limits on eligible repairs. Service coverage is only available for:

  • Defective material
  • Batteries that hold less than 80%
  • Accidental damage

Coverage is accessible on a subscription basis, and you’ll have to pay an added fee for each repair. Taxes also raise the price of the service.

When you think about the total cost of having and using AppleCare, it’s just not worth it.

What if your plan lapses and your iPad won’t turn on? Situations like these reveal the flaws of AppleCare.

You can save hundreds by simply going to a local repair shop. They’ll fix your iPad, offer a warranty on repairs, and won’t charge you extra.

How to Choose a Repair Service

Finding a store that offers excellent customer service should always be your top priority. This is the best way to ensure your experience will be pleasant and hassle-free. Reviews from previous customers will give you an idea of what kind of experience a store typically provides.

If possible, ask around in forums or other online communities to see if anyone else has had similar problems with their device. Their suggestions can narrow down the list of potential repair services even further.

Next, compare the prices of your options. If you have a budget in mind, there’s no need to overspend, but don’t go with the cheapest option if it means sacrificing quality or reliability.

Finally, check the guarantee each repair service offers. A guarantee of at least 30 days is optimal but some shops offer periods up to one year.

As long as the store offers a guarantee, they’re worth considering. It shows they stand by their work and are confident in their ability to restore your device the first time around.

iPad Won’t Turn On: Fix It Today

When your iPad won’t turn on, frustration can quickly turn to panic. You probably think you’ll never be able to enjoy Facebook or binge Netflix shows ever again. But don’t worry; your iPad is totally fixable.

If one of the above methods doesn’t work for you, try another until your iPad works again! When all else fails, contact the tech gurus at Fruit Fixed for help. Our specialist team will repair your device for a cost that’ll make you wonder why you ever thought of going elsewhere.

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