Apple Watches have a battery life of about 18 hours when fully charged, according to Apple. The battery life factors in things like using apps, receiving notifications, and doing a 60-minute workout. But if your Apple Watch is not charging, these figures don’t count.

The problem could stem from something minor or more serious. Its common causes may include a broken cable, outdated software, and dirt/debris stuck in the watch. Either way, getting to the root of this problem can help you figure out a solution.

Most charging problems on Apple Watches are easy to fix. Here’s how to act to get your device’s power to its normal levels:

Make Sure the Apple Watch is Not Charging

If your Apple Watch doesn’t last about 18 hours on a full charge, it might have a battery life problem. In this case, it will display a red lightning bolt to indicate that the battery is low. And the moment you place it on a charging dock, expect to see the lightning bolt color changing to green.

Your watch may have the “green snake of death” when you place it on an Apple Watch charger. The “green snake of death” suggests that the battery is at a very low charge level. Charge the device for at least two and a half hours to fix this issue.

If the watch has a charging problem, it won’t display the green lightning bolt when you charge it. Instead, the red lighting bolt will appear on the screen persistently.

Check the Cable

Your Apple Watch will only charge if the connections from the charging cable to the wall outlet adapter are secure. Current will also flow to the device if the connections between the charging cable and charging dock are flawless. So, ensure that the plug and dock are free of cuts.

Place the charger on a different wall outlet or use a friend’s charge to see if the problem persists. It may suggest a broken Apple Watch or charger if it fails to work. Both sides of the charging system shouldn’t have any plastic wraps which get in the way of charging.

You can use another USB power adapter instead of the original cable. If it works, chances are that the original cable has a problem.

Restart Your Apple Watch

A forced restart can help remedy the charging problem if it stems from a software issue. It resets the operating system to fix any software glitches. The method also helps clear any issue causing your battery to drain power faster.

To force restart the device, remove it from the charger. You should then press and hold the side button and digital crown for ten seconds. And when the device displays the Apple logo, gently release both buttons.

Only force restart your Apple Watch if it isn’t responding. Please don’t do it while updating watchOS. Also, leave the watch on the charger for a while once it displays the Apple logo and the progress wheel.

Update the watchOS

A watchOS update can keep your Apple Watch free of bugs and security issues. Each update comes with the latest security enhancements and bug fixes for the watch model you are using.

Updating the operating system can help fix the charging issue if it comes from a software bug. To update watchOS 6 and above, choose General from Settings and then Software Update. Tap install if there’s an update, and stick to the instructions given.

If your watch runs on watchOS 5 or a previous version, open its app on your iPhone. Under My Watch, go to General and then Software Update. Agree to download the OS updates and follow the instructions.

Only update the watch when it has at least a 50 percent charge. If the charge is insufficient, place the device on a charger. It’s impossible to do the update with a dead battery on a watch that wouldn’t charge.

Unpair and Factory Reset Your Apple Watch

If the charging problem persists, unpair the watch from your iPhone. Doing this will detach the device from your iPhone.

To unpair, the Apple Watch, open the watch app on your iPhone and select the My Watch tab. Choose All Watches and tap the information icon next to the watch. The last step is to press the Unpair Apple Watch option.

After finishing this process, pair the watch to your iPhone to bring them together. It helps resolve the charging problem.

You may do a factory reset to help restore your Apple Watch to its default settings. It also wipes out your watch data but backs it up on your iPhone.

Open the iPhone Watch app and choose My Watch for the factory reset. From the General option, choose Reset and then tap the Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings option. Finally, input your passcode to confirm the factory reset.

Clean the Watch and Charger

Debris and dirt can keep the Apple Watch from connecting to the charger properly. Debris, in this context, includes layers of lotion, makeup, lint, or sweat. You can use a damp alcohol pad to wipe the device and dry it off with a soft, dry cloth.

Remove the plastic wrap on the charging disk and watch before cleaning them. You should also switch off the device and disconnect it from the wall outlet to prevent electrocution.

Look Online to See if the Problem is Widespread

If the Apple Watch problems started after a software update, you are likely, not alone. So, look online to see if other Apple Watch wearers experience the same problem. If this is the case, expect Apple to release a bug fix.

The best place to look online for help is the Apple Support Communities. The forum allows you to ask questions, find answers and connect with Apple customers worldwide. It also features tips and insights from experienced users of Apple products.

Looking for Apple Watch Repair?

The tips covered in this guide can help if your Apple Watch is not charging. Each focuses on getting to the root of the problem and fixing it. But if they don’t work, seek expert intervention.

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