Recent research shows that there are 5.22 billion smartphone users worldwide. This means that 66% of the global population uses some kind of smartphone.

If you got a new iPhone, you may be having iPhone 13 problems. Unfortunately, there are many types of iPhone 13 issues users are currently having.

No phone is perfect, and every type of iPhone has a few issues. This guide will tell you about the most common issues and their solutions.

Keep reading to find out what iPhone 13 problems are common and how you can fix them. 

1. Battery Life Issues

Your iPhone 13 should have a very good battery life that lasts a long time. This is what most users are experiencing, making it an excellent phone.

But there are a few complaints from people who aren’t having a good battery life. Some are experiencing a battery that drains much faster than it should.

This can cause your phone to shut down if it drains the battery too fast. There are several reasons why this may be happening that you could test it out yourself.

One example is that you need to update your phone or you need to restart it. These two options may be enough to give your phone a fresh kick for better battery life.

You may also need to turn down your screen brightness or reduce your apps. Anything that drains power from your phone could potentially be a problem.

You could also try switching to low-power mode to see if that helps. If nothing is working, you may need to visit an iPhone repair shop to have the issue addressed.

Fruit Fixed is able to address all kinds of iPhone issues that you may be having.

2. Black Screen

Another One of these common iPhone 13 problems is a black screen. This is one of the few iPhone 13 glitches users are complaining about.

You may be using your phone as usual when the screen goes black and it stops responding. What you need to do from there is press the volume up and down while holding down the side button.

Hold all of these buttons down for a minute, and the screen should return to normal. If your iPhone 13 won’t turn on and has a black screen, this may be a different kind of issue.

If that is the case, you may need to take it to a repair shop.

3. Wi-Fi Problems

If you own an iPhone 13, you may be experiencing Wi-Fi problems. Your phone may struggle to connect to Wi-Fi, or it may drop the Wi-Fi connection randomly.

The first thing you should do is address your Wi-Fi to make sure that isn’t the issue. If that is not the problem, you should go to your settings on your iPhone.

Select the connection you use by tapping on the “i” in the circle. Choose the forget this network button that shows up at the top of the screen.

This will refresh your phone’s Wi-Fi connection and forget that network. Make sure you know the password for your Wi-Fi before you do this because you will need to put it in.

4. Charging Difficulties

More iPhone 13 troubleshooting could include charging problems. These issues are usually connected to the wireless charging feature users have.

The easy solution is to reset your iPhone 13. How are you will do this by pressing and releasing the volume up button as well as the volume down button.

Then you will need to hold down the power button until your phone shuts off. Restart your phone and try to charge it to see if it works.

Keep in mind that certain phone cases may need to be removed when you are charging your phone. Cases that hold credit cards or security passes are good examples of this.

5. Crackly Speakers

A very irritating issue you may be having with your iPhone is with the speakers. Some iPhone 13 users have complained about the speakers starting to crackle and sound muffled.

The sound should be very crisp and easy to interpret. If the sound changes, you should make sure your SIM card is secure in the tray.

You should also check the speaker grille to make sure there isn’t anything clogging it. Debris can collect in this area, decreasing the quality of the sound.

If the sound becomes worse or it stops entirely, you could restart your phone. Restarting or restoring from the backup are both options that could fix the problem.

If those don’t work, your iPhone 13 is broken, and you should take it in to be fixed.

6. Unable to Activate

You may experience activation issues when you are setting up your iPhone 13. If this is the case, make sure Apple is up and running on its system status page.

If that isn’t the issue, you should make sure your SIM card is in the right spot. Also, make sure you are using the right SIM card for that iPhone.

Did none of those work? You could also update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. Alternatively, you could restart it and check for any carrier settings that need to be updated.

iPhone 13 Problems and Solutions

If you have just purchased an iPhone 13, there may be a few issues you experience. iPhone 13 problems are not rare, as there are a few glitches.

This could include things like poor-quality sound or no Wi-Fi connection.

Does your iPhone 13 need to be repaired? Contact us today at Fruit Fixed to start your iPhone 13 repair.

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